Kid Rock - When It Rains Lyrics

Like a deer in the headlights, I stood frozen in my tracks
And the weight of the news, It nearly broke my back
It was late september, and I remember oh so well
I put a rose in the bible and placed it on my shelf

Now when it rains, it pours
Wish I didnt know now the things I never knew before
Now when it rains, it pours
Wish I didnt know now the things I never knew before

Back then when we were 17
Time was on our side
Holes in our jeans and a pocket full of dreams
The future was Friday night
And we would hangout down by the riverbend
Singing our favorite songs
Laughin and drinkin, smokin and smilin
Now those days are gone

Now when it rains, it pours
Wish I didnt know now the things I never knew before
Now when it rains, it pours
Wish I didnt know now the things I know for shore

Like a deer in the headlights, I stood frozen in my tracks
And the weight of you not here nearly broke my back
And the tears they fell like a monsoon
Underneath the cold fall moon
Somehow God put his hands on yur shoulders
Way too, way too soon

Now when it rains, it pours
Wish I didnt know now the things I never knew before
Now when it rains, it pours
Wish I didnt know now
No I didnt know now
What I knew before

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Kid Rock When It Rains Comments
  1. Missouri Girl At Heart

    Love me some Kid!!

  2. Maria Roberts

    Thank you lord for some decent mucic KID ROCK the master of all Apes. We're loving you , AWSOME

  3. Ladonna Maddox

    2020 😎

  4. salem Cox

    I sure love me some KID!

  5. Joanna McGuire

    Love this song❤️ takes me back to my youth ☺️

  6. Talena Duncan

    Love Glenn and Blake super good singers ,, and kid Rock is awesome!

  7. Lisa Monty

    I love you Kid Rock still in 2020 your one badass God bless u

  8. Darlene Deavers

    Love you kid Rock... ❤️

    Darlene Deavers

    You remind me of my son, God only knows.. ❤️

  9. Jonathan Strom

    Ciara Sexton

  10. Wendy Lindley

    Yes...I've lost alot of friends too soon

  11. Heidi Sterner

    47 yrs old and you have such an amazing way of saying what most people in our age group are thinking. Those were the best years of my life. Your friends were everything and all we cared about was havin fun and for me, keeping at least a 2.5 gpa so i didnt get kicked off our cheer squad and so i didnt get grounded because friday and saturday nights were everything. We had the biggest parties and so many of our friends' houses got trashed when mom and dad were out of town, im talking replacing the carpet, etc, but most of us were always there with our heads down, but damn sure helping our friends clean the house, at least what we could. If i could go back just once, i would change the biggest mistake of my life and gotten with the one i was truely in love with and he was me, but i was already dating his best friend and i married him and we had 2 beautiful daughters, which i wouldnt change that for anything, so i guess it worked out as god intended. He is still his best friend, and sometimes at get togethers, when the liquor is flowing and our inhibitions come down, he always says, "I WISH I WOULD HAVE HAD THE GUTS TO TELL YOU HOW I FELT THEN, BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER STOPPED LOVING YOU" and i wish he would have to in a way, but i wouldnt have my beautiful 2 daughters and my beautiful 3 granddaughters. My husband and i were together for 29 yrs and we grew apart and split up after both our girls had moved out, and he still calls and txts me wanting to try, he is also divorced w 2 grown daughters, but im afraid it would hurt my ex husband so bad and idk what my girls would think, so i have to fight the love i still feel for him because i dont want to be selfish and hurt the people close to me. This song just took me back to those carefree days. Thankyou for that. So beautiful and u r so special and so gifted. ❤❤❤✌

  12. Saundra Quarles

    Back then o yes..

  13. Jack Daniels

    👍 UNIQUE 1 COOL 👊🇨🇦😎

  14. Andi VanWieren

    This song hits home with me.... On 1-11-20 it will be 5 years since my sister was killed by her husband. And this song reminds me of us growing up

    Sherry Vincent

    Andy Van sorry for your pain.

  15. Angie Mcclure

    Love me some kid rock

  16. Steve Munn

    it's like he writes my life story in dam near every song

  17. Sandy Hendrickson

    You gotta love when a rocker ages...The lyrics age beautifully w them

  18. Misti Rains

    I have lost everything I had, and many people I love.....

  19. Александр Бобылев

    спасибо, люблю эту песню

  20. Nancy Thiel

    Love kids music he so awesome

  21. Barbara Yoder

    Good song I wish I could write a song about loosening my 2 sm granchildern and son and his girlfriend to carbonmoxide posion...12/09/2010

  22. Randy Holt

    That's my kind of music.

    Randy Holt

    Very talented.get a buzz and crank it up.nothing better

  23. Steel Horse Cowboy

    It’s raining and I pray it don’t pour

  24. Stella Ercolani

    For you my mommy. I miss you so much, am lost.💔💔🙏

  25. Lou Lou Love

    Great song💔❤💜🎶🎵

  26. Tammy Burch

    Nailed it kid!

  27. Donya Wisdom

    I love Kid Rocks music....God has blessed him with amazing talent

  28. Onna Keys

    Love ❤️ ya

  29. Brenda Hurst

    Love u♥️💋💓

  30. Brenda Hurst


  31. Eugene Gentile

    lost the best of all my life friends and I have been listening to this for the past couple of days and thanks rock for hitting my thoughts on the head

  32. Greta Gaston

    Love this.

  33. duncan kent

    Talk about getting lost in a song..I know there's things I'd give owt to forget even better never knew

  34. Lisa Edwards

    Awesome song as usual, heartfelt❤

  35. Brian Bagley

    This song is touching I had no idea it talked about somebody passing away

  36. Pam Megill

    And the way I remember my mother stepmother which was my first said go to Jennie let me and let me take a pitchure

  37. Pam Megill

    I can almost remember each and every one of your frist names

  38. Pam Megill

    But I'll never forget there was for David's out of that group home and only one of those were African-American

  39. Pam Megill

    Too busy up here breakdancing but I remember you saying that but I started do the helicopter on my head on top of a car

  40. Pam Megill

    Northern sky down south is really nice ain't DB group home Hopewell Virginia

  41. Pam Megill

    The weather has been in Mexico New MexicoI'm picking up your ID and you talk and you didn't get her out loud I'm doing the same LOL

  42. Pam Megill

    Hey I heard that kid rock is coming in the capital LOLs in the White House 1984-1985

  43. Sharon Gardner

    For my Son Justin. Miss him so much!

  44. Josh Hubbard

    Exactly how I feel bout my friend who just passed on last month October 2019
    R.i.P shelbo

  45. tammie arrowood

    I love this music

  46. Leisa Montgomery

    I can related to t your songs get me a through

  47. Leisa Montgomery

    I love your music Kid Rock I love u Rock on u are awesome

  48. Pat Collins


    Pat Collins

    I get so in touch with him thru his music

  49. Audrey Sanderson

    This song is for my dad and my late uncle Andrew. Everytime I hear it I think of the brotherhood they had and how we lost him too soon 🖤

  50. Amanda Jane DeWeese

    damn ain't that the truth can we go back to seventeen

  51. Pamela Walker

    If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide,
    Please reach out , please.
    Call the National Suicide Hotline number 1-800-273-TALK
    Or call anyone.
    You can get through this crisis.

  52. Kat Vanover

    I see how they are doing it!!

    LOVE U SO MUCH even tho I am UN SUBBED on FB

  53. Willie Bramlett

    People are forgetting how to love... shit is getting sad and people need to figure it out. ❤️

    Melinda Shriver

    I agree

  54. Gary Pholpott

    I love your music, as a matter of fact I live for it!! I've got my ass kicked at your concert's twice keep moving forward bro!!

  55. Justine Robison

    Thank You Kidd Rock Your music and this song brought hope into mine and my husband life . God bless you

  56. Pokey Joe

    It's still pouring n it doesn't have to rain! 💐💐

  57. Kurt Huwald Stone

    Love this man and his values. Keeping it real, true, personal and honest. He started his music about himself. Hardcore true, good or bad! He loves his country and while sharing reality of his life that spreads into so many others who experience alot of the same. Just not at his level! But the same. Now he gives even more love and hope to so many others. Even when we're bad or hardcore. There's always the heart that keeps us grounded and true!!! I huge shout out to a man that not only showed me that I'm not alone, and so many good things can come out of life if you live it and learn, share and encourage so many. I recently was diagnosed with 2 cancers Jan 1st 2018 One has no cure to date. Other does. My father diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer Feb 14th 2018. Kid Rock. I thank you for getting me through some tough times and excepting this is life.. enjoy.. Thank You for your love of country and your golfing partner and friend President Trump.. Kid Rock for VP😎🤘🇺🇸🇺🇸 many of your songs have been written in to my executor of will.. up to my last breath.. an honor... my dream before getting sick was to attend his concert August 10th 2018 at treasure island casino in welch Minnesota. 4 months prior to that a friend said his friend a VIP would get me to tickets. Without pressure several months prior to that I tried to get informed about the tickets so I can make plans soon as I didn't drive long story short I got the tickets over my phone the night before as I don't drive I did not have much time to arrange anything in my ride fell through I was so very depressed my goal is to get to one .. I never know when I'll be sick again in her has to do my chemo again .. very bummed...Thanks Kid Rock..✌🤘❤

  58. Jason R Frederick

    RIP dad love you forever in my heart

  59. bony Cayetano


  60. Charlotte Vanderhoff

    This song reminds me of losing my daddy he died September 26 2017 I love you dad and I love kid rock I use to play your songs to my dad

  61. dizzotizzo69

    THIS SONG IS DEDICATED FROM BOBBY TO JOE C!! 1994 TO 1998. If you don't know either names, you don't know dick and move on to the next Bieber video.

  62. mR JaRViS BiG

    💧💧When It Rains,
    iT Pours.💧💧
    Nothin ever been more true.
    Love you all brothers N sis. Thanks for the tune, Kid.

  63. Marrissa Wheeler

    Still missing you my love.. every day, always... Gregory "Scotty" Parker.. 10/30/78-09/11/2010
    Yours 💔

  64. Jojo Perkins

    Kid rock has a way of telling it like it is. Super talented and a real awesome man!

  65. Michael Schuur

    I can whate all time

  66. david hopkins

    Hey Emma 67 years old and don't usually write comments. This man deserves some recognition I mean he started out rapping evolve to what he is today not that is rap was bad but being 67 naturally I enjoy this type of music much more. I personally like the way he sings about life everyday life not some poetic mystifying way of expressing feelings. Some artists although their songs sound great you never really understand what they're saying about with kid you know you've been there you've done that it's true. So keep on doing what you do

    Robert Blackmon

    Am going on 60 have loved kind rock since he came out and still Loving his music in 2019

  67. Lil Ole Me # 1 Bitch

    mmmmwwwaa. rip 1 2 many. WHAT A WASTE. W3ME

  68. Jon Blankenhorn

    Turn it up

  69. Tiffany Jones

    Ive been to MANY MANY concerts but havent gotten to catch him yet.. he is my bucket list concert! Prayin ill get to cross it off SOON!

  70. james ables

    This song reminds me of when a girl broke my heart

  71. Neal Hardin

    Love it. Well done sir.

  72. Nancy Carnes

    Bob touches all walks of life, he doesn't discriminate against anyone, he us genionin to the core. What an American Badass, he is, it's not fake, it's real, so real!

  73. Jay Chapman

    I wish I never knew... shit hurts.

    aaron anderson

    I know exactly how you feel, man.

  74. Tracy Indy

    Kid Rock has come to the point where he don’t have to prove anything to anybody! He has shown everyone that he can do anything already! He’s just pure gold!

  75. Christy McAfee

    Kid Rock is a man of God

  76. Mr Davis

    This one hits home

  77. Juanita Buron

    Listen listen listen Linda 5:35pm 4/17/19

  78. Margaretha Horn

    beautiful song! Thank you, Kid Rock!!!!!!!!

  79. Lil Ole Me # 1 Bitch

    rip 09 mom n pat. 10 years almost gpa gone

  80. MR. Zag zagata

    Every song with the word rain in it
    was a hit, Truth .

  81. Christopher Dacuya

    2019 with beer? anyone?

    aaron anderson

    🍺 ill drink to that.

  82. Cynthia Kendrick

    I really Love this song ....💕

    aaron anderson

    It hits home.

  83. Lil Ole Me # 1 Bitch

    just ain't working rock.....

  84. Lil Ole Me # 1 Bitch

    rip rip.. mamma our pat.. I got ur vibrations...

  85. James Brown

    If you read this KID, God I'd love to meet you one day and have dinner. You can sing anything and make it sound GREAT...

  86. Trudy Underwood

    I love kid rock gotta listen to everyday !! ❤️❤️👍👊. Have followed his whole career! Thank you kid rock for all the dances ! And for all the awesome memories made listening and partying to your music . Thanks for sharing your awesome talent !!! ❤️❤️😊😊

  87. Andrew Flood


  88. Lisa Hales

    Kid Rock, rock

  89. delores hawk

    this song can bring so many thoughts to ya

  90. Cyndi Oneal

    When it rains it pours.

  91. Tracy Hart Taylor

    Love love love Kid Rock, old and new

  92. Bonnie's Bands


  93. Tina Boley

    He is an amazing person

  94. Tammy Hunt

    Tammy hunt

  95. jan fusse

    Omg , just had to get Daddy to the ER, Cennintinal ,in Nashville, Tn

    aaron anderson

    Hope everything went ok.

  96. Shari Crocker

    I am with ya on that,kid🙄