Kid Trunks - 3am In Miami Lyrics

I got some vros that would kill
Got some hoes that could chill
I got these bitches in London
Gotta pop half a pill
I got my 30's and 40's so how you niggas gon feel?
No my ex not from Texas, but she can fuck if she feel

[Randy (Larry League):]
I got my eye on her heels
I leave em dumped in landfills
I just spilt the lean, but buddy said it was free refills
Talkin bout prophecy that he could never ever fulfill
Water on his collar get snatched off exposing his gills, goddamn

[Sensei (Larry League):]
Gucci tote bag, totin' cash and the glizzy
Got that Snow White, who the fuck is Walt Disney?
Swerving, sippin' fucking mud, that's a mudslide
Got my right hand with me, riding through the east side, bitch

[Larry Loudpack (Larry League):]
Walking on ice, see it I'm coppin' it twice
Hop on that trike, ain't worried bout losing my life
Keep capping and capping, you turn to a fitted
Boy, I be having, they would not listen
Don't shit matter, matter of time
You got goons, I got mines

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Kid Trunks 3am In Miami Comments
  1. drel boy

    Does he use the chorus effect for his vocals

  2. Kamodo Jones

    who the fuck is Walt Disney?

  3. Kid Buddy Son

    Kid trucks needs to have like 3 more verses on this fucking daaaank beat.

  4. duli medina

    here before this blows tf up

  5. Ssjnoved Jr

    Damn I've been sleeping on this nigga for too long

  6. SOSA

    Lowkey sound like GBE SD 😂😂😂

    Bryant Overbey


    Bryant Overbey

    BIG DRACO actually I hear it lol

    JR Namron



    Squad full of killas

  7. Burly Heads

    this is the only place I can find this anymore. Kid deleted everything off his soundcloud

    Dark Music

    really ?

    Nathaniel Rodriguez

    Burly Heads he re released it as a "new song" a couple weeks ago

    Nathaniel Rodriguez

    Burly Heads he re released it as a "new song" a couple weeks ago

  8. DevilMan

    can he say nigga?

    Frank White

    trunks been that nigga


    SHINE Depends if your dirty blooded most the white population still use it disrespectfully which is why were like you not saying shit but hey if you need one I have a nigga pass for you


    @UnlimitedMangos but can i say nigga if im white


    SHINE damn Nigga you can say it if you don't mean no disrespect, this black girl tried to tell me I can't say it and I told her bitch if I don't mean it disrepscfuly I can say it.

  9. backwood75

    like from france 💯💯💯

  10. äitis märkä

    this shit goes

  11. Kavin Suresh

    sooo goood

    Bleach M8

    Kavin Suresh word

  12. Dark Music

    you guys may like :

    Bleach M8

    Dark Music thanks!

  13. Bleach M8

    shits lit

  14. Francelia Galindo

    this cool but Corey TheProfit 3AM IN MIAMI WAYYYYY BETTER. #100