Kid Rock - Rock Bottom Blues Lyrics

A moonshine shuffle in a crowded space
A hog-tied hustle with a driving bass
Some full throttle, half bottle, high saddle rhythm and blues
Come on now try it, this muddy water's feelin' fine
You can't deny it, footstompin' music and wine

It feels good to me (answer)
It feels good to me (answer)
It feels good to me (tell the truth)
It feels good to me (thru and thru)
It feels good to me now, I hope it feels good to you!

A smoke filled fever in a low-lit room
A pocket full of pain and a bag of doom
Some high cotton, fat bottom, bad rockin' hundred proof
Come on now try it, it's bound to make ya lose your mind
You can't deny it, footstompin' music and wine


A big bonfire in an open field
Some good timin' womens like Riley Steele
Forget tomorrow
Tonight we gonna raise the roof
Come on now try it, cuz these are those good times
You can't deny it, footstompin' music and wine


These non-stop, last-drop, hi-watt, rock bottom blues

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Kid Rock Rock Bottom Blues Comments
  1. The Crimson Knight

    That's Hank Williams Jr. Cadillac!

  2. Sherry Strong

    Awesome song

  3. dharner929

    Kid Rock is da chit!!!!!

  4. Andrew Flood

    awesome song !!!

  5. Red C

    you owe me anywaz! I got kicked outta one your concerts I paid my dolla my fav at that!!

  6. Red C

    hey kid when you wanna go on a date?

  7. Guille Bustos


  8. eide crys

    Bobby! aka Kid Rock! Thank you for the music that makes my heart sing!!

  9. Alexander Ramage

    I love kid rock songs

  10. eide crys

    Dance and sing your heart out!

  11. Trey Lynn

    My soul mate seen interview with Dan rathers on a Thursday nite on utube come got me on Friday rode around about 3hrs passed away following Tuesday been listening ever since helps a lot love you gwf see you again one day

  12. Christopher Sevig

    Down train stations cross the nation up in bars and in your head satiation beers and hasten make you glad you live instead of being down and out like sad profound and staying mad the music of that old pimp rocks whether to musicians people jocks or radio folk that need hits just sing it off the manuscript.

  13. Christopher Sevig

    Frozen in time right? I'm all thawed out soaring vocals is what the fuck I'm talkin' bout and pour me one more let me hit the pipe homie Im so fuckin' with it I need rhyme and I need meter I need to supplant St. Peter and insanity done came my way but I beat its ass so hear what I say when you're crazy like a bat and nobody knows just where you're at, just pull that shit right out of you, right? well maybe, I can't tell ya how to lose the crazy, but lose yourself, don't lose your shirt, ADHD is in vogue watch it, blurt out what you want and you'll have Drine to Dexe make you quarantined and get the sickness rhyme so ill, and I always love ya, shoot to thrill!

  14. Annie Barrett

    im in love with kid rock im 55 years. old and i got ever cd he recording im from ga send me some kid rock stuff love ya my grandkid thanks ive gone crazy lol

  15. Donald Noel

    LOVE Kid Rock!

  16. Angela Loznicka

    This is the kind of Music that makes you want to dance on a bar. I love the beat to this song. I listen to it all the time. We only have biker bars around here now. I might just bust up in there and do my damn thing and see what kinda reaction I get👀😂. Much love to you and all your Music. Keep it coming❤

  17. Michael Evans

    Kid rock is 45

  18. gamefiles gaming

    #1 best song artist

  19. jacob wilcox

    i like how he can do it all  

  20. Kim Horsley

    love kid rock but his country music is just the best and rocks the soul just makes me wana chuck on my boots and dance GO KID ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  21. SteveGaines

    Sitting in Hank Jr's Cadillac...:)

  22. Anna Fago


  23. John LaStrada

    Probably the only "rap" artist I can now respect. It's also interesting that recently during an interview -- Kid Rock was asked what he regretted. He said the name. Now that he's matured & is accepted by many respectable artists because of his diversity & talent -- the moniker "Kid Rock" does not fit. Well, Kid...John Mellancamp was once Johnny Cougar -- and he too changed it -- just in time. Now at 40 -- it's time to become Robert "Kid" Ritchie. You deserve a name that can have a long career.

  24. Vic Rattlehead

    hell f......yeah !!

  25. Thomas Wolfger

    It feels good to me yeah I hope it feels good to you.

  26. Rebelman476

    kid rock has played every station no matter what kind of music it is.he can play it all

  27. TheShellhunter

    I'm just looking at my new motorbike and it shouts to me: "Ride Me! Ride Me!"

  28. CycolacFan

    Sometime in the late 1990s I gave up on new music ever being good again, then I found Kid Rock and songs like this.

  29. carlward1234

    Very hard to pick his best Album I love um all !!!!!!

  30. aviatorz2fretz

    Im hispanic and I love this guy! I grew up with cowboy and since then i loved how his music can bring me back from any bad mood i can be in. God Bless this guy! ROCK ON

  31. adrienne felker

    reminds of good summer times at my grandpa's ranch with big kick ass parties dancing rodeos and sxy cowboys!!!!

  32. The Truth We Seek


  33. jeff watson

    Like to ROCK with the KID ROCK

  34. aileen swindall

    lets get in our pickup trucks and go muddin have a few brews,fun like we use to have,laughing ,joking playin,great song

  35. rocabillywilly

    da good ol rythm n blues,cme oooooooon!!!!!!!!!

  36. s0ulj4h187

    and don't forget his ballads :D

  37. crazyjennyg1

    this just makes me wna get up and dance who wants to join me!!!!!!!!

  38. Leonidasss69

    It feels good to me ;-) jeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  39. beebull1

    Wanna put on my dusty cowboy boots and kick up a few steps!

  40. EdinShady

    it gives you kinda a feeling to live the fuckin AMERICAN DREAM hell yeaaaaa :D

  41. EdinShady

    @865jesse and live the american dream hell yeaaa KID ROOOOOCK <3

  42. kbeaudrie71

    Awesome, heartfelt, bluesy rock and roll here. Doesn't get much better than this!

  43. Jamie Johnson-Goodman

    Hell Yeaaaaah! I just listened to this 4 times in a row. AWESOME~!

  44. jefferkins76

    this goes to show, kid rock can do anything.
    Southern Rock

    Thumbs up for Kid Rock.

  45. 865jesse

    this shit just makes me wanna drink a cold beer

  46. Krzysztof Dąbek

    That song feels not good to one crazy man. I thing that's amazing.

    Schechter Arts

    Krzysztof Dąbek You mean 39 crazy people, right?

  47. peter b

    FrostWire is the besy way to go!

  48. lary_bbj

    Do you ahve also the songs
    Times Like These
    Rock on?
    I didn't find them...