Kid Rock - Back From The Dead Lyrics

Back from the dead second L.P. here we go
Comin at ya from the R.O.M.E.O.
Pistol packed with a crew'o fly slimmys
hat turned back in some Airwalk jimmys
Never slackin hoes I be mackin
not wacked I don't try to act black when
I came up i came at ya from the outskirts
bag of weed in the pocket of my sweatshirt
Bone 2 the bone 2 the bad 2 the bad 2 the bone
Hit bound from the Mo-town allen
fuck a 40 I drink it by the gallon
I started out in Mount Clemens as a D.J.
park parties gettin drunk on Sunday
Tweeked in the heat 2 a beat I'd rock 2 the -and rip shit up
An now I've toured this nation
pimp of the nation
pullin hoes
Rock the set in each city then step
me, Blackman and Funk Daddy Def Stef
Bitches, they think I'm sexist
but all I want baby is your grits for breakfast
Eggs, bacon, home cooked fries
and gimme a plate of that pussy on the side
Triple x on the set showin no class
just a foul mouthed little fuckin smart ass
No fool I went 2 high school dumb ass
smoked dope and i flunked every class
Slash and I smash cuz I thrash when I bash
invite me to a party and your house'll get trashed
An outcast sick of being harassed so I dashed
moved out of the crib cuz I hated cuttin grass
Now I reside on the eastside lovin it
cold 40 dog in a brown bag chuggin it
Flex, sex, run of the next
flippin and trippin and rippin and shakin the suckers who wanted 2
Front an get around 2 the
2 get up or get down 2 the rhyme
I'm shakin and takin and breakin I rip the mic like
Every time fuck I don't eat no manwich
kickin back coolin with a cold grits sandwich
Somebody said I'm the best in the Mo-town
but this town ain't shit but a ghost town
Who ever said it they lied they fessed
bitch I'm the best in the mother fuckin Midwest
Wanna be heard when I rap so I yell it
sport a Tigers cap like my man Tom Selleck
One bad bitch I smoke hash from a stick
Got more cash than fuckin White Boy Rick
My first LP wasn't pushed for shit
so Jive Records yo, go and suck a fat dick
Cuz I'm rippin like a chainsaw
yes I'm that raw laughin' at ya suckers like Hee Haw
Roll it up, take a hit and then pass it
That's how we do it when we roll down Gratiot
In my Grand Marquis I pimp to the beat
Two in the front and two hoes in the back seat

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Kid Rock Back From The Dead Comments
  1. Neal Damiano

    He’s better at rapping then this whole pseudo country thing bullshit.

  2. Neal Damiano

    Nice, gotta love the Smiths sample❗️

  3. Karla Staley

    Naw round here we do sloppy joes and fries and voila you give birth to two man witches

  4. Jeffy Jeffy Paul

    0:49 how soon is now

  5. Ruben Dominguez

    This guy is douche bag now

  6. Jacob Lopez

    Max kellerman is still better lol

  7. Karla Staley

    That town took my bowling pin and ran🤕

  8. orlanduce

    i love the 90's

  9. 1 Manella

    Save lake st Clair

  10. aesthetic status

    yooooo why he looked like Shady?

  11. ivan garcia


  12. Yo Dazz

    First dance brought me here !!!

  13. Blackout00745

    In the Intro he reminds me so hard of Oliver Tree

  14. Gypsy Clownin

    I say fuck a lot too LOL hope to see a kid concert one fine day...don't actually know why I haven't yet?? Anyhow life moves fast....

  15. seikou sanneh

    Kid rock likes to pretend hes racist and a trump supporter good ol boy but we know u wish u was black man hes got a major personality disorder


    So horrible

  17. Lil Bubba 916

    I swear kid rock back when he was young remind me of charlie who played jax teller on sons of anarchy

  18. GLoCC

    Not the AirWalks 😭😭😭 Bones a real one for sending me here

  19. Justin Credible

    The REAL Kid Rock

  20. Samus Cypher

    So suprised how south this mans career went over the years.

    El Rojo

    yeah we'll see where Bones is in 20 years

  21. CreatveMnds


  22. Nico Ceja

    So, beastie boys were for sure an influence

  23. Brandon Allen


  24. Busty Nerds

    Mt Clemens represent 🙌

  25. Christian Wolfgang

    3:34 fresh sesh

  26. Christian Wolfgang

    sesh sent me

  27. Murk Bitxh

    Wack lol

  28. C martin

    Is that SLUG from atmosphere at 2:30 in the video


    No. Not even close.

  29. Christian Long

    Rock pile hard as FUCK

  30. Jesus Christ the OG



    ayy wadappioo JC

    Jesus Christ the OG

    @Falsifier Stay blessed mane, summer is all yours G

  31. mike pride

    I saw Kid Rock, MC Lyte and BDP in concert in Detroit 88. Legendary until he started to suck years later.

    Courtney Ross

    Yeah...when he turned into a Ted Nugent wanna-be and a Trump disciple.

  32. PeaceloveASMR

    Bones sent me

  33. Kaleb Whitaker

    Nardwuar and Bones sent me here, not disappointed

    JWAL Beats

    Haha hell yeah this is fuckin weird 🤣

    Rocky H

    @christian strange no I don't think you're a nerd I always analyze the lyrics of bands I love as well I'm just not too familiar with bones full discography his style reminds me of more of Bizzy Bone the faster delivery I just can't hear Kid Rock in his style not being a fan of Kid Rock myself

    Aypop Beats

    same bro

  34. KofiProductions

    I like kid rock and didn’t look up his old stuff until 2019. This is better than anything he’s ever done. He deserves his fame but should’ve stuck with this style. He had to change with the times though and I understand that. Still love his work but his old shit is my style 100%.

  35. Joe Aviles

    I wish they would rerelease the polyfuze method and E.M.S.P. Was it some kind of copyright issue with Top Dog records?

    Dale Robertson

    Finding master copies is an issue

  36. Lotus Flower

    All's a 🔥 xx

  37. Karla Staley

    I know you fucker.

  38. Pam Megill

    I did come back from the dead april12_2017and I saved one of my kids from this and I also had ended up loose one and told God go head have him .I can't keep trying to save when doctors don't help rite or beleave u when trying to say something wrong he keeps stop breathing [email protected]

  39. Ivelisse Suero

    His voice allowed him to sing any kind of music

  40. Ivelisse Suero

    Tell them baby fuck that no ones can change you

  41. Ivelisse Suero

    Tbt..Yes I loved when you said the F word fuck don't be afraid

  42. charles Middleton

    Release date?1990?


    charles Middleton he had long hair so prolly around 93

  43. charles Middleton

    This [email protected] is a big joke!durr...

  44. charles Middleton

    2:52..... dat face!

  45. charles Middleton

    This dude is outta control.

  46. FreddyB 2K4L

    I will always love this shit!

  47. Kelli Erin

    Funky As Fuck!🎶✓Smoke weed✓🎶🍄

  48. Charles Phillips

    Where can I get a quality copy of this video, or that video mixtape?

  49. Jermsz Toro

    White boy rick

  50. Ricky Hunt

    Preferred rock when he was mixing rock and rap don't care much for his new country rock style.

  51. Jamie Doughty

    Back from the dead 2nd LP here we go!!

  52. wavyboyo

    eminem the best in the mid west actually

  53. Neal Damiano

    Nice sample of How Soon Is Now. The Smiths

  54. Comrade2face


  55. Fire Thief

    Rare AF!

  56. Rainb0w Dashie

    Kid rock used to be so cool :(

  57. LA B

    I have been a Kid Rock fan from the beginning & thought I had seen every music video he had ever done. This is like hitting “Youtube gold”
    I ❤️ it‼️

  58. Kristine Schuchardt

    What happened to his voice, smoking those rich ass cigars ruined kids voice, still love him though!

  59. know body


  60. Marvin Harrison Smith II

    Mike E Clark was the best producer Kid Rock ever had.

  61. Will Richmond

    Kid Rock is a musical genius...

    Kid Rock 69

    Suck ma dick

  62. Dion Navarrette

    Kid Rock Kicks ass fuck all of you!

  63. Sergio Botelho Martinez

    i prefer Kid Rock's rap rock era

  64. mory vitalle

    kid rock has always been major fake... spoiled rich kid always had everything handed to him on a silver platter no talent poser


    No talent? Prove it. Say what you want about the guy, but you can't deny the dude has talent. He written hit songs that have crossed several, rap, rock (southern rock, hard rock, blues, etc.). How many other artists have done this and had the same level of success? Very few to none. He started out pure rap, then moved to rap rock. "Picture" is a country song, along with "God only Knows". Anyone that would say he has no talent is just bitter and angry.

    charles valentine

    Your completely wrong, had almost perfect pitch from birth, made the funkiest Midwest music when there was none, opened doors for a whole lotta folks, ground breaker. .

  65. skills1ent

    What a ridiculous clown!

  66. Krissy Dailey

    the first white rap is beastie boys

  67. Krissy Dailey

    the first white rap is beastie boys

    Sean Gillooley

    Kid Rock started in 82 actually so that before Beastie Boys we was in the group The Beast Crew and DJ for Double E Twins a girl wannabee Salt And Pepper act


    Kid was 11 in January of '82

    David Duarte

    Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass, Young Black Teenagers, House of Pain

    Ivelisse Suero

    Hell yeah his voice is allowed him sing wherever he want

  68. Krissy Dailey

    the first white rap is beastie boys

  69. Dwight Spits

    Bad idea to try to kick the bottom of a lawn mower, kid

  70. Kurt Bennett

    beastie boys..... lol

  71. Cheryl Palmer

    I think it was funny..

  72. Hudson Graham

    Oh my god he sang brutal disturbing songs in the 90's.

    David Heller

    Hudson Graham lol

  73. Hudson Graham

    Getting chased by a cop. RUN BITCH RUN!!! HULL YOUR SHIT!!! LOLXD

  74. mikewayda

    And now he's a f'ing brainwashed Republican, what happened to this cool devil without a cause?

    LA B

    Vicious Circle ...YES! I couldn’t have said it better! 💯👍🏻❤️

    David H

    You sir, are a fuckin moron LMAO! Talking about something you know nothing about. Kid has rapped about being a "funky country hick" to quote his song "3 sheets to the wind". He has been conservative and been public about it since the beginning. You just hear what you choose to. Now go back to your failed political party that literally founded the KKK. Ask Bill and Killary how Monica's doing for me.

    LA B

    David H ...YES‼️ 💯👍🏻‼️

    jason still

    @Shoptime q888888 is

  75. abdullah muhtab

    way radios is not play this

  76. Intel-Pick

    the first eminem? lol

  77. Rustic Rhymes

    I hear Eazy too lol.

  78. Blaque Gemini

    My dad is in this video .

    Brett Hamel

    Whiteberg Slim if he was with him back then memories are not happening lol

    Brett Hamel

    Thats awesome dude it would cool to have an uncle kid rock

    charles valentine

    I was living with him when this was filmed, pretty good shit huh?
    I remember being so broke and still pushing attitude like we owned the world.

    Ivelisse Suero

    Brett Hamel thanks

  79. Slippy Jones

    "Back From The Dead" was the far better video vs. "U Don't Know Me". "Hat turned back and some Airwalk jimmies... Who remembers Airwalks?

    William McClanahan

    Slippy Jones my generation 🤣 Airwalks were the shit back in the day

    Jesse Kay

    I was the only chick at my school that wore them. Had the grooved hard bottoms to slide on handrails too!

  80. nofrop

    Where was this filmed

  81. Thom smith

    sounds a little like eazy e

    Eddie O

    No. i Believe u r hearing beastie boys son.


    The video gives me those nwa feels but forsure beastie boys flow forsure.


    Beastie Boys

  82. Cathy Fincham

    he'll yea

  83. HighTreazonOfficial

    Back when he was actually hip-hop and not this country rebel flag-wavin bs. Still jam polyfuze and grits sandwiches forever but sorry new fans, he didn't "evolve and grow up" he devolved, sold out, turned hillbilly and grew wack. "and I ain't no radio wanna-get rich ho". Prob his most bullshit lyric although at the time it may have been true.

    freeDumb Is An iLLUsion

    HighTreazonOfficial do you go onto every video of Kid Rock's old rap songs commenting the same thing?

    Eddie O



    HighTreazonOfficial I wouldn't say that because Eminem didnt change as far as genre but his style may have changed. If you go from one genre to another just for sales you are a sellout. I agree with everything you said and I know he wasnt faking anything back then because to open for ice cube and too short you had to know about the culture. I find it sad how some people have to stay revelant by changing who they are just to appease a certain class of people.

    Ivelisse Suero

    Slippy Jones thanks he always packed on his tours concert since he started his career

  84. I Love Drums

    This shit is dope

  85. J. C.

    He sounds like the Beastie Boys here. He should drop a couple rap songs now to mix it up lol.

    Sadiki St. George

    Would love to see KR make another rap album

    Sean Gillooley

    His voice changed so raps like Rage Against The Machine now.

    Michael Barreto The Epic Guy

    Good song!

    AM KR

    It makes no sense to me that he doesn't one return to rap album and I'd totally fuck with it if he took it serious!

  86. u cookin?

    holy shit that smiths sample 0:48, how soon is now

    Me, Also Me

    u cookin? That sample was used too soon. The song wasn't old enough.

    markus burns

    Nobody, Absolutely Nobody you’re dumb. Hahhahaahah. The song is by the smiths and is called “how soon is now” it’s a direct sample of the hook and riff from the 1984 song.

    Me, Also Me

    markus burns yes... and you didn't get my "too soon" reference. You also don't get how easy it is to just sample a big recent hit. Puff Daddy did that too. He sampled some obvious hits. You're actually being the dumb one here. Good samples are dug deeper and/or manipulated more.

    markus burns

    Nobody, Absolutely Nobody dude. You make zero sense. You’re not very good at getting your thoughts across with words or maybe you are. Maybe your brain just doesn’t work right. 10 years is enough time to sample a song. That makes no sense. Kid Rock is trash anyway

    Me, Also Me

    markus burns nope. I was pretty clear. Anyone who has ever sampled anything will understand what I said. You just don't go around sampling big hits like that.

    I agree that Kid Rock sucks. I just came here because I didn't know he had a rap album. So let's just leave it here. I don't want to see this video again.

  87. Wahyu Pranata Al Sabani

    shit...they censored it..

  88. Manly Men

    Wow lol

  89. Blackshell Média

    kid rap back in the days

    Cory Sartin

    Yep and these young punk sissy boys today will never know good music he’ll i got twenty years on these punk sissy boys and I have arthritis and degenerative disc disease and now I’m still wilder then these punk sissy boys

  90. Eric Muldoon

    Nice, The Smiths in a Kid Rock song. I had no idea.

  91. william polanin

    hes my favorate rock star

  92. william polanin

    in my opinion kid rocks better at rapping then rocking

    Ivelisse Suero

    william polanin he does hip hop I love his voice

    AM KR

    By far ... its no question.


    discovering old kid rock is like a millenial kid discovering the first few metallica albums from 82-87 and mind being blown he even cared about the new junk. All artists always hit the hardest when they were young and hungry

  93. Hamzah Elsulayman

    Kid Rock reppin the D and surrounding areas. Wish he go back to rappin. That was his things

  94. Mister Shivers

    when kid rock was actually good now he is just trying to be something that he is not or will ever be

    John Tate

    I have heard this since I have started listening to him. lol Whatever you think he is or wants to doesn't mean shit to him or his fans. The fact is that he has done something most people dream about. IF you don't think it took actual talent to get them then that is just some funny shit. He is a person who evolves and never stays the same. You have to break out of a certain mold so many people will relate to you instead of just a few who think he sold out.

    Sean Gillooley

    Called adapting his genre died duh

    Mister Shivers

    yeah true never thought of it like that thanks

    Non Ya

    I once heard Kid Rock say he made music to pay the bills and now that his bills are paid he is making music he wants to do.

  95. alvin jones

    Kid rock better as a rapper he still OK though!!!

  96. John Mick

    He's a JUGGLER

  97. Bradon Harner

    from 40s to red stag