Kill The Noise - Dying (Brown & Gammon Remix) Lyrics

I've got a heart for you

I've got a heart for you
I'm really working hard, for you
Right or wrong
Makes me feel like crying

A heart, for you (for you)
That's what I want, to do (to do)
I like you when you're hard on me
I like you when you're hard on me

Makes me feel like
Makes me feel like dying

I've got a heart for you

Makes me feel like
Feel like...
I've got a

Work-working hard for you
It makes me feel (like-like)
Makes me feel like
Makes me feel like
I've got a heart for you
I working hard for you
Makes me feel like
Make-make feel like

Makes me feel like
Makes me feel like dying
Makes me feel like
Makes me feel like dying

I got a heart for you (Yeah)
Makes me feel like
Feel like
I've got a...

Makes me feel like I am
Makes me feel like like

Makes me feel like
Makes me feel like dying
Makes me feel like
Makes me feel like dying

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Kill The Noise Dying (Brown & Gammon Remix) Comments
  1. Utopisys

    this whole album is mastered terribly. I'm not sure if it's Youtube or what. I love ktn's producing skills so I'm hesitant to say the mastering is off. But she likes to party and this song I have to listen to with the volume set to 10. All others require volume of approx 35-45 to have the perceived volume...

  2. dvnuh

    I got heart for you ♡ (still)

  3. The Dub Rebellion


  4. Mystery

    I'm listening to a 7 year old track

    But I don't regret it

  5. Röbōt

    this is fucking eptic

  6. Röbōt

    what the fuck it actually sounds like eptic did this

  7. EL1AS

    sounds like a hard ass Mario maker level

  8. Fede Ambro

    Alv kuando ba a bolber stemen ahre ste dabst

  9. Jonathan Roback

    Holy cow..dat feelz better every time i hear it son 😁😁😁

  10. Shawn Bergstrom

    just like smoking crack ringer and all

  11. Jon Spiegel

    I have been looking for this song for so long!!! It was eating me alive!!! Funny it’s called dying’ cause without it; it was my killing me. 🤤😵🤤

  12. dankesthours182

    anyone heard anything from Brown N Gammon since this era of Dub??

    jacob vega

    dankesthours182 they don't exist anymore :( last I heard they go by "outrun" now

    Evan Carter

    They started a group called "Outrun". They have a few recent releases on Circus records. They have an Ep called "please insert coin EP" or something along those lines.

  13. Gilli_Customs

    This song still makes me happy

  14. dankesthours182

    still finding new music (to my ears) in this era of dubstep and electro. incredible selection in such a short period of time, the electronic scene amazes me

  15. Matthew Jeffery

    One of my favorite songs of all time! Needs more views and likes

  16. mike scullin

    Shit makes me want to cry. Big ups [email protected] Still one of the best tunes out there


    have you any word of what this Project's Producer is doing lately? cant find anything post 2013

    mike scullin

    mike scullin

    Nothing touches shit like this, but there are still some good tracks.

    mike scullin

    mike scullin

    this is my second favorite track by them

  17. Massage Adventurist

    This one one of my favorite songs to throat sing to. :)

  18. Jess Mccarthy


  19. Niom

    This song is so great!
    Whatever happened to Brown and Gammon?.. they were so fkn great!


    yeah, the producer heading up the project seems to have dropped off of the planet


    @dankesthours182 He fell off the flat planet

    David Tolle

    @dankesthours182 Aliens took him to make them music

  20. Shawn bergstrom

    meow wow ya

  21. Manny Alex Hernandez

    dope a'f

  22. BOT Ree Kid


  23. Perfecticle

    Im currently writing lyrics to this. So far, Im only done with one third of the song XD

  24. TheFieldReviews

    Best version of Dying! <3


    TheFieldReviews true!

  25. Van Ellus

    Rmx better than original ! Dope !

  26. Mar Mar

    I'm really workin hard

  27. Andre Fernandes

    Saudade dessa porra ❤

  28. Miguel Salinas

    I'm diyig

  29. Suppyhhh

    Esta música me recuerda a esas vacaciones de verano, a fines de 2012, cuando me iba todo tan bien en la vida... El mejor año de mi vida hasta ahora se podría decir...

    Gustavo Zuñe Villalobos

    A mí también xD

  30. bolly kolly

    The illest drop

  31. Juan Rodriguez

    Still here😍

  32. Mar Mar

    i've got heart for you

  33. Verum Occultum

    This soooooo goood :')


    I've been missing out

  35. Christopher Person

    i stopped listening to dubstep a long time ago but this was one of my favorite songs
    i still like it


    Christopher Person The dubstep don't have to die! We can keep it alive

    Hgean Kid Nebula

    And I'm sitting here wondering how one could ever stop listening to dubstep once they discover it...

    Jonathan Cabanas

    People who got into it for the fad. The true fans are still here.

    Dean Eggenberger

    Christopher Person Amen 🙏🏼


    and the doorly remix of raindrops

  36. Ashley Bharwani

    Love how the beat sounds like it's telling a story

  37. MysticDubstep


    - - - - > [ 1:00 ] < - - - -


    Dhr. Wajong

    I like your style :)

  38. Brody Houston

    love the dubstep

  39. Felix Kremberry

    Good song

  40. Zeck Gold

    +OLWSA BEST SONG 10/15

  41. Zeck Gold

    right at 1:01 that drop just brings me in

    Ricky Lahey

    +Zeck Gold Oh yea.......You wanna talk about it

  42. Zeck Gold

    just the best drop I've ever heard

  43. marco cevat

    Love The Joint, hate The flashbacks...

    Ricky Lahey

    +marco cevat Lets smoke a joint together

    marco cevat

    +Ricky Lahey light it up bro

  44. XPROGTR13

    2.24 :)

  45. Bushmaster

    Hmmmm I like the Dubmonkeyz version better.

  46. TheSonsOfRuiner XB1

    New fave song of the week

  47. 김연재



    why dont you have one`????

  49. Luekhi

    of course


    do i get a copyright if i upload this to my channel?

  51. Marco Antonio Moreno.

    :D!! NO DISLIKES...

  52. Rubén Cifuentes

    Fuuck this is soo sick man, i love it. I will download it..

  53. Giorgio Iuvara

    dont tell me what to do

  54. MattLaskeyOfficial

    Hey everyone! Check out my channel!