Kid Rock - God Bless Saturday Lyrics

In the hustle and grind, workin' 9 to 9
Losin' my mind, watchin' Father Time
It's the same old same, this ball and chain
With only one day to ease my pain

Cuz Monday's just a bitch
Tuesday's such a bother
Wednesday's like watchin' dead flowers grow
Thursday ain't for shit
Friday's getting hotter
But on Saturday night you know
We let it rock
And keep the drinks pourin'
Let it roll
Until the early morning
We're underpaid, but we still give thanks and praise
God bless Saturday

They tell me I'm livin' the American dream
Just workin' for the man
But 52 hours in a stamping plant
Sometimes I don't understand

Cuz Monday's just a bitch
Tuesday's such a bother
Wednesday's like watchin' dead flowers grow
Thursday ain't for shit
Friday's getting hotter
But on Saturday night you know
We let it rock
And keep the drinks pourin'
Let it roll
Until the early morning
We're underpaid, but we still give thanks and praise
God bless Saturday

We let it rock
And keep the drinks pourin'
Let it roll
Until the early morning
We're underpaid, but we still give thanks and praise

God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday
God bless Saturday

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Kid Rock God Bless Saturday Comments
  1. Bill The kid

    Stamping plants 80 hour weeks lol been there done that shit

  2. Spirit Guns

    Here listening to this on a Saturday morning, watching college football, and waiting for Arkansas to play, woo pig!!!


    God bless SATURDAY TO SEE. KID ROCK. !!!!!!

  4. Art's Bobcat

    Another Dam Good Tune by the KID :)

  5. John Reid

    2 more weeks until College GameDay

  6. Tyler Shook

    That's right kid rock Monday is just a bitch


    Why. Can’t. Every. Day. Be. Saturday. !!!
    When. You. Have. The devil. In your.
    Life. Everydays HELL

  8. lisa hardin

    Come on saturdsy

  9. Andrew Flood

    i love this song !!!



  11. kevin leigh


  12. Eric Jenkins

    This song is bad ass

  13. Spirit Guns

    My ideal Saturday: waking up watching college game day then watch my team play drink Dr Pepper and eating cheese dip then I’m watching other sec teams play then I scream GOD BLESS SATURDAY

  14. Jarod Farrant

    Not matter what you do, no matter what they say, Saturday’s make it all better😎😂🕊😇

  15. Cylee Walton

    bang her

  16. Michael Sims

    I love this song

  17. Jarod Farrant

    During my schoool days I loved to listing to this song every Saturday, and I still do😎🎊🎉🕊

  18. Lotus Flower

    I gots sumbodys special.... finally.he don't think I no hoe.

  19. Anitalouise Greene

    Love you baby

  20. Jarod Farrant

    I losing to this every Saturday!

  21. Stella Ercolani

    My party/prowling bender beginner Saturday...

  22. Alvin Hayden

    Keg Morgan took care of Sunday :)

  23. Jarod Farrant

    Saturday, the most sacred word in the English language.

  24. Kathryn Carr

    I had this song suck in my head

  25. Jan Lind

    God musik når man køre lastbil😎🚛🇩🇰

  26. IceBreaker5021


  27. Mamie Hayes


  28. Лидия Винникова

    The Best!!!💖👏

  29. Amie Wheeles

    cause Monday just a......

  30. andrei C.

    god bless you

  31. Лидия Винникова

    l love this song !!!!💖👍

  32. Christopher Sevig

    When the time is right and all good nights have made moonlight still scary, we can dance and lift our souls and never will we tarry, but the gift is everlast ing in the still moonlight and Scarlett still will be the gathered blanket in the night and when you people come together for the child to be free it's all surrounding magic mountain screaming to be free and I will sit and chill with you and we can have that bew and bothers Rock and then theMathers we will freestyle for you and jump on with this and get with this rock this party down and down Miami through the everglades we bros won't ever back down and on and on and on we keep on you got to feel the juice to feel the Pac that's comin' on so when we rise and rock and roll and take control you smoke your bwol and feel the reverberating magic that is near, we take your girls and rock this world make a blur and gather her and to this Scarlett I will say this very clear:  uplift me and you will see that when your merry and your glee will make my magic ring like you are underrated, never mind thepurple signs the lakes and covert brute mistakes we'll blow this postand and the people will be free.

  33. R Hayndr

    You Rock, KID ROCK!!!!!! Keep them hits coming!!!

  34. meme pickard

    love everything about kid rock, he keeps the hits comin

    Rjs Vlogs

    meme pickard yup

  35. Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez

    Rock potente

  36. India Breeding

    sooooooooo cool. I love it

  37. Matt Kenney

    Was played on a White Fender Telecaster ...ask how I know

  38. Liam Glasgow

    I'm from Michigan, just like Kid Rock

    yacobo franco

    +Liam Glasgow cool brow come back to me when you can sing like him too..

    Cody Benoit

    proud of you

    Kornel Mika

    You're from Glasgow

  39. IceBreaker5021



    Jimmy Miller

    What the fuck does that have to do with Kid? Dumb Ass he is from Detroit Rock City You guyz are dumb down there.


    @Jimmy Miller

    No shit. But if you watch College Game day on Sat's durring the football season. You'd know they play this song after the 1st or 2nd segment you dip shit.

    Michael Sims

    IceBreaker5021 Roll Tide

    Spirit Guns

    Go hogs!!! ( we suck lol)

  40. airbear15fergie

    kids right Wednesday fucking sucks

  41. IceBreaker5021



    Heid Manriquez

    Hell ya!

  42. D STR

    He really sounds a lot like Don Henley's raspy voice.

  43. Aaron Wittbrodt

    Who is that background singer!?!

  44. Jerry Slaven

    Go sabtu

  45. Jerry Slaven

    Go nate shoin

  46. Jerry Slaven

    God bless Saturday Is so awesome. What is your name.
    Go kid rock.

    kevin leigh

    Robert witwiki I belive. His friends call him "Boby"

  47. GoldenTide

    College GameDay!

  48. Nate Shadoin

    I watched his behind the music years ago and his father said he worked his ass off all week and partied on the weekend.  Like to think this song was written for all the working men and women who bust their ass and need a little relief.    

    It's a factory worker song....52 hours in a stamping plant.  It sucks but pays the bills.

    John Calvin

    @Nate Shadoin do you know where i can watch that behind the music about kid rock again ?

    Nate Shadoin

    Maybe youtube?  It was 10 years old at least.  Shortly after his second album with "Picture" broke and made him famous.

    John Calvin

    cant find it anywhere sir !...would love to see it !

  49. uspatricm

    This song is so cooooollllll we let it rock 😁😀😂😄😅😆😉

  50. Rosey

    I listen to the song when my friend back stabbed me in the back and it hurt really bad cuz they're just being shoes they're just worthless piece of crap in there mad that I'm the best.

    Jerry Slaven

    Love you rosey

  51. Jerry Phelps

    kid rawk riolly rawks

  52. kid dash

    god bless saturday

  53. David Gray

    I thoroughly enjoy the female breasts.  They give me much happy good time.

  54. OneManWolfPack66

    did they rip off its a long way to the top guitar riff? sounds like it. wtf

    Fernando Dannemann Neto

    Sounding like it doesn't mean ripping it off.

    Derrick La Saga

    It's called having a musical influence and this is one of the few good albums to come out this side of 2000. Its a great recors can't you just appreciate it, it is an original song.

    Sean Gillooley

    Actually AC/DC ripped of The Beatles Get Back on Long Way Too The Top which is the song Kid Rock southern fries. He does Get Back mid song live. He doesnt had what he borrows he plays the orginal song . Midnight Rider and Cowboy...Rock N Roll and Sunshine Of Your Love..Lowlife and Keep Your Hand To Yourself..Boom Boom and Son Of Detroit..Everyday People and Rock N Roll Pain Train....I mean they all borrow...AC DC and Free ( Shook Me/All Night Long) same riff and taken from Head East Save My Life..ACDC opened for them before they got big.

    Sean Gillooley

    Meant Shook Me/All Right now..and hide not had

  55. Robert Yalanty

    Oh how i can relate to this although i happen to work saturday until 3 pm

  56. xENDER KINGx

    very good song

  57. PongStar69

    I love Thirsty Thursday Kid !!!!!

  58. Carmen White

    God Bless Saturday God Bless Kid Rock

    kevin leigh

    Cross your fingers that They can't block Trump from building his wall!

  59. Orsolya Szabo

    Love kid rock ...Love satarday

  60. renagade1957


  61. Tyler Swagie

    everyday is a crap and some-days i work with kid rock and Lil Wayne  

  62. Gigi Thompson

    What about Sunday?

    patrick musna



    its a church day.

    Stella Ercolani

    Gigi Thompson Guilt day! Lol

    Vaughn Zenuik

    Gigi Thompson because tomorrow will be monday

    Smart Iowan

    No questions about kid rock songs. Shut up and listen.

  63. Montana West

    god bless saturday

  64. pete379exhd2010

    8 people don't keep the drinks flowing

  65. Alicia Welch

    I really really love this song

  66. Cool Sky dude

    saturday my favorite day of the week

  67. pablo perez

    en pbr ajajajajajajajajajajaja no se ni ke escribir jjajajajajajajajjajajajjajajajajajjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjaajajajajajajajajaja

  68. Terry Arends

    God bless Saturday we are all working for the weekend hell yeah!!!

  69. joey bruski

    ahh cant wait for college football season!

  70. Jaythelivindead

    the 6 people who dislike this have no taste in music this song f*ckin rocks

    Art's Bobcat

    Dam right J  you da man   :)

  71. eric h

    if we didnt have kid rock we wouldnt have good music

  72. victorragingredlma1

    Keep 'em coming, Rock!

  73. jrw24fan

    ESPN College Gameday

  74. Parker Dickelman

    this song is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. pamela mitchell

    this tunne is fkin awesome...........but then again does he have a bad song. :)

  76. joseph xavier

    lovely track '

  77. jaybar redspoon

    This song is the DAM TRUTH!!!!

  78. Terry Arends

    Yeah it does!!!!

  79. Terry Arends

    Yeah God bless Saturday!!!!!!!

  80. levi lamar

    what about sunday and this song is bad ass

  81. richard birch

    Also Why the FUCK arent you LISTENING to DUBSTE??!?!?!!?!?!?!, i have nothing against kidrock i love him too but really?

  82. Alex L


  83. LukoP09

    This is the only ass kickin' tune off Born Free

  84. Jill Doc

    God Bless Saturday, unless your SAT is that day!!!!

  85. TheKitkatgold

    {{ we BE rockin' }}

  86. Avery e

    me and my fam love him........ it would be ammazing to meet him,this song is awsome!!!!!!!!

  87. Rebelman476

    hell im with a band evyday is saturday

  88. simplenamedotcom

    @BoWThunder21 lmao your jealous

  89. Jesse Isbell

    Why is the top comments the lyrics to the song? i dont understand

  90. adrienne felker

    The 6 dislikes are brain dead!!!!!! Kid Rocks!!!!!!

  91. Jessica P

    Mondays just a Bitch Tusedays such a Bother Wednesday's like whatching dead flowers grow...Thursday ant for Shit Fridays getin Hotter...Story of my life!......

  92. Walter First

    i love it =D

  93. death85e

    @jhuytrede before you go calling someone down for spelling maybe you should check your own...last time i looked it was SATURDAY not SATERDAY and is it not suppose to be " isn't it " as opposed to isnt is ?????

    Just saying maybe the guy missed a single letter but i think we all got what he meant in the first place.

  94. maria crier


  95. MichiganFan39

    @highgibby1234 no, friday is good, but unless its a day off, saturday is the only day of the week where you can wake up whenever, and go to sleep whenever.

  96. Hunter Martineau

    @MichiganFan39 and friday

  97. MichiganFan39

    to me everyday is a bitch except saturday