Killing Heidi - Kettle Lyrics

Kettle's boiling in the other room,
didn't know that life would end so soon.
Im not clinicly dead,
but thats the message going to my head.

Cos I'm too young to die,
and I'm too old to cry.
Im too young to die,
too young to die.

kettle's whistling through my brain
it's trying to drive me insane
'cos it's a journey just to turn the kettle off
billion years ago i'd had enough

Now I'm too young to die,
and I'm too old to cry.
I'm too young to die, too young to die.

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Killing Heidi Kettle Comments
  1. graham hansen

    Where's the complete album? I have lost my cd, prob nicked years ago😣

  2. Onyx Night Sky

    Is this Ella Hooper singing?


    To answer the 10 month old question: yes, yes it is

  3. second psyght

    Thanks you.

  4. Jake

    Nice work mate

  5. Erin Rose

    Yes! Love it. I miss cd's and the joy associated with bsides and extra content. Old school nostalgia. Thanks for postinh

  6. Terry Gissing

    Beautiful song. I think she was 14 when she recorded it. WTF? Beautiful song.

  7. Greg O'Grady

  8. Kevin Beaverhausen

    I've been looking for this song for years. I brought it ages ago from a website and lost it. It's great to hear it again.

    Greg O'Grady

    It's such a great song. And Ella is awesome. Saw her perform in Adelaide about a month ago, and she's still awesome.