Kill The Noise - Talk To Me Lyrics

Tallk to me
Come tallk to me
Come talk to me
Come talk to me
Come talk to me
Come talk

Come talk to me
Come talk to me
Come talk to me
Come talk to me
Come talk
Come talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me

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Kill The Noise Talk To Me Comments
  1. DJCJ

    needs 1 bil plays

  2. kris

    I miss that grimey fucking dubstep

  3. Andy FK

    02:33 LOVE

  4. Jalen Tellis


  5. The Gafus

    Hace tiempo que no lo escuchaba :"3


    Yo hace años brother

  6. Terrabit3

    Forever my fav

  7. Romario Siergio Castillo-Hernandez

    Perfect song for when you're trying to get in touch with your girlfriend and she is out dancing with another man and the bitch doesn't answer her phone.

  8. Disneyfan1999

    sounds like a horror movie!

  9. n i k k o

    owsla's rendering of the cover art lmao

    Sorry Official

    Nikko Music lmfao

  10. Cvff Dub

    fuck me this is still so good after years oh my fuck lol

  11. Ernest Morris

    This songs sounds brings back nightmares of the days of dial-up

  12. DeltaTeam

    Set this as my voicemail....

  13. Gtodcani


  14. Entity 011-A

    sounds like it was inspired by his old tune Phone Tap that he made when he was Ewun

  15. Liliana Wilson

    anybody else here BC musically

  16. Toxic Granny

    Between this and Diplodocus, absolute game changers!!!

  17. VexxtraK _

    KTN always has top fuckin bangers

  18. Anonymous 2774

    So mlg right now #sweg

  19. RAY M

    dat sec drop kinda mismatched idk but he is literally drumstep king :D

  20. Emilio Zabala 115

    Tlk 2 meh.

  21. Cryocion

    12 people didn't talk to him

    Zapta Deathstep

    23 now boii's

    Jrexon 01

    Zapta Dubstep oh...

  22. Anonymous 2774

    drop the bass


    ficks ur grammer u dumy its drup teh base


    @420 The Wizard Of WA 420 lole
    make me

  23. micheal santos dé aveira jr.

    dat second drop tho <3

  24. Lauti colon

    its fucking awesome :D

  25. xvikg

    This would be a perfect ringtone :D

  26. LimpidSounds

    That's what I say when I want out of the Matrix.

  27. Ohraider

    or how ever you spell apocylics

  28. Ohraider

    the best song iv heard is made by novexus and the name zombie apocylics

  29. Ohraider

    thats creepie but awesome

  30. Luis Obm

    me when i saw my whatsapp

  31. FirstOfHisNameOfficial

    Wow I wish you could make siri sound like this.

    Vocal Tear

    Haha lol hell yeah!

    Freestyle Replay

    tru tru 

  32. 12NadaSurf12

    My god, it's Megatron!

  33. Too Much Sus

    You can definitely hear some of the old Ewun resurfacing a bit in this track.
    I think it's safe to say KTN/Ewun has mastered FM synthesis


    Ewun had a track called Phone Tap which had a similar concept with phone sounds and stuff. So I guess this track is kind of a sequel or something.

    Cobalt Cat huh space laces also just released a som called phone tap that was about phones

  34. Кий Щ

    dude ти найкращий

  35. dirk diggler

    be a cool ring tone

  36. Charlie Everingham

    This would make siri f*cking awesome

  37. Raggedy Barley

    My ears are dead.

  38. 김연재

    HELP ME, MOM!!!!!!!!!!

  39. edmund

    Thats what i be like when people dont text me back!
    *staring at phone* TALK TO ME!!!!

  40. GmanBPlaysMC

    That's one creepy voice fo sho


    that voice makes me feel awesome, dawg.

  41. Narwhal Gaming

    That voice scares me

  42. Sizzle Wizzle McDizzle

    I'm sorry I think Dylan is correct...

  43. StyL0s

    kill the noise has such nicely crafted sounds that it drive me crazy to know how I could achieve that level of awesomeness

  44. MIlo Vukovich

    no way 0:55 is the best drop ever

  45. MentalExpireMusic

    it sound like the cookie monster from hell xD

  46. Dylan Skinner

    2:14 best drop ever

  47. FetusOfGod

    Lol great song to creep someone out

  48. igotdis0101


  49. igotdis0101

    Weak ass shit niguh

  50. FranciscoTruBel

    TALK TO ME!!!!!!

  51. Shane Woessner

    This song should be the credit track for that movie The Call.

  52. FinalfixMusic

    X_X Killerrrrrrr

  53. Dan Torres

    Call 911 now!

  54. Djneff1up

    Too good

  55. XoxOsiris

    Trippy man...

  56. aktony DH

    nice music

  57. Katie Bushell

    Guys we should probably talk to him.

  58. Digital Screams

    Why hello new ringtone! Where have you been all my life!

  59. Sparky

    Well done Kill The Noise an Owsla...good show.

  60. OfficialJakePhelps

    how have only like 9,000 people viewed this on OWSLA's channel? I have a KTN mix and a classics mix on my channel but the KTN classics mix was taken down

  61. Delta 9

    O man they shouldv let the disconnection beep ride through the drop. That woulda been so dope! With that said, thiss one helluva beat

  62. OfficialWarptex

    this is the scariest shit ever, but its so awesome!!!!!

  63. Александр Красненков

    DROP! 0:54

  64. Baeshall H


  65. Khraich

    i know man the bass gets so fucking heavy before the drop when the guy talks. i was so shocked, then the drop came and blew my mind. not only the bass, but the actual way that he composed the drop is fucking genius.

  66. ThisIsKingdomHearts

    old but amazing

  67. a f

    *le drop

  68. OfficialSupremeBeing

    Kill tha noize!!

  69. RavenClaw303

    -wipes jizz of computer screen-

  70. keiffer creighton

    sounds like the devil ate my cell phone

  71. Jireh McAllister

    *NOISE ;P

  72. Nicholas Parks

    kill the noise

  73. ddimech2

    talk to me - bweeeeyooo bedump bedump bedump bedump

  74. Raphael Brito

    Love the Noize !!