Killing Heidi - Pins And Needles Lyrics

If only we could stand the pain
Casualties of another day
In the case were all the same
Theres no pain to feel this stark frame

Needle points over lies
Make a happy man and why
As the dust of time goes by
You're so boring you forget to try

Everything consentric little sign no meaning to me anymore
I close the door

.. 'Cause its unfair and its unkind
..And its unfair we are lost in line
..Again ..Again

Disappointment's hear to stay
Just keep waiting for the day
But all the riddles will unwravel right before your very eyes
As you fly away

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Killing Heidi Pins And Needles Comments
  1. Dirty Pete

    More beautiful with age...and you can hit those notes.

  2. Mitch McCarron

    I remember a regional railway that went past Violet Town back in the day.. What wonderful days :)
    Ella is such a beautiful icon and reminder of those times.. Go Australia :) Mitch from Cairns.


    Hey Killing Hiedi love this track. Missed you guys at Bribie years ago. Had to work at Shell then changed shifts. Would love to see you come back.

  4. GreenAsJade

    Wow, tuned down a tone from the original!

  5. justin charles

    I still love Ella :)

  6. Haven Caravelli Center Of Movement

    Muy bueno!
    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!
    They all look like they're having heaps of fun. Awesome to see.

  7. elder morales

    Bloody Hell. What an absolute Tuna Casserole!
    Beautiful song and performed so well yet again :)

  8. a top trader

    We'll get maggot in the end!
    she found a decent orthodontist then

  9. Bev Gadsby

    She's great and him lo her to. Great voice very nice 💃🏻👏👏🎸👏👏

  10. Because the Internet

    Turns my shallow teenage crush is an enduring, whole of life crush.

  11. peter fielding

    beautiful song

  12. Mark Rowe

    still a awsome band and shes still hot

  13. Theerasit Phongsamran

    RAGE we seen

  14. andrew dods

    What is it abt OZ and NZ? Such beautiful female singing voices, so many of them! Celtic roots? Similar to Cranberries/Corrs etc :-)

  15. andrew dods

    Brilliant !! :-) Is it only ‘99? Thought early / mid? Guess she’d know ... lol. Fantastic voice, and clever OZ rock :-)

  16. andrew dods

    Wow!! Ella’s adult voice is Amazing !!! Plse release new stuff! Her voice has matured and deepend and matured soooo well !! :-)

  17. levlylove

    Damn the years have been kind to Ella. My high school crush is reawakened...

  18. Mr. Camel

    Fuck yes reminds me of the good days back in high school waking up to Rage!

  19. Geoff Roberts

    awesome, i miss the 90's

  20. Gareth Hermann

    she found a decent orthodontist then

  21. Gareth Hermann

    wow!!! nailed it big time

  22. Dark Triad

    And 11 dickheads have voted this down
    Seriously get a life
    Edit: Still hot Ella

  23. andrew Jackson

    love it

  24. Aaron

    We'll get maggot in the end!

  25. damian andres

    Muy bueno!
    Saludos desde Monte Grande, Argentina!

  26. Brendo Xd

    Absolutely beautiful as always miss Hooper

    andrew dods

    Brendo Xd Totally :-)

  27. DreamMachineAU

    Beautiful song and performed so well yet again :)

  28. Callum Camfield

    Bloody Hell. What an absolute Tuna Casserole!

    andrew dods

    Callum Camfield WTF?!

    Shane Hayes

    What a dish

  29. Paul Ballardin

    Brings back so many great memories...

  30. Lauchie Thompson

    Still as much of a babe now as she was back in 99

    Brendo Xd

    Absolutely, probably more so I think. There really is something about this woman, when you see her talk on tv, see her perform, she is absolutely gorgeous

    andrew dods

    Lauchie Thompson Totally !! :-)

  31. Dursun Sahin

    the soundtrack to a blessed childhood.

  32. highlyevolv3d

    Where has the time gone? This was cool to see

  33. time to deliver a pizza ball

    I miss the harder sound it had attitude with a side of innocence. Still nice to see them again none the less.

  34. will

    holy shit

  35. Robs Off Road

    Wow , awesome . Her voice has certainly gotten better with age

    Tarquin Castle

  36. BearnaN

    They all look like they're having heaps of fun. Awesome to see.

  37. danzoil

    I remember having a crush on her when I was about 14. Now I'm 32 and she's still pretty smokin'.


    Well when you were 14 she was 16, so it makes sense since shes only 34 years old now.

    andrew dods

    danzoil Me too !! :-)


    I'm similar age.. and me too haha. ( born 86)

  38. sprocketdiver

    in love all over again!

  39. Alex and Alyce Piazza

    Bring back the dreads

  40. Peter Younan

    I have such fond memories of this being the song for a Triple J ad back in the day.
    1999 maybe? playing on the radio driving down the M4 while they were finishing all the construction for the 2000 Olympics.
    Simpler times.

    andrew dods

    Peter Younan Totally !! :-)

  41. G Rodriguez

    I so needed to be reminded of simpler times like this amidst all the shit going on in the world as an adult - humming this while stoking red-claws out from under rocks at the Kuranda Weir - awesome youth 🤧😂

  42. STAG162

    Pure MILFage.

    David Mayhem

    STAG162 I would totally bang her

    andrew dods

    STAG162 SOLID !! :-)

  43. misk one

    shes aged pretty well! lol

    KiK D

    She's only 34 ;) she was 16/17 when it was released

    andrew dods

    misk one Voice has matured sensationally ! :-)

  44. natty - boo

    Great artist. Great memories. Thank you.