Kid Rock - Lowlife (Living The Highlife) Lyrics

I got my Cat Scratch Fever eight-track
My best friend's in a gun rack
I'm a lowlife
I owe everybody money
I think racist jokes are funny
I'm a lowlife
I got a dirty mind, a gutter mouth
I'm makin' time, I'm goin' out
With your wife

Cuz I'm a lowlife
I'm a lowlife

I got kids I never seen
And their momma's seventeen
I'm a lowlife
I take strippers out to breakfast
You can add that to my checklist
I'm a lowlife
Ahh the landlord called the rent is due
I spent it all on a Kiss tattoo
I Rock n Roll all night

Cuz I'm a lowlife
I'm a lowlife
I'm a lowlife
Livin' the highlife

I'm watchin' porno on the TV
Wonderin' why she'd ever leave me
I'm a lowlife
The object of my affection
Asked the police for protection
I'm a lowlife
The romance is gone, I'm doin' fine
Me and your mom had a real good time
Just last night

Cuz I'm a lowlife
I'm a lowlife

I make black music for the white man
Keep cocaine upon my nightstand
I'm a lowlife
Ain't never hung out in the Catskills
But I've been to jail in Nashville
I'm a lowlife
I've got a dirty mind, a gutter mouth
I'm makin' time, I'm goin' out
With your wife

I'm a lowlife
I'm a lowlife
I'm a lowlife
Livin' the highlife

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Kid Rock Lowlife (Living The Highlife) Comments
  1. Frankie Miller

    Sill Lean

  2. Jack Daniels


  3. John Mckenzie

    I love this song I been trying to find out how sing this on 94.1theloone all time I figure out who sing this song I give kid rock a thumb up

  4. Jb 318

    I keep cocaine above my night stand too

  5. Leona Russell

    Ya I am kid Rock. So I am what is it to you.guys out a lowlife but a great people with a great.big heart.lowlife don't mean your a terrible person or awful dressing or looking or hate colored people or any thing bad OK so I'm a lowlife

  6. PeachQtPi

    Still at it in 2019. 🙋🏻

  7. Jaimy P

    2019 still going strong!!

  8. Brutal Planet

    Seen him live at Kentucky motor speedway. Metallica was there too, but james didn't play because of a "back injury." Kid Rock filled in for him and did one HELL of a job!!!

  9. Jeremy Shafer

    Tommy’s really tripping on his songs

  10. Robin Anderson

    Oh my. I need to play along w/ this song 🥁 great beat 👍👏😉♥️

  11. Kenneth Addis

    Still in 2019....

  12. No Name

    Best since Elvis

  13. Rebecca L. Pikor

    how 'bout 2019!!

  14. Joseph Smith

    My big brother pp

  15. Kristine Elizabeth Bate


  16. King TravisSearles

    My kids mom was a stripper i met at a club! #Shotgunwillies #KingSearles #KidRock #Uscongress

  17. Teresa Foster

    Kid Rock songs inspires my moods what ever i am feeling.

  18. Steve Fiedler

    BEST entertainer in the USA

  19. jesus saves

    And drunk and high

  20. jesus saves

    Proud of it

  21. jesus saves

    I'm a lowlife

  22. jesus saves

    2019 anyone??

  23. eyoung2289

    2019 jammin

  24. Cheryl Palmer

    Kid Rock is the BEST...DETROITS BEST...MY HOME TOWN...2019✌❤💗💖

  25. redeyetrucker67

    Best friends in a gunrack

  26. Paul Orlando

    Music today is so safe and pc no danger or rebellious. Its sexual but not rebellious it doesnt rock mostly pretty girls twerkin

  27. Carrie Chapman

    My Big Time Bobby should make this our wedding song...To My Future X husband Kid Rock I luvv ya...

    Alisha Mitchell

    I went to jail in Nashville

  28. Faith Harris

    Great artist!! Puts on 1 hell of a concert too!

  29. Cracker Ledbetter

    Lowlife living the rail brothers life! U go ROCK! The anthem to the rail life!!🤘🏼

  30. Yui-Omi Muni

    I got kids I've never seen and they mom is 17.....Imma Lowlife!!!
    LMAO!! I love this fucker

  31. Betty Morton

    Bad Ass Mf

  32. Nick Gur

    Me too R. 😈🌲💨😎

  33. David Schibilla

    This song is funny.

  34. flippy81171

    You so need to make a full blown video for this song!!! Cum on KID!!!!

  35. Marty Oxford

    When was the last time you wrote your own lyrics

    Carla Neeley

    Marty Oxford English

  36. Chuck Miller

    Keep rockin

  37. Charles Bunch

    i feel strippers are so super sweet cause im a ....

  38. Charles Bunch

    i take strippers to the gym cause im a ....

  39. Charles Bunch

    i take strippers to the airport cause im a ....

  40. Charles Bunch

    i take strippers to meet my family cause im a ....

  41. Arthur Muhlig

    Dam Good Tune :) !!! Rock on Kid

  42. Art's Bobcat

    why did he not make an actual video for this song :) ?????

  43. Tiffany Williams

    Kidd Rock... Is the SHIT 🎼🎶🎵🎤🎹

  44. Dorolei Paschal

    This song makes me happy ☺

    Daphanie Monet

    Lol, too

  45. Mellaine Burns

    hi friend my age and i was a bad ass at one time ,with the guys xanax,we totaled a car,we were high didnt care smoke weed done some blotter acid,little speed tab tea,those were the days i am alive,but just memories now

    Kristy Lann

    Country music

    Thomas Bailey

    You can't always get what you want the rolling stones

    Thomas Bailey

    The rolling stones

  46. Kristine Elizabeth Bate

    Great beat. And the lyrics 🤩

  47. 1lordjesuschrist


  48. Shelly Williams

    Great song!💜

  49. Big Dawg

    I'm a lowlife! Fuck you if you don't like it.

  50. Joel Surrett

    Best freinds in the gun rack 💪🏻

  51. George Cutting

    I would so spend my rent on a KISS tat

  52. Kenneth Arnold

    kid rock is great . 57 and his songs are great. rock on

  53. Amanda Thompson

    Thumbs up if your still blarin this song in 2018!!!!!

    Joe Bale

    @Amanda Thompson still sharing it in 2019 lady

    Joe Bale

    Hey lady check out choctaw bingo

    Ian Ayers

    Listen to it rn

  54. Troy Pease

    I got ur notifications on kid rock

  55. Art's Bobcat

    goooood tune  :)

    Art's Bobcat

    so??? is this is a dam good tune or what ?????????

  56. Ms Kat martines

    Can't wait to see yah KID 🌴⛵🏄🌞👙❤🎶🎤🎶🔥😎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😍🔥

  57. Douglas Macy

    Kid rock while I cruise on my bike makes for a great day

  58. Tara Jones

    Love Tara

  59. Angel Dillen

    He is all i listen too...

    Tracy Fleming

    Angel Dillen me to ❤️❤️❤️

  60. Jennifer Calkins

    I wish the high life

  61. Jennifer Calkins

    Dogs still

    Jennifer Calkins

    Boys be playing best friend

  62. Jennifer Calkins

    Game on ?

  63. Jennifer Calkins

    Can i play with the bb? But you have to reach unicorn hight to play with me.

  64. Jennifer Calkins

    Look out what might be coming next

    Jay McDowell

    Jennifer Calkins is smarass or dumdass

    Jay McDowell

    hey get you some

  65. Jennifer Calkins

    Classics always hold up

  66. Jennifer Calkins

    Play on roll on

  67. Bret Lee

    Somo Play SoMo

  68. Terry anders

    Him and theory of a deadman are the only ones can sing about being a lowlife and have me singing my lowlife ass off

  69. Angel Dillen

    WHAT I wouldn't DO to see THE kid in concert



    Angel Dillen

    KRACKERJACK6913 would if I had the chance,

    Angel Dillen

    @Angel Dillen still would a year later . Smart ass!!

    Brian Wilson

    They say he won't put on a concert tickets have to be twenty bucks and beer 4 bucks

  70. JilliA T-Bell

    You make me happy

    JilliA T-Bell

    Thank You Soo Very Much .

  71. 867diesel

    I take strippers muddin because imma low life !!!!!!

    Clout Wampuscat

    I can't even hire a whore right I give up

  72. Chevyfan2500

    Make black music for the white man,keep cocain up on my nightstand im a LOWLIFE,Living the HIGHLIFE!

  73. Chevyfan2500

    Amen this is my jam

  74. Joyce Belt

    Black Bob

  75. Kevin Sellers

    Thats right kid. That little perfect storm of tiny bubbles. Lol

  76. Northern Maine Weed Gnome

    fuck ya we"er all lowlifes

  77. Lisa Mobley Irwin

    Fighting sleep

  78. Rob McFail

    Living that shit

  79. Robert jungle

    I'm 58 yrs. young..Rocked hard to the early KID..I still rock to his current style. He is a badass 😎

    Art's Bobcat

    Cool :) !!!

    Nick Gur

    I'm right there with you. I was all about that first CD and later stuff.

    Kenneth Trahan

    I'm 62and I rock out to Kid Rock he is the American Bad Ass

    Michelle Hardin

    I'm47young AND love his badass listen to him all the time. Have a bless day y'all😇😄

    david jackson

    65 years young and

  80. jonathan van

    damm that's so real good song

  81. Melia Paige Jenkins Tucker

    Boring LMBO

  82. Billy Shed

    That is some mother fucking true shit. .I'm a fucking low life.

  83. Amy Clayton

    Kid Rock is the best every cd he has released has been awesome there is no other artist as good as him

  84. Angelena Meyer Flanery Espiricueta

    OMG not on the campaign Trail well I change my mind I will put that on the campaign Trail so we can pick up all the lowlifes and get them to the fucking poles good idea....

  85. Shawn T


  86. Jeannette M Owens

    love it~

  87. TomatoeMan

    makes my ptsd go away listen all day everyday

    Michelle Hardin

    Same for me.

    Michelle Hardin

    @Nick Cutcher YeAh no

    Melisa Stewart


    Melisa Stewart


    AbIt CrAzE

    Absofuckinglutly brother. You hit the nail on the head I was diagnosed with PTSD for (probably different reasons) however it was result to sseeing my daughter's car crash that killed her. But you have certainly hit the nail on the head. K/rock music help me rock my day away

  88. Brandi Pendleton

    Best I can do under the conditions.

  89. Jimmy Tolle

    learning to play this on guitar!

  90. rebecca gowan

    rocking song

  91. Wesley Dickie

    this is me. keep on kid.

  92. Wesley Dickie

    one of my favs. but there all bad ass. keep on boy.

  93. Wesley Dickie

    one of my favs. but there all bad ass. keep on boy

  94. Marcus Pennington

    That is true shit. I'm a lowlife

  95. Ammie Tillotson

    Love ya kid rock💕💋you defiantly are the fuckin shit bro........later bud....

  96. phi wad

    Fuckn a

    Bart Weaver

    phi wad. good. song

    Donna Spalding

    Bart Weaver

    Donna Spalding

    Bart Weaver (use your owñ name) your name isn't Donna Spalding jer (

  97. chuck falcon

    My math concludes you're a peeeeedophile!

    Belinda Petersen

    chuck falcon you need serious HELP

    Yui-Omi Muni

    Age of Consent is 16 down in Alabamee, Imma Lowlife!!!

    Cheryl Palmer

    Ur an asshole

    Cheryl Palmer

    You an idiot

    Steve Fiedler

    My math concluded you got a bunch of child porn on your computer 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  98. Joni

    I just can't get enough of Kid Rock today... #inthemood

    Angel Dillen

    All day every day.

    Arthur Muhlig

    me neither !! :)

    Tommy Weaver

    Me neither

    Angel Dillen

    Everday is a good day to listen to the kid.