Killers, The - Rut Lyrics

Don't give up on me, 'cause I'm just in a rut
I'm climbing but the walls keep stacking up

Can't keep my mind off of every little wrong
I see the mouths are open but I can't hear the song
I've done my best to fill 'em, but the cracks are starting to spread
Hey, I won't blame you baby, go on, turn your head

But don't give up on me, 'cause I'm just in a rut
I'm climbing but the walls keep stacking up

I can't keep pretending this next stop isn't mine
The truth is on the table, and someone's gotta sign
I've done my best defending, but the punches are starting to land
I'm sliding into something you won't understand

Don't give up on me, 'cause I'm just in a rut
I'm climbing but the walls keep stacking up
Don't give up on me, 'cause I'm just in a rut
I'm climbing but the walls keep stacking up

So I'm handing you a memory
I hope you understand
That steadily reminds you
Of who I really am

This city's always breathing
I wish that it would die
The kickbacks and the bachelors
The fever for the velvet rope
The money from my mother's men
I'm not like her, you're not like them

I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb
I'll climb and I'll climb

Oh but don't you give up on me
(Don't you give up, don't you give up)
Don't you give up on me
(Don't you give up, don't you give up)
Don't you give up on me
(I'll climb and I'll climb)
Don't you give up on me
(I'll climb and I'll climb)

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Killers, The Rut Comments
  1. John Penner

    I have not Given Up, how about you? Bless you all. We all need help. We all need it.

  2. Sara El Asbihani

    1:11 this part sounds like coldplay style , i love them both ♡♡♡♡♡

    Mr. Saxobeat

    Coldplay is gay

    Sara El Asbihani

    @Mr. Saxobeat haha it's ok then

  3. Ella Morring

    Oh man. This song hits just as hard as the first time I heard it. I'm really not a crier, but I have literal tears running down my face right now. What a powerful song.

  4. Cristina Coro


  5. João Filipe Ferreira

    The killers are just perfect one of my favourite bands. Unfortunately for me this latest album is the only one I didn’t bought because there are some songs that I don’t appreciate that much... fortunately this is one of the many good songs they have made

  6. Bonnies Music

    People's bullshit makes me suffer with depression.Judging,gossiping,lying,fakeness,shit disturbing

  7. Fish Nee

    Consider yourself lucky if you have someone who doesn't give up on you, no matter what. Many people do not understand what this is like. This amazing group has found the way to beautifully express the hell someone with depression goes through. Listen to what they never say and you will find out.

  8. Luiz José da Rosa

    Depois de ouvir Manson..é foda ouvir isso kkkkk

  9. Justin Snyder

    Sliding into something you wont understand ..
    We've all been there


    For someone who has dealt with depression, for most of my life, this song has great meaning. I am with the same woman I was with at age 14. She doesn't understand what I go thru, but SHE HAS NEVER GIVEN UP ON ME. 2 children, 8 grandchildren, a beautiful home and an extended family filled with love. The "Ruts" are unavoidable at times, but when I climb to the top of the wall, it is all sunshine and love.

  11. murdoc2Dnoodles

    It's amazing how well he captured these feelings anxiety, depression and PTSD bring to the afflicted. This is love, his wife is a very lucky woman. I hope one day I can have that, maybe it will save me too...maybe my stop won't come that soon...

  12. SwordLily

    you know you're feeling a song when it comes on and your arms prickle all the way
    and when you're feeling this song you know you can do better

    don't give up on me baby, I'm just in a rut

  13. David Cabreón Muñoz

    Women are crazy as fuck. That's why I just fucked them and move on to the next one.

    Brad Smith

    You are an asshole.

  14. Fio Sici

    no conocia el tema. muy dulce... como siempre

  15. komaboi19

    Just once it would be nice to see the end of a video and not have these links to other videos that I don't give a shit about... and maybe see the actual video I clicked on in the first place...

  16. Bill W

    There is a tremendous song underneath the horrible production

  17. Shelly Carter

    This song is me.😢

  18. Lloyd Oracion

    This ma first time to listen this music ! Damn it ! This song suits me

  19. Martin Harte

    beautiful song

  20. OnixTV

    I saw a pretty girl in the thumbnail so I clicked.

  21. Paulo Frade

    very profound, amazing video!

  22. Anna Elizabeth Ward

    Jade Simonds my dad has also got depression he has had it all of his life he is 72, I have it to yours honesty is a real blessing i did not know that Brandon’s wife got ptsd bless her

  23. phoeniix971

    Music is medecine

  24. Lord Sivler

    It's the Rutshack.

  25. Nina C.

    Gosh, goosebumps with the “Ill climb and Ill climb” part. Wow. What an amazing song. Too powerful. Lord please give me someone like Brandon Flowers

  26. Kevin Koppes

    What a positive and strength building song for Brandon's wife! It is awesome in this world to see men of this stature and stick to their wife's NO MATTER WHAT!!!

  27. Alanna Luzia

    Não consigo ouvir essa sem não chorar!! Amo demais!

  28. Scar

    Powerful. As a woman with complex PTSD I pray for someone like Brandon.

  29. Andy Reeves

    I love this song it is so me and sums up everything I go though on a daily basis.
    I'm still in a rut without seeing a way out yet, but everytime I feel like ending it all I play this and keep going, trying to get out if the rut of depression.
    Thank you Brandon Flowers and the others who helped write it to give me the motivation to keep going in my dark times 😢😢

  30. Lovely Flower

    Tears in my eyes, i know how she feels

  31. Lord Sivler

    3:36 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀

  32. Shelly Carter

    I'm balling my eyes out. This song is me. 😢 Thank you Brandon Flowers for this song. It spoke to my soul.

  33. Muzahid Ahmed

    Intense song.

  34. Fiona Watson

    I have so much respect for Tana & Brandon speaking publicly about Tana's struggles with PTSD an illness that is so often not understood & expressing it through this track. The more that it is spoken about the sooner we will breakdown the stigma and ignorance surrounding mental health challenges. Sufferers of PTSD deserve understanding and support on the same level as those who have serious physical disease or who suffered major physical trauma injury.

  35. MrAhaBUS


  36. kool kakes

    this is classic Killers music right here with a twist only they know how to perfect. LIKE! LIKE! LIKE! Ive missed u Killers <3

  37. amy simpson

    I suffer with PTSD,and this song really hits a nerve,but in a good way xx

  38. Mr Vgoat

    2:40 bit hits right in the feels

  39. Robinson Gómez

    Beautiful song!!!

  40. SuperJon! This song hits so many personal chords. I was not ready for this when I first heard this song.

    Well done, Killers...Well done.

  41. Victoriano Condori

    ¿Alguien de Perú?

  42. Gabriela Rivera

    Everything about this song is Amazing!

  43. Ryan Stewart


  44. Darren Singleton

    What a tune

  45. Kael Reman

    This makes me cry, 2 years I was hospitalized bcuz of Depression. 🖤 From the Philippines

  46. Tharpnado

    God, music videos are so boring these days

  47. amauri Martinez

    A Alguien más se le enchina la piel al escuchar este cumbión? :V

  48. Jessica DeJesus

    This song touched my soul. I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety my whole life, it’s awful, this song is more than music. I cry every time I hear it. Thank you for speaking for so many of us. ❤️💔

  49. puiteii Pachuau


  50. Jose Roche

    I miss my little girl this song reminded me of her. Her mom hasn't let me see her and I am hoping she hasn't given up on me yet :(

    Jose Roche

    sorry for the spelling I just got a little bit soft! its been 3 months already

  51. Paola Moreno

    Hermoso Tema 😍😄☺️😉

  52. Funeral enthusiast

    This deals so well with childhood sexual trauma and neglect
    I can feel the pain, but the triumph. I’ve been there but I’m fighting

    Brad Smith

    Sending good thoughts your way even though I don't know you!

  53. Zenos Villondo


  54. cochinadaxD

    I was planning a trip in the other side of the world ... And after that, to commit suicide. Then, I discover this song.
    I feel relieved. That was 5 months ago, and I don't feel the need to do that, or even to think about it. :)

  55. Neil

    Apparently 1.1K people have no soul

  56. Valentino Mitchell

    I love the killers Brandon and his wife Tana he have 3 sons😉

  57. Maria Paula


  58. Ella Morring

    This song and Everybody Hurts by REM give me the same feeling. Makes me feel like everyone has it in them to make it through the hard times. Such good freaking music.

  59. Lucero Acosta

    Just in time

  60. Oak Oakington

    The Killers are POETS.

  61. RadiosaDaytona

    The actress of the video is very beautiful. I am in love with the look of her eyes in the photo cover, sad but also's magical.

  62. arley rueda

    Love this song

  63. Cherry Bomb

    I suffer ptsd from a rape then 2 months later I had to fight uterus cancer . Today im not what I was but Im fighting my way back .

    Brad Smith

    Oh my! Keep up the fight!

  64. Syakir Ahmad

    iconic voice’s 🤤

  65. Sláy Lopes

    Parabéns The Killers 👏 sou Fã das musicas de vocês ❤🎧

  66. abdul shirazi

    I love the killers, but this song sucks. The message is good, but the song sucks

  67. Will W

    I'd like to know who the two actors are in this. They're excellent!

  68. Matthew P Grady

    Is it me, or does this sound like old Genesis, like Peter Gabriel Genesis.

  69. Townshadows Project

    It touched my soul...

  70. Metonio Cappiò

    I would write that it may be their best song. I think that the lyrics here are remarkably simple, straightforward, sincerely felt and written, which gives a sense of freshness and avoids greatly-sounding but in the end emptyish catches along the lines of "I've got a soul but I'm not a soldier".

  71. murdoc2Dnoodles

    I'd like to take a moment to dedicate this song to all the girls whose fathers broke their hearts before any boy could. Hang in there, there is a light in you that will get you through the hardest of times!

  72. Robert Drury

    My favourite rock group of all time!!

  73. Pepito Abdominales

    Una pena que esta cancíon No fue un gran exito, definitivamente la gente prefiere el reggeton o el trap!

  74. Andy Reeves

    listened to this song loads single it's release. I want to climb but my depression is getting the better of me every week I feel worse.
    Just wish I had someone to say 'dont give up on me' to 😢

  75. Anni Birklbauer

    I realized how new the song is😱😰

  76. Kim Fawcett

    This song is sad. It's about the prospect of a divorce. ("Someone's gotta sign", Lyrics) After the guy by the sounds of it has been through something pretty traumatic that has caused him to develop PTSD or depression. :-( :-( :-( I hope it raises awareness. God bless everyone that is going through this at the moment.

    Brad Smith

    To let you's about the wife of Brandon Flowers (the lead singer). She has ptsd from her childhood and it's about her struggle.

  77. theGoldenboy111111

    This song is very good
    Thank you Killers

  78. spaf oner

    Sad thing is she gave up on me

  79. vitor nunes


  80. otterpoet

    Beautiful music, masterful video.

  81. Ellie Bumont

    I appreciate this band especially this song is subject for people victims of depression and other negative things.

    Good job at them

  82. Lexie McDonie

    The "I'll climb" to me seems like could be both/ either person. She'll keep fighting and not giving up. But also he will climb her walls and come with her and support her and wont give up on her.

  83. Rut Valdez

    One song with my name 🥰

  84. Matt Cook

    How do 1K dislike this?

  85. Redub

    Why does this sound like a disney music lol. It's nice though.

  86. Diego Pereyra

    Love The Killers

  87. elyeye81

    en este paiz damos mucho amor tienen todas las oportunidades d3 seguir adelante free escuelas todo y andan depremidos iendo a epsicologos tomando medicinas tan temorana edad sin envargo hay [email protected] jente afuera q quisiera estar aq y porq no tienen depreciones esas familias de los paises pobres ellos deverian estar mal no aq todos son una mierda perdon brandon pero si fuera yo la llevaria a ligares pobres para ver la realidad jente de mierda con su opinion

  88. ok

    “the money from my mother’s men, i’m not like her, you’re not like them.”
    this line alone speaks the entire song to me.

  89. Jorge Cumpean

    Why so many dislikes?!

    Brad Smith

    It's the cold hearted monsters I think.

  90. Mj B

    Awesome meaningful song ❤️🦋

  91. Cynthia De Leon

    my favorite song from this album, and when I heard it I wept. They were tears of pain, joy, healing, and love for myself. Thank you for making this song.

  92. Carpe Diem

    I'm sliding into something you won't understand....
    this is the one can ever feel exactly,pain by pain,what another human being going through depression feels...
    we just don't give up on them who do

  93. Andy Flattery

    Is this the last great gasp of the killers?

  94. Hi. I'm Brad

    Best song on the album.

    Btw, holy crap that child actor is great. Far better than the adult actress. I was never really sold that she was depressed. But the little girl.... My God, she looked broken inside. Kudos to her.

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