Killing Heidi - Taxi Driver Lyrics

I've been noticing a trend in taxi drivers
That don't know what I want
I've been pulling out on my close fathers
But I can't count them all

I feel the enjoyment
I know the rejection causes fear
I've been noticing a trend in taxi drivers
That don't know what I want

I want
I want
Feel it, yeah yeah yeah... oh...
I feel it yeah...
Oh oh...

Since I was a little one
I thought that the concept
That there is more
Sitting by myself now

I know I can't see you anymore
Feel the weightlessness all kicking in
Feel you moving underneath my skin
Since I was a little one
Oh surely there must be more

I want,
I want, yeah
Feel it, yeah yeah yeah, oh, I feel it.
Oh oh I feel it, oh oh I feel it, yeah, ohh yeah..
Oh I feel it, oh I feel it.. oh I feel it.. yeah...

I've been noticing trends in taxi drivers
Who don't know what I want...

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Killing Heidi Taxi Driver Comments
  1. yortzandat

    A young Don Vito Corleone making his bones.

  2. John Smithee

    I hope Travis' death makes more cents than his life

  3. phoenix21studios

    Martin Scorsese. of course its great.

  4. Harry Harry

    Hollywood directors love child actors.

  5. Your Friend

    This scene remind me how Vito kills in Godfather 2

  6. Your Friend

    Taxi Driver>Joker

  7. Your Friend

    For me
    Taxi Driver is better than Raging Bull

  8. Ryan Hollins G.O.A.T Take

    Why does Sport sound like Curly from the Three Stooges when he gets shot

  9. SpenceDaFence

    Slipknot don’t get it; I’m aware that the filmmaker had to run this scene through a color filtering process in order to avoid an X rating, but that doesn’t explain to me why in some versions it red while in others it’s green. What color hue did ppl see in 1976?


    And why did my smart phone replace the letter I with Slipknot!?! Dumb phone :P

  10. the comedian

    He sucks at killing people

  11. Hello there

    Now i know why Michael wrote "Suck on this " on a rock

  12. Mr.M1Garand 25

    The best part is right at the beginning when he shoots that pimp we've all hated for the whole movie

  13. Clint Dixon

    Firing a gun, any gun, let alone a .44 magnum inside a room/hall way, would have your ears ringing for days 😲

  14. Ron Lambert

    always double tap em... oh and bullet proof vest is suggested for mohak mayhem.

  15. johnny marlin

    The moment when Travis has gone insane against the World !

  16. Edwin Hernandez

    Never shoot someone in the Stomach , it's like kicking them in the balls " they'll just be more angrier with you. 🤬

  17. master chief

    2:00 he could’ve shot him anywhere, and yet he chose to shoot Travis in the arm 🤦‍♂️

    Ryan Hollins G.O.A.T Take

    Just like how Travis shot the dude in the hand and the shoulder lol

  18. Azvoltman Phoenix

    Dumb movie, even dumber actor de niro.......

  19. agustin figueroa

    -do you know some named suckon?
    - 0:29

  20. Michael Kos


  21. Mister Sarajevo

    Was this film violent at the time?

  22. Matien Azemy

    0:30 same thing happened to his buddy Mr. Orange :(

    IAMPEDRO 101

    Resovoir dogs reference nice

  23. Daniel Wofford

    Merry Christmas I hope

  24. Genexolev Ashtiani

    And then Travis would return once again to become a playable character in Grand Theft Auto.

  25. gblueslover2


  26. Surroundrive Show

    Simply the most bizarre, weird, strange and WTF scene in film history. It's all just so, so weird! It's like a surreal dream: each sequence is related, but in no way connected. Or even visa versa.

    Genexolev Ashtiani

    Surreal dream?

    More like a nightmare!

  27. Kailash

    'Suck on this' wonder if it inspired the name of the primus live album from 89

  28. Anthony Beesly

    best movie ever made!


    Overrated movie

    Jacob King

    Don't be stupid. It's one of the best films of all time.


    @Jacob King well it's a popular opinion I don't share...

    Jacob King


    Why? Don’t just say it’s overrated. Tell me why.


    @Jacob King well to be honest, I have been downloading and watching the movies according to their popularity and ratings and I haven't watched all of them but after watching this one, it seemed not that great even if it is a Scorsese film, Robert De Niro is in it giving a good performance or memorable dialogues are there. I am not saying it's bad, it is good but not that great apart from fangirling over Scorsese or De Niro... personally, I do feel to put this film in my list of overrated/overhyped films like pulp fiction(this one I enjoyed though), heat, inglourious basterds, dunkirk etc.

  30. Guns N' Games

    Lmao, why does he looks exactly like me even my haircut??

  31. Kevin Lindegren IMYRKEEDAT19 363TEGY

    travis inspire me

    Jacob King

    He probably shouldn’t do.

  32. D E A D C H A N N E L

    Nobody talks about the hole is his neck from the bullet!?

    Give me rent

    You can see the scar from where the bullet grazes him at the end of the movie

  33. Andrew Ramage

    The fact that his hand was blown off and he didn’t scream in pain is amazing

  34. Michael Scott

    How does he go from this, to the irishman........

    Jacob King

    The Irishman is good, obviously not as good as this; but still good.

    IAMPEDRO 101

    Two very different films you are taking about. Both executed masterful though.

  35. Tim Hill

    I love right wingers.

  36. Sarah J Jacobson

    My favorite scene of this film is the one with Martin Scorsese and he's talking about the woman in the window.

    Give me rent

    Do you see the woman in the window

    Sarah J Jacobson

    @Give me rent that's my wife, that's not my apartment.

  37. Sarah J Jacobson

    Yo is that Bruno Angelo?

  38. André Luiz Almeida Diniz

    Travis: you get what you FOCKIN' deserve

  39. IAmNoOne

    Love how the handless guy stands still until De Niro shoots him a second time lol. I guess it was the shock.

  40. Jeffrey Richardson

    sharon graduate
    douglas life appreciate
    bad negotiate

  41. MondoBeno

    The irony is that in the 1970's, Travis could easily do this without getting caught. If he used the automatic, it wouldn't make as much racket, and he could've added a homemade silencer. The .45 and the Magnum are noisemakers, but you can reduce the sound from an automatic. He could've shot the pimp, then the guy in the hallway, then the customer upstairs. Without the sound of the gunshots, nobody would call 911, and the police wouldn't respond for hours. It would give him time to get rid of the guns and launder his bloody clothes.

  42. ranran donadon


  43. precision Brown

    This was great!

  44. AGM 95

    Just watch the movie yesterday
    Great vision
    Great mood
    Just needed a little outside scenes/shots while driving the car

  45. Inspirasi Cahaya islam

    Arthur : Knock knock

    -_- : Suck on this 👈

  46. Carlos G


  47. Baizhan Bazarbay

    Awesome how he kill Matthew 😂😂

  48. Seba Ponce Videos

    0:29 In spanish: Chupa Esto

  49. Se Defendendo88

    He only used the .44 Magnum once!

    It was Worth it.

  50. Pedro Bakale

    1:06 never greet strangers

  51. Dan Hibiki

    the first guy killed didnt even flinched when taxi driver pulled out the gun....either he has ice on his veins or he is a complete could he not see that?

  52. Trudell Wbird

    what the best movie?

    taxi driver or


    two best actor

    Jacob King

    @Trudell Wbird I know both are good. Taxi Driver is still better.

    Heath Ledger’s Joker

    Jacob King ok

    jer t

    Easily taxi driver. It's so good joker took inspiration from it and made a great movie. However this movie just has something about it, it's a masterpiece and easily the greatest film of all time, arguably of course 😂😂😂

    Jacob King

    @jer t thank you

    jer t

    @Jacob King yeah, the joker movie felt more of an artistic look at a crazy man, but taxi driver felt like a major character study of a man who down spirals, and funny how his character is the type of person u find on the internet, lonely, single white male who resents women and society bc he felt as though they turned their backs on him. Jesus Christ sorry for that, just think it's crazy how some people can say jokers better, there's just something about the movie that doesn't appeal to me which it should

  53. Teaandcrumpets

    Damn he literally doesn’t know the meaning of the term; “double tap”
    He makes the same mistake 3 times in a row here

  54. 160moebius2

    I love how the movie built up to this shootout we all knew he was getting worse throughout the movie but I don’t think anyone at the time saw this coming

  55. popoff21

    He was Joker before Joaquin Phoenix

  56. MrCowboyJesus

    Harvey Keitel as the pimp!

  57. Tony Anello

    "Go back to ya tribe before you get hurt" ... "I don't want no trouble" lmao

  58. P Bass

    Joker paid so much homage to Taxi Driver

  59. Heath Ledger’s Joker

    How many of us came here after seeing Joker?

  60. H2 oH

    why does your man come up and shoot him in the arm hahah

  61. Johann Sebastian Mastropiero

    Por que se sentó en la escalera?!!

  62. Daniel Bautista

    Martin Scorsese- Travis Bickle
    Pimp - MCU

  63. Constantine B

    I like the shoots on the face

  64. Naughtysauce

    The OG Joker

  65. Naughtysauce

    Now I know where they got the inspiration for Joker, that's probably why they brought Deniro in for a role

  66. Tomoko in 4k

    I gotta watch this movie I drive an uber... I hope I dont turn out like this

  67. 西村賢治

    When the Mohawk is coming to my store, I will go to buy a cigarette.

  68. Pip Pipster

    Happy little film

  69. Giovanni Carbajal

    Are we not going to talk about how he survived being shot in the neck. That must’ve been a BB gun he was shot by

    Jacob King

    1:12 look at the angle that he was shot at. The bullet probably didn't penetrate his neck, just grazed along the side

  70. Darshyne Izumi

    now we have marvel...

  71. eibol

    this scene is unsetlling in a good way

  72. felynecomrade

    So THIS is the movie Pantera sampled.

  73. Chris Ray

    Why does the bloke who gets his hand shot to pieces not make any noise whilst Bickle is shooting the pimp?

    Anki Hansen

    Because he's shocked

  74. Liam Flannigan

    When I first saw this I wasn't expecting extreme gore at this scene, I was wrong.

  75. Pusfilth

    Veterans suck at shooting lol

  76. David Walker

    They could make a remake called Uber Driver.

  77. MaulSlasher

    I love the fact that Scorsese made some of his best films and yes I'm counting Mean Streets in there along with his friends Harvey Keitel and Deniro.

  78. Robert Gray

    I can't watch this without hearing The Badge by Pantera after "suck on this".

  79. Truthseeker1961

    Dude with Glasses: 'Yeah I'll shoot him point blank in the right shoulder, THAT'LL stop him'.... lol what a numb nut.


    So cool

  81. Иван Старостенко

    I'm watching this

  82. Tyler Wedell

    2:05 surprise another gun

  83. BeetleMan1979

    This is hilarious.


    Wow your edgy


    @Lump Wow, you're derivative (and a poor speller).

    Jacob King

    @viciousspew derivative?

  84. Captain Freedom


  85. snki slolsa

    Joker was masterpiece, but taxi driver was a MASTERPIECE FOR REAL.

  86. Lectro Volpi

    This is a libertarian republican dream.

  87. TomFXW

    You’re awful, MurRAY

  88. calvarez 1611

    SUCK ON THIS!!!👉

  89. The Holy Mackerel

    I hear that Marcus Nipsel will be directing the remake of this movie.

    Dayvon Sunshine

    No no why remake a classic and ruin it

  90. altovelli08

    They should remake this movie call it Joket

  91. Greg Sclafani

    Is this the "good guy with a gun"?


    Well Yeah he's protecting a 12 Year old from A Bunch of Pedophiles

  92. chauncey the frog

    suck on this...👍

  93. Teddy 547

    2:00 lmao,if you are that close might as well just shot him in the head


    Probably wanted to get information out of him or something.


    @Lambda JC Denton would do the same thing

  94. David Cuellar

    Why would he shoot him in the arm tho 😂


    Because hes a mafioso pimp, a Cartel vato.....they want to interrogate you, torture you, and kill you. Heard of Enrique Camarena

    David Cuellar

    @altovelli08 still pretty stupid if you ask me 😂

  95. scumbagbenis hjmmm

    Travis got shot in the fuckin neck

  96. ex3m1024

    Came here after watching Joker (2019). The character resemblance is too strong

    LOb0 298

    I knew I wasn't the only one picking up some vibes from this film

    Anki Hansen

    @LOb0 298 Everyone is saying that... Lol

  97. Morgan Hill Fight Club

    If they remade this movie it would be called Uber driver he would probably be checking his phone watching conspiracy theories and become radical

  98. NYRM1974


    Dayvon Sunshine

    Dont ruin it with woke bullshit

  99. Duke of Haphazard

    This movie is a masterpiece.