Killing Heidi - Not For Me Lyrics

I was watching as the wall it fell,
how hard it was and who could tell?
Saw you run look for a place to hide,
Exposed to all those on the other side.

You walk so tall,
think you know it all, but you don't.
You think you've got me pinned,
think you're gonna win - but you wont.
No you wont.

Oh you said I would be nothing without you,
but now I see it was all just about you.
I'll never be what you wanted me to be,
an' now I see that you're nothing without me.

Time bomb ticking like a ticking clock,
once the fuse is burning there's no way to stop.
See me coming when you see the light,
all the way to hell but you cant make it right.

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Killing Heidi Not For Me Comments
  1. Quill Inkwell


  2. Jordan Lloyd-MCcleary

    So Adorable and Pretty Ella is😊🎩

  3. Luke Fowler

    Ella is so gorgeous

  4. D.C Jenton

    I love you Ella, thank you for Playing your heart out for us

  5. Gootecks' Rose

    I. Fucking. Love. This. Song.

  6. Gootecks' Rose

    Take me back...

  7. Bridget Poole

    The drummer is my cousin remember the maccorine hey cousin

  8. Josh Davenport

    Beautiful lady!! Great music!

  9. K Kay

    A rock band that you can actually hear every word clearly! Thank you Killing Heidi for the memories and mini me running to plant my face into the tv to watch rage every Saturday and Sunday morning

  10. Paul Hazel

    Always excellent... Older Australian music is one of the only things that mitigates the shame that the example NZ and Canada brings me when I think of all Australia has failed to be...and has lost.

    Paul Hazel

    I grew up screaming "It's not fair"... ask anyone who knew me then ;)

  11. Syignis

    I’m forced to listen this garbage with my family today. Someone pray for me, please!

    Kyky Smith

    It's Good ,whatcha mean garbage jackass?!

    Rhi And Hunter

    I prayed. Satan responded. Enjoy hell.

  12. Dolly Darko

    Ella is SO pretty and unique 😍😍😍

  13. HF TL

    so good!

  14. Edward Emma

    Kind of like a less gothic version of Amy Lee, good with the sudden changes and surprising twists in the music...

  15. Lilimiua

    good song 💝 "feed the tree that you love"

  16. Brody Sorrell

    One of my favourite songs ever

  17. Kane K

    I think and i could be wrong;  But I think the Girl in the cage looks like Shae Brewster, who got her start on Saturday Disney.

    tony meman

    As a Brewster fan I dont think so. But I don't mind being wrong

  18. D Gordon

    Killing Heidi still around ?  forgotten how Gorgeous Ella was...

    phil murphy

    D Gordon yes they are coming to do a concert in Darwin in September 2017👌

    D Gordon

    Cheers matey.

  19. sally koono koono

    Feed the tree

  20. G Mac

    is this a new song?

    Molly Rose Kilmister

    nah its quite older :)

    G Mac

    Molly Rose Kilmister It sounds awesome ☺.

    Molly Rose Kilmister

    G Mac it's one of my favorites 😊


    no this was released early 00's