Kid Ink - Us Lyrics

[Elley Duhé:]
We hold it in our hands
Everything we will become
We hold it in our hands
The hustle, the struggle, the love
That is what makes us us
That is what makes us us
(Kid Ink)

[Kid Ink:]
Now whoever thought at 16 this big dreams would turn up like [?]
My peak is still pending
Made it through all of the envy, little injury
Going full speed like Indy, the grind's never ending
Gotta make sure that you feel me before my time's up
We gon' rise busting through the ceiling
I've been trying to play the game just like six rings
If you could only see the drama that this shit brings
Looking for the light trying to feel the beam
Rushed to sellout but it just seems sus
I came from the dust, this is better than nothing
But still ain't enough though
Can't be caught up soft like a plush doll
It'll be straight, yeah I've been brushed off
No love lost, you'll never hear me fuss
And that is what makes us us

[Elley Duhé:]
We hold it in our hands
Everything we will become
We hold it in our hands
The hustle, the struggle, the love
That is what makes us us
That is what makes us us

[Kid Ink:]
Said ain't no turning back from here
Try to back me in, might crack your chin yeah
I got another lap to win
And big shoes to fill that only Shaq could fill yeah
No I ain't feeling that fulfilled
Said it's back to drills, drip blood, and spills sweat
I don't care how long it take me
And I just laugh at the ones who said they made me
Go ahead try your best but you can't clone
Put your under pressure that'll break bones
Keep my head way to the sky
There ain't no looking down
On the way to the top
Throw it up, let it drop
Did that shit with finesse
Need that championship ring with them big ass [?]
I know we'll pull through in the clutch
And that's just what makes us us

[Elley Duhé:]
We hold it in our hands
Everything we will become
We hold it in our hands
The hustle, the struggle, the love
That is what makes us us
That is what makes us us

Is it cliché to say that I
Want this so bad I could taste it
And it just tastes so amazing
Oh I've got the scars to prove that I
Been put through the ringer but I'm coming up greater
I've got the scars to prove that I
Been put through the ringer but I'm coming up greater

That is what makes us us
That is what makes us us
That is what makes us us
That is what makes us us

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    The hustle,The struggle ,The love,that is what make

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    Songs Like This Sends A Chill Through Your Body.. Too beautiful.

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    Awesome song. We need more rap songs like this, not more trap/drill rap tracks that have extremely unmeaningful and vulgar lyrics, and the ridiculously unoriginal trap beats. I find it weird how many people who listen to and love new school rap artists enjoy mumble rappers, and prefer them over artists that you can actually understand. Some of these people will even admit that they can't understand anything that the artist that they are listening to is saying, but still love the song because of the adlibs or the beat. If that's the case then you might as well go listen to Lanze, if you aren't already listening to him that is. Lyrical ability isn't even required at all to make rap music anymore; as long as you can make random sounds, say random phrases every once in a while like "aye" or "yeah," and have a good producer, there's a good chance that people will listen to and enjoy your music, and possibly a chance that you could become one of the next hugely popular rappers. Of course, it's insanely unlikely that any of these mumble rappers will ever be considered the G.O.A.T in the NEAR future. But eventually, because of an increasingly large amount of artists producing mumble rap, people being exposed to mumble rap, and children being raised on it, the people who are young now and listen to it (which is hundreds of millions of people) will think of the creators as the G.O.A.T's when they are older. Imagine young people now talking about their favorite rappers as a kid when they are in their 40's and 50's "Back in my Day I listened to amazingly talented rappers like Desiigner and Young Thug!" Despite this inevitable future though, their will always be rappers who make songs which are different than what the popular style is at the time, like Kid Ink with this song, with its very few swear words, and with its conscious and more importantly UNDERSTANDABLE lyrics.

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    Talent does not matter in current generation its about contacts
    And it's sad .... That true art is never appreciated no more
    Hopefully someday we can change it back to the way it was

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