Kierra "Kiki" Sheard - Desire Lyrics

[Verse (x2):]
I am Yours, You are mine
Take my heart, and my mind
Open the eyes of my heart
Reveal Yourself Lord
I want You
It's my desire

You are my desire

[Verse (x2):]
Hear this song, from our hearts
We want more, open our minds
Let us understand, the sentiment of Your Heart
Pour out Your Spirit Lord


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Kierra "Kiki" Sheard Desire Comments
  1. Aleo Girl

    ❤️ we say yes in our hearts and minds!

  2. Holly Skye

    I don't get it- Dodie? Gospel music? AMERICA EXPLAIN, what is the connection lmao? X

    esheka kanodia

    i came here from her tour project,,, took me three days and half my brain cells

    Holly Skye

    @esheka kanodia hayayahahaha, snap

  3. Joseph Autry


  4. jascianna straw

    3:39 did something to my soul♥️

  5. Shauntay Lewis

    I actually cant get enough of this song every time I listen it blesses me more and more

  6. SwAggItsBenYT All Day

    I have to dance to this song again but this time I’m teaching kids it feels so good to get children into the spirit of God

  7. Ruben Jude Etienne

    I love your presence Jesus!!! We want more Father

  8. omoruyi avan-nomayo

    Beautiful song. Makes me feel in love

  9. Sage Torrisi

    Who came from Dodie 😂💝

  10. Holly Langridge

    thank you dodie

    Sage Torrisi

    Holly Langridge sameee 😂

  11. David James

    wow this is a spirit filled song

  12. Goodluck Joseph

    The song is good How do I download it?

  13. Lili J

    thanks dodie lol

  14. Symphonie Poaty



    Came here after a dodie tweet and I am blessed.jk

    Apata Bisi


    Sage Torrisi

    IIKHALAII sameeee 😂

    CPZ Nadifa

    I came here from her ig story

    Tracy Kigis

    @CPZ Nadifa same. haha

  16. Merari Aponte


  17. Prodigy Foxx

    🙌🙏 beautiful song from the soul

  18. LaTonya Jones

    I'm so in love with this song I did a church dance to this song

  19. Felix Precious

    I love you so much kira ..ur an inspiration to me

  20. Marie Moss

    this song had me in tears anything bad i was dealing with us gone

  21. omoruyi avan-nomayo

    My name is Harry
    Come get me
    I'm homeless
    I'm in london
    Come and get me

  22. Eulendah Monageng

    Bless you Kierra

  23. Osemuyi Diamond

    I love ur voice God bless u

  24. Ekhator Johnson

    God bless u kierra sheard

  25. Ekhator Johnson

    I so love this song desire

  26. Ehimare Ohue

    Christ is the most worthy desire any man can ever have. Christ Jesus, You are my desire...

  27. Ojoma Kizito

    like i should be singing this song all day, the singer just blessed me with it, thank you so much for arrenging a beautiful song like this, bringing it to life, i pray for you more grace.

  28. mawe ines

    o-o-oh it's my desire to understand the sentiment of your heart to do your will as you want my Lord

  29. Stephen Amanor


  30. Aldayja Selby

    Awesome song !

  31. latrice jones

    I sooooo love this song my desire yes lord

  32. Tanika Haase

    Am so in love with this song makes me cry because of the love God has for me!!!

  33. Danyelle Ponder

    I listen to this everyday 🙌🏽😍

  34. Ronda Boyd

    OOOOHHHHH You are my Desire!  Love this album.

  35. Jaieel Dunwood


  36. James Mcneil

    love this so much

  37. Andre Doletti

    love this song bless you kierra sheard an your family so inspiring

  38. Sade' V

    lord plz guide !! you are my desire !! I'm young living in this world and its hard but I'm trying

    Jennifer Rhodes


    Oline Georges

    minnie9 !! I'm

  39. Marina lopez

    you'are my desire god

  40. Dazya lyles

    yasss boo I love your music keep making the songs

    Jaieel Dunwood


    Felicia Dixon

    I love this song

  41. Elijah Holmes

    my aunt danced to this song

  42. Dorothy Mitchell


  43. KDOT Ministries

    Jesus is the "Desire of Nations" Haggai 2:7 ....Throughout human history he has been the Desire of Humanity for All Ages....the "Desire of Ages" (Also the title of a beautiful book about Jesus)

    Vital Emeke

    I love you kierra

  44. Biella Douglas


    Utibe EKERE

    This is an interesting one

  45. shadae maccy

    God is Good

  46. Quantavia Dely

    Love this song ♥️

  47. Makai Collier

    Iove your song and signing😇😇😇

  48. Elijah Holmes

    i love when you say oh lord you areeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  49. Elijah Holmes

    i will never get this out my head because i love

    Lowanda Fequiere

    .I love this song so amazing and beautiful God is definitely wonderful!!!

  50. brandy kingbless

    Kierra sheard is one of the best Gospel singles in the world 🌍

    Aarius Sutherland

    yes she is

  51. Ekeocha Oluchi Sandra

    Am Inspired..Thank you Kierra

  52. Leslygx3

    Glory to God

  53. Anita Williams

    I love this song 😍😍 I listen to it everyday😍

  54. Erica Phillips

    First time hearing this beautiful song! this song express the love cry of our diligent heart towards God. When we yield our heart and lives to God, his enter into ours ,intervening for the necessary changes we all need. Whether we need purging, healing deliverance or complete salvation;He is whom we TRULY DESIRE!!! THANK YOU JESUS

  55. rosia hornella coly

    Love that song

  56. Dominica Bisbee

    I love this song and i love kiki for giving her all on this track. We all should want god as our desire and for him to lead our path to righteousness. This song really helps me when im feeling down and need some encouragement

  57. Bre The Writer

    Beautiful!!! I love this song :)

  58. Mirella , Lucinda Nijman

    I really love this song and Kiki I love the way you give it all. I can feel GOD moving stronger and stronger when you minister. I am inspired and will continually pray for you to stay focus and humble before our LORD AND SAVIOUR JESUS. Love you and GOD bless you. Greetings from SURINAME.

    Winston Bryan Isselt

    Great song

  59. hope lloyd


  60. Leshaun

    This girl has a lovely voice an songs

    Brooklyn Sutton

    happl brandon sutton 16

  61. Soline Carostyl

    Beautiful gospel i love it ♡♡♡♡♡

  62. Eustace Bailey

    I truly love this Anointed Artist, you can actually feel the anointing presence on every song. I have been blessed every time I play this album. Thanks.

  63. Jenn

    Iam Yours, You are mine
    Take my heart, and my mind
    Open the eyes of my heart
    Reveal Yourself Lord
    I want You
    It's my desire

    You are my desire

    Hear this song, from our hearts
    We want more, open our minds
    Let us understand, the sentiment of Your Heart
    Pour out Your Spirit Lord

  64. laurette lopo

    Love this song so much! And my most favourite 'FREE'... May God continue to bless you KiKi!

    Brooklyn Sutton

    brandon sutton happl

  65. Hiram Colon

    omg in love with this song!!! She is super talented beautiful and anointed God works and is worthy to be praised with the most high praise for he is the most high God.. God you are my desire

  66. Eric Young

    3:16-4:10 it catch the Holy Spirit and praise God everytime I hear that part it just hits me in some way I feel God moving in me through her vocals and crying out to Him

    Quadavia Chambers

    Eric Young Same here bro!!!! I love it!!!

  67. #Ayeni!

    I LOVE THIS WOMAN, she sounds like dorinda when she worships and cries out to the father

  68. Tavahn

    i need to book u for the bet  ospel award show to perform

  69. T Stroud1324

    To god be the glory

  70. MrsKG81

    Glory be to your name father GOD! You are so worthy! When we ignnored your call you were there! Have your way oh GOD!

  71. S. Fumbanks Jr.

    Kierra!!!!!!! You and your Husband are mighty Officers in the Kingdom of God, chosen to be on the front line for JUDAH; you are leading the Saints of your generation on to win souls and take territory for the Kingdom. In this end time as we approach the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus, I will be praying for you both. 

  72. Quedeeze Lilliah

    Beautiful song! I'm so in love with this song.

  73. Ornéla Mbala

    it's possible to have the lyrics please ??

  74. Vanessa Mthembu

    yes Lord you are my desire

  75. Amelia Elaine Coleman

    How could somebody dislike this, Really?

  76. Mya B.


  77. Ziyanda Nabi

    This song.... mhhm its working me.

  78. Kiwana Jones

    Tasha cobbs , Jakalyn Carr , and you should make a prophetic song for this and the new generation , That will be so Awesome for Our Generation. :) 

  79. tanya 4everloyal

    I have to buy this album asap

  80. tanya 4everloyal

    Wow god is good

  81. Kimberly Pankey

    Beautiful song

  82. Shaquale Ferguson

    God bless this woman kierra sheard 


    A great song from a great vocalist

  84. Lynissa Phillip

    Jesus because of your blood, we are free and we desire Lord to be more like you

  85. Ama _B

    yess girl 

  86. Ulqui Kitty


  87. melan12027

    truly the daughter of a Clark Sheard!!!!

  88. nicole


  89. Octavia Adams

    Yessssssss God!!!!

  90. J Turner

    My heart desires more of you lord, pure worship, oh!

  91. Simone T

    great worship song...lovin it