Kid Rock - Born Free Lyrics

Fast, on a rough road riding
High, through the mountains climbing
Twisting, turning further from my home

Young, like a new moon rising
Fierce, through the rain and lightning
Wandering out into this great unknown

And I don't want no one to cry
But, tell 'em if I don't survive

I was born free!
I was born free
I was born free, born free

Free, like a river raging
Strong is the wind I'm facing
Chasing dreams and racing Father Time

Deep like the grandest canyon
Wild like an untamed stallion
If you can't see my heart you must be blind

You can knock me down and watch me bleed
But you can't keep no chains on me

I was born free!
I was born free
I was born free, born free

And I'm not good at long goodbyes
But look down deep into my eyes
I was born free

Calm, facing danger
Lost, like an unknown stranger
Grateful for my time with no regrets

Close to my destination
Tired, frail and aching
Waiting patiently for the sun to set

And when it's done, believe that I
Will yell it from that mountain high

I was born free
I was born free
I was born free, born free

And I will bow to the shining seas
And celebrate God's grace on thee

I was born free

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Kid Rock Born Free Comments
  1. Ray Tipton

    After 11 days on a ventilator & drug induced coma with only 1 hr at a time life expectancy, I woke up to hear"Born Free"! I knew I was alive and from that day until now,I still get that same feeling......if I dont survive,just remember "I was Born Free"
    Thanks Bob!!😎

  2. Marc Marciano


  3. Marc Marciano


  4. MLB Moonshots

    Watching this to remind myself if WW3 starts that I was born free and in the greatest country🇺🇸

  5. Nunya Bizz

    1-2-2020 11:20pm

  6. jason battiste

    American BAD ASS.

  7. Janice Menunzio


  8. Nathan Green

    2020 anyone?

  9. Leonardo Barrera

    Hermoso tema! Hace muchísimo que no lo escuchaba... como para comenzar con todo el 2020

  10. Anthony Lindsey

    2020 anyone?!

  11. Ava Xue

    2020, still watching

  12. Brian Lehman

    Some folks in their posts are making this an argument over politics. I don't think that Kid Rock was making a political statement here - He was just showing his DEEP LOVE for his country. Our country. There is a big difference between patriotism and politics.

    Why can't we ALL, no matter what political stripes we wear, just agree that this is a BEAUTIFUL song that brings out the very best in each of us? Are we not ALL proud to be Americans? Folks, music is universal. It is what brings us together.

    Let us remember, as this wonderful and patriotic song plays, that the ideals that unify us are greater than the petty arguments that the media will use to divide us for ratings. And both sides have plenty of guilt in this nonsense.

    I say this - Let us 'agree' on the many things we hold dear, like raising our children in peace and giving support to our troops. Let us 'agree to disagree' on some subjects, but respect each other and 'reach across the aisle' to find compromise and move forward together. Let us still have lively conversation with friends and neighbors over a few beers, while still remaining good friends and neighbors at the end of the day.

    Let's ALL rock out to this wonderful song. Let's ALL appreciate the freedoms we were born with, paid for in full by the sacrifices of those who fought in the generations before us and the generations yet to come.

    God Bless Kid Rock for this amazing song. And God Bless America. Democracy can be messy sometimes, but we are fortunate to have one.
    We were BORN FREE, folks. There are so many out there in this world who were not. THAT is what I think this song is about. Let us ALL be thankful, and kinder to each other..


  13. John Vernon Carroll

    Keep Keep 👈😎👉Kid Rock'in

  14. John Vernon Carroll

    Still Watching 🤘😎👍

  15. Jennifer Phelps

    Good rock and roll

  16. Paul Robichaud


  17. Tyler Godspeed

    There is an arch located at the border crossing of Washington state and my home province of British Columbia. On it reads “Children Of A Common Mother.” Every time I pass through the border to visit the United States, I see that arch and am reminded that we have the greatest neighbour any country could ever ask for. God bless America and God bless Canada. 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

  18. DaWolf .Spirit

    Man, sucks I didn't grow up in those musical times. But I won't forget growing up with the few songs I have

  19. Marty Searle

    Takes me back to growing up in the seventies at home


    This gonna be my funeral song even though I’m only 13 the day will come

    Jojo Searcy

    You don't know when your last day is cuz I lost my life about 6 times from car crashs n asthma so live you life n don't take crap from no one

    Steve Fowler

    Yep young man I have to agree mine to

  21. Jesse Asher

    My dad showed me this when I was 4 it’s still my favorite song I’m 12 now and I just lost him the other day he was 45 and he had no cares of what anyone was saying about him and wouldn’t care to fight he was a coal truck driver I remember him telling me so many stories about trucking and I hope to be a truck driver when I’m older and he loved motorcycles ride on dad..

    Teresa Candeloro

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Sounds like a great dad. Hold those memories close to your heart!

    Jamis Coda

    I was 10 when my dad died. I know you were a good son to him.

    Jeff Dee

    I lost mine a few months ago too. God Bless and be with you

    Tom Buettner

    Sorry for your loss Jesse sounds like dad gave you some great memories
    R.I.P dad.
    God bless y’all and may God watch over you buddy

    Tom Buettner

    Jeff and jamis sorry for y’alls loss as well.

  22. Jack Daniels

    COOL VIBES 🔊 🔊💭💭😂😎

    Corrie Wardwell

    Coirre you have to go to

  23. Victoria Mudd

    Love this song 💙❤️ one of my favorite one's by kid rock 😍

  24. Cathrine Heartman

    Gave me goosebumps love you Kid Rock Keep On Keepin On baby

  25. Shandi Sunflower

    Left out some sunshine cakes and true moo fer you, from js mama xx

  26. Wayne Chastain

    My breed

  27. Wayanne Mae Kruger

    Me. I needed this today!

  28. trevor trapp

    Maybe he's trying to reach out to the hipsters I mean if you look at the world now it's not the 80's or 90's and saying that you my friend should be ashamed of yourself of where the true son hank 3 is you should be family

    Linda Harrell

    Hi if u dont mind me asking what do u mean

    trevor trapp

    @Linda Harrell he claims to be the son of hank Williams Jr when the real hank Williams hank 3 is well cast in a shadow

  29. trevor trapp

    You know why cause he's there by himself

  30. trevor trapp

    Why is there no one there cheering

  31. Loni LeBlanc

    Love it

  32. Russell Travis

    I dedicated this song to my dad at his funeral in August. The lyrics all the way through described his life. Retired Navy.

    Yboi Tsg

    Bro god bless you and your dad

    Russell Travis

    @Yboi Tsg Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

  33. Titouncle Sam

    love this song ... ur brother from philippines

  34. Calkins Jennifer

    I remember awhile back having to sign a thick contract. Did not get to see or read but was held till I signed the goddam thing .wonder if she still has it and if I can read and get my copy so that I know what I signed unwillingly. True and bullshit

  35. Burl Herron

    Just listen,close your eyes,empty your thoughts, and be FREE!

  36. clintthe2

    I'm watching and I continue to believe

  37. SJoseph

    Nice, needed this inspiration right now!

  38. SJoseph

    Fast, on a rough road riding
    High, through the mountains climbing
    Twisting, turning further from my home.
    Young, like a new moon rising
    Fierce, through the rain and lightning
    Wandering out into this great unknown.
    And I don't want no one to cry, but tell em'
    If I don't survive
    I was born free
    I was born free
    I was born free
    Born Free
    Free, like a river raging
    Strong, if the wind I'm facing.
    Chasing dreams and racing father time.
    Deep like the grandest canyon,
    Wild like an untamed stallion.
    If you can't see my heart you must be blind.
    You can knock me down and watch me bleed
    But you can't keep no chains on me.
    I was born free
    I was born free
    I was born free
    Born Free
    And I'm not good at long goodbyes but look down
    Deep into my eyes.
    I was born free!
    Hey yaya yayaya

  39. Amber Langley ! ! !

    My Dad loved before he died Kid rocks should be proud

  40. life of

    Trump 2020 MAGA

  41. Free Spirit With Nature

    Love this , riding the bike thru the backroads,yes! Woahhh!
    So Beautiful 😍!

  42. Charles Crain

    Whose still watching this in 2020

  43. Paul Williams

    This was my older brothers favorite song he passed away on december 17th 2016 i always play this song for him in his memory and it makes me feel better knowing hes with me in my heart

  44. Sylvia Stallion

    Very good song!!!!! I was born free

  45. Jeremy Goldberg

    Love you Rock

  46. Mary Stuart

    This is very true
    I was born free

  47. Sherry Yates

    Always Love Kid Rock😁😁!!!!!!!

  48. Duane Mac

    Kid rockin country nlues yea!!!

  49. Jerry Shepherd

    I was born free from 1963 thru 1974 wild and crazy still

  50. Sharon Smith

    I love utube u can find just about anything u want😍

  51. K Gross

    He's fucking real ..always was. Real

  52. Ronald Florio

    God bless america and kid rock!

  53. A Team

    i am still free, even after obama made me a criminal in my own country because i didnt buy his health care insurance thank you Trump for removing that and making me a US citizen again

  54. Corinne Barca

    "Operation Hemorrhage." The propaganda says in part, "...attacking the enemy with smaller but more frequent operations" to "add a heavy economic burden to an already faltering economy."

  55. The Red Eye Rabbit

    What the hell is wrong with his car

  56. A Penandroll

    for those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so we can be free...i salute you and thank you for your service!!!

  57. Lara Wilson

    He wrote this song me!!!! 🤙🏾✊🏾🤟🏾😜👽👾👸🥔

  58. Dirt Racing

    Trump 2020 born free stay free

  59. Sawtooth Survival

    Who's watching in 2158?

  60. Amenio Lopez Gomez

    10/12/2019 amante del buen rock

  61. Ardis Bee


  62. Box on Wheels CS:GO

    A lot of this video is taken at Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore in Munising, Michigan. Upper Michigan is very amazing

  63. Ankit Shende

    This song always make me happy...

  64. Al Brown from the other side of town


  65. HortonKansas

    You beat yourself asshole.....

  66. Raymond Gardner

    Kid Rock,SMILE,GOD'S BLESSING'S1 shhhhhhhh,listen,grinnin' (OPTIONAL)

  67. Janet Carter

    This song is so great! You saying it right on point Kid Rock. 1 absolutely love this song! May God and Jesus bless you continually!

  68. Corey Hanson

    Fuck Oprah 💯

  69. Raymond Gardner

    Happy Birthday Jesus Merry Christmas pheeeeeeew,GOODWILL WILL TO ALL DAMN,oh Happy New Year 1

  70. Raymond Gardner

    Thinkin' you kill'd that mountain lion off the cover o' Strong Stuff.... Well,M3,thought,????,shooting GOD's,1112,no wonder you were brown nosin' Hank Jr.City boys bow hunt???? 1112 got snuck by,Devil went down to Georgia? Hank Jr.1112,oh nooooooooo1,Hank Jr. Sang,sings most sung songs Bama,pheeeeeeew how,Hank Jr. got took,even went to frig to grab cold ones to welcome your city-self to DIXIE,SHERMAN'S MARCHIN'.....M3+

  71. BilDew 67

    I'm still watching @Rubin Silva. I want to say thanks to Kid Rock for standing with the troops. Just like another from Detroit. Brad Keselowski is another who is firmly for our troops. Thanks to both of them.


    where was this video filmed? beautiful! i need to visit!

    John W

    Pictured Rocks, in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

  73. Brian M

    Pamela Anderson, get with Kid Rock and get to the white house now. MAGA Melania and free Assange.

    John W

    Kid Rock divorced Pam several years ago

  74. Kelvin Ronge

    Still rocking

  75. Alice Fulmer

    Born Jackson county NC Sylvia yes I was wolf mountain bly Owens great grandpa Bessie Owens and cos Galloway yes I am

  76. I'm Batgirl

    Thanks, Kid! We love you! 🇺🇸

  77. Newt Eisenhower

    Is this a joke?

  78. sheri

    Free from the chains of Evil ....God Bless Patriots.... We are now entering True FreedQm

  79. Brad Henry

    Free like a river raging

  80. Mark Watton


  81. Molly P. Sasser

    WHY is it all deze rightie fagatoid faux "pay-teree-ut" POSER gasbag aszholes like dis sKKKum-faced kuuunt & his draft-dodgin' chicKKKenhawk oh-so-MACHO [sic] /LOL butt-buddiez i.e. TimidTed Nooojint, LarzLarson, Big Lil' Rusty Limp-paw, lil' Paulie Wolfowitz, lil' Dickie Pearl, VictorDavisHansen, Dr. [sic] Savage, Sean Hammity, the Tweaker-KKKing Jones, KKKrissy Plant, not to mention Private BoneSpurs /Drumpf DaGoonking of DaGoonSquad et. al. --- have NEVER worn the uniform & SERVED--as in been shot at , or shot at anyone...? No u can't . The obvious answer is : DEY IS FUGGIN' COWARDS, & TALK IZ CHEAP, & DEY ARE SKKKUMBAGS, bitches...

  82. Clyde Dooseldorph

    Me and Oprah

  83. Danjel Sedmak

    Kid rock 17 01 1971

  84. edbro torres

    Racist piece of shit hope you kid OVERDOSES one day.

  85. Scott Kelly

    DIE PROUD...😎

  86. August XIII

    Kn POV old hustle. New muscle.

  87. Dana Batka

    "If you cant see my heart you must be blind, you can knock me down & watch me bleed, but you cant keep no chains on me!"

  88. Eric Peters

    From the army to my life now. All i can think is that i want to be free. To be born free and the mindset of free. Mentally physically and spiritually. Thank you kid rock for giving us music we can jam too. Love from New Jersey, All the way!

  89. Angela Graham

    still love them

  90. nancy Cross

    good song

  91. MasonicMayhem Expositor Walt Lavigne

    We should have been born free...sadly we weren't.

  92. Janice Menunzio


  93. Gilbert Lee Grimaldo Jr

    Ghost < <<< <<< <<<<<< From FortWorth Texas. Keep on ro rocking °°!!!!!!!!!!!+

  94. Hanna Gafford

    Filmed right in my beautiful Michigan <3

  95. Gary Chamberlain

    Hey Rock, it's starting to look like the KRAMPUS is coming for CHRISTMAS and bringing the CROW'S CREW too.
    "IF' you would like more info show up "IF" you dare Hans Trap and Belsnickle will both be there. Christmas will never be the same in Canada again.
    Lets liven up the holidays and have some fun.

  96. Katherone Talada

    love this man,he made it super Hot!!