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Kill The Noise Kill The Noise (Dillon Francis Remix) Comments
  1. Truly Infamous

    I've listened to this 15 times already. What a fantastic remix.

  2. Truly Infamous

    Listening to this on really good speakers is straight up pornographic.

  3. Okonomi Barron

    Still gets my d+ck hard

  4. E N

    changing my mind about dillion

  5. Nathaniel King

    Sweet sick I'll remix!

  6. Brandon Solórzano 7u7

    3:43 – 4:43 ♥️

  7. Roberto Isai Rivera Juarez

    6 years later and its still so good <3

  8. Sebas Sosa


  9. geomastero

    One word... AMAZING!

  10. Zapta Deathstep

    I prefer the original tbh

  11. Javier Valdez

    Que pinches recuerdos!
    La ultima era de la buena musica electrónica...

    Zafire HBEs

    No mms cuál electrónica? Xdddd

  12. Thomas Kyplain

    Like shit.

  13. Midwest Mutts

    This song is a meme of the original. An incredibly well done meme.

  14. sonny redig

    Its hard to remix perfection but dillon francis did it


    2017 y nunca va a ver una canción mejor que esta

  16. ProGaming

    This is one of the best dubstep songs of all time.

  17. MexSickFlow

    Francis just made a master- er piece out of a master piece... hands down waaa- aaay better than the original... (((0_0)))

  18. Ebolarnator

    900th Like

  19. Lulu Is Luis

    This song still slaps

  20. SeaWyrm

    This was my first introduction to Dillon Francis. I wont forget this song ever


    skullofanalien same...

    Skyler Patrick

    It wasn't my first but it was early on and I fucking looooove it. Sooooo sick

    Nico Kogler

    And where is he now? K3k



  22. Matt

    4 years later this song is still soooo good

    Lucas Violante

    Yes! Music doesn't have age :D


    any music similar to this one?

    Marco Iarocci

    even 5 years later :D

  23. mokajones74

    this is a goddamn beautiful remix


    Yeah man.. Dillon Francis just makes this one sooo much better.

  24. sh o

    Surkin - Boot Screen

  25. johandude

    Remember when I heard this for the first time. Good fucking memories!


    Same thing for me dude.. same thing.


    Foi só pra mim que apareceu o anuncio do Kevin kkk. COD xD

  27. Josue Cardenas

    This shit is the shit!!

  28. John Jeremiah Sekar

    this is what you call, murdering it

  29. Kyle Duyck

    Good lord, now that's a beat.

  30. niya danae'

    I WAS THE 300th LIKE :D


    +_Kawaiiladesu RPGandMore you want a fucking cookie?

    AlexanderS Garcia

    jliso yes

  31. Hunter Cone

    I heard this on pandora

  32. Lufaém sin Acento

    This song need´s more views,because it´s awsome B)

  33. Gabi FoUnDtHeHoRiZoN

    when i start making videos again, i was thinking of using this as my outro/intro, haven't decided yet :/

    Robert Moscato

    do it . .

  34. Paradox34690

    In my humble opinion, the best part of this track is from 0:00-4:45

  35. 김연재

    so sad song

  36. Cyber9187

    9 months later, 1

  37. TheFuriousFox

    No one, fact.

  38. Max R

    awkward moment when skrillex never did a remix


    Was he supposed to?

  39. Rusty Shackleford ever....more

  40. Rusty Shackleford

    who can hate on Dillon Francis

  41. luffymouad

    0 haters love it 3

  42. Jamie Reid

    the skrillex remix is sad compared to this!

  43. Damian Duarte

    alvin did a better moombah job, just sayin

  44. smugmcmuffin

    They keep getting taken down, i was responsible for at least... O I dono like 30 thousand views when the original was up. Just sate there for 7 weeks strait clicking repeat.

  45. tibrofkofficial

    wow, the viewcount on all of these videos must be fucked up, i mean the songs are worth so much more views, all of them are great!

  46. jaroz99

    Only 223 views? Mother of god.... This song need more views !