Kierra "Kiki" Sheard - Since I Found Christ Lyrics

[Rap: JDS]
I'm a producer, with no subtitles
But he bless me, cause before him I put no idol
To his eyes only I wanna be pleasing
Since I let him in,
He gave my life a brand new meaning
Yeah, you may see me hangin' with a rapper
When we go to church our hands ain't clappin' any faster
Yes we in the world, but we not of it
Know when I lift my hands,
I'm thinkin' nothin' of it
I know that you like me cause you like my swag
Me & Mali on the track, 'bout to kill it so bad
Yes, I do other music
But I'm still that same church boy
I ain't afraid to let you know
If you feel me make some noise

Since I found Christ
He made everything right
And I can sing about him everyday & night
Let me hear you say
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
I may not have everything right
But I'm still glad I got him in my life
Let me hear you say
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

[Verse: Mali Music]
Hello world
Wake up you've been sleeping in
And open up your ears
With the secret he's been keeping
It's out, no doubt
And here goes your sound bite
All opposing forces
This what gospel sound like
Association with the church got us lookin', watchin'
Scandals, hypocrisy or corrupted democracy
It's bad, true dat
God's raisin' up bosses
History in the makin', we already in the process
It's about time I got the new wave runner shoes
I can turn it like a Holy Ghost banner [?]
I'm tired of being under, so over here we [?]


[Verse: Kierra]
I use to run with, my old buddies
And bad things we use to do
We thought were funny
A bad girl & all
And all types of flaws
But now I look back & I'm kind of glad
That it's not the same
Cause without the man
I just might not be sane
But you made a way


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Kierra "Kiki" Sheard Since I Found Christ Comments
  1. Fiery Natzu776

    Maliiiiiiii doe!!!!!!!!!

  2. joel bell Chanel

    First time hearing this but jds stop yes we in the world but not of it my mom say yall never step out the world lol why keke was at brock Taylor church in Statesboro talking bout her friend got shot he stupid cause he ain't turned to Christ how when you in the club all yall my friend say dorinda a drunk it was proved on here when she did Mary song thick of it all them bottles turn up lol just all yall flip to rnb and let's shut it down I still love yall even if dorinda lied to us after we sung with her bout in 3 days somebody was going get money yes I got it but I already knew that was coming.

  3. Patricia Jaye

    I love this song

  4. Indran Fernando

    nice song

  5. Joshua Javier

    nice song

  6. Synquis Harris

    nice song

  7. Cha Cha M

    nice song