Kierra "Kiki" Sheard - People Lyrics

Go on & be who God called you to be
Don't be afraid
Walk in your authority
It's in your swag (It's in your swag)
Not appearance or style
But if you live like Christ (Like Christ)
Let's be who God called us to be

[Verse 1:]
What you have to aim for
Is a quiet life
To love your neighbor
As you would love yourself
Ohhh (Praying without ceasing)
Ohhh (And casting no stone)
Remembering that if the righteous
Scarcely make it in
Then I have a job of my own

[Pre Chorus]
That swag
It's not the
The world swag
But it's the kingdom
But it's the
Swag of the Christ
Represent us, represent us


[Verse 2:]
What you have to aim for
Is to mind your business
Not involving yourself
In silly gossip
Whoaa (Fervent in the spirit)
Whoaa (Discerning the Lord)
Diligently & whole heartedly
Living to the best of your ability

[Pre Chorus]

[S.O.M. Rap:]
Pardon the swag fly
Because my Father's image
God is truly blessin'
So I'm walkin' like I'm known for winnin'
Head to toe
Daily blessings flow
Don't be hatin', no
As yall got us on the mark [?]
Ready, set, go
Aint takin' no
But goin' harder than they ever thought we would
Daily I'm walkin' harder
I deserve a second look
Steps is order
Like [?]
Fresh like Tye
Got me lookin' good
Readin' good
Christ is on my mind
So I'm speakin' good
Who he is I'm reppin'
When we steppin' in
No question or no guessin'
He's the reason for this message
Okay, I let my banner wave
I am not ashamed
This my absolution
Let you know that this is not a game
Aye, people gather 'round
Let us show you how to kick it
Grab a chair
Yell it loud
Christ first
Represent him


Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
oh, oh, oh, oh

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Kierra "Kiki" Sheard People Comments
  1. kristopher kendrick

    Amen to this song this is the test of life for me

  2. nikinya spencer

    people won't figure this album out until they go through a test.. I made it out of abuse relationship with this I'm walking into my anointing...i was call to ministers..this Woman of God mother has been a blessing to me sis I was 5 I'm now 32...blessed

    TJ Enigma

    nikinya spencer Hallelujah! Glory to GOD!!!