Kid Ink - More Than A King Lyrics

An honest man often grows cruel
When converted into an absolute prince
Born from power, a bitter from fear
The madness, the treachery
The strong mixture of troubles
It is a man's own mind
Not his enemy or foe that lures him to evil ways
More than a man, more than a king
More like God!

I feel like (like)
More than a man, more than a king, more like God
It's more than a city, more than a dream where we are
Feels so super human
Everything's so super fly

[Verse 1:]
Uh, I don't need no cake
Comin in hot nigga beat yo brakes
Wait, erry'body sound so reckless
King me, these niggas still playin checkers
Me? A nigga stay chest to chest
Let somebody else check the check
In my city protect yo neck
It's more than a method man of the year, uh
The man of the hour, sold-out shows for I sold one out
Ridin round with this gold A on my chest like Al
Whole team winnin, OG hit a homerun, we chillin
We don't talk much til you pc niggas
It's showtime, check yo TV nigga
I'm 1080p HD, seeing everything clear through my red eyes
Runnin these streets past me, get it right when you see a nigga zoom by
Zoom out, you're standing way too close
Groupie boy worse than a new hoe
Cold heart growin, need a new coat
Too high, tryna find my new low

Dominion over nature
Crosses the line into the relation to other men
Proper appetite and desire
Becomes lust and passion
The dominion that man is to have over nature
He also seeks to have over his brothers
So crossing the line of his own proper dominion
And crossing on gods
Only God is to have dominion over all

[Verse 2:]
Uh, so I just sit back and laugh at em
Blowin kush and success my bad habit
Sacrifices I might take a stab at em
Feelin ain't no man like me since Adam
Ask me these actors is half assin'
I'm a active, addict but I action
Racks in, racks out, girl keep flashin
Fact is, little life that you niggas fashion
Hard to ball when ain't one to pass it
In the past but I was way too passionate
Way too much drive, almost crashin
To the casket, fuck that to the ashes
Uh, burn one nigga, off so much style, know you heard my nigga
Uh, what's the word my nigga
Been gone since November my nigga uh
Yea, tell a bitch kick the feet out
Anything she left, left me like regal
Lit em on fire, take take em all down
Pull out the shots and take it like pow
Faded off my own strain
Better pull to the side, this is my own lane
Speedin over limit, hittin corners in a maze
I can see where we going, hope the signs don't change

More than a man, more than a king, more like God
More than a man, more than a king, more like God
More than a man, more than a king... more like God

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Kid Ink More Than A King Comments
  1. Christina Maulding

    Love this SHIT

  2. Cristian Bravo

    Durisimo 💪💪💪💪

  3. Sheep

    Finally at a lil over a Mill! 🔥🔥

  4. Joey Arechiga

    Joey kid ink

  5. Damian Flvcko

    Just let u know that is still on fire.

  6. The 21

    This is the best I've ever heard from kid ink.

  7. Jeremy Bradley

    So i just sit back an laugh at em! Aww yeah

  8. TK zs


  9. Rod N' Games

    Why wasn't this an official single? Kid Ink went hard on this

  10. Coffin Kai

    We want you back.. Be back soon.. We want more music from you.. 2019 June 6

  11. wybie the loner

    speedin over limit hittin corners in a maze
    i can see where we goin hope the signs dont change

  12. Houssam Lebba

    I love u BoY 💪💪💪😎

  13. Tuan Nguyen

    2019 anyone? shit slaps


    Thank God I was born in November puro sagittarius

  15. Youssef Abdulkader

    There should be a Kid Ink album full of songs like this .. This is dope

  16. Sonya Blade


  17. Fabox

    inki <3

  18. deadeye gamer

    This shit is too good og shit

  19. Sonja Leon

    More than a king when this dropped!

  20. Sonja Leon

    This beat and transition is so sick omg

  21. Drizz Skies

    Way too much drive almost crashing to the casket fuck the to the ashes burn one my nigga....

  22. Ibrahim Assaf

    🔥kid lnk 🔥

  23. Melikhaya N

    The skit in between sounds so much like Danzo

  24. edgar arribeno

    Where is the beginning part from ? Movie ? Song ? Game trailer?

  25. S7V7N 007

    I'm an active addict for the action!!

  26. Extremereapear Clinch

    Best Kid Ink song! 💯

  27. Philip Kew

    Should have more than a mill

  28. RockyTop VFL

    Most underrated ever when it comes to music #KidInk

  29. Alan Framboisier

    Why is it so underrated wtf ??? Good production , good flow and overall message, everything is there.

  30. Romeo Rivera

    Most epic part is 2:00 and as he says "so I just sit back and laugh at em!"

  31. Samantha Sweeting

    he so cute

  32. Bell Park

    This is so fucking dope

  33. Robert A

    God I love this song.. whenever I wanna go back in time I just listen to this album.

  34. Terrell Alchesay

    One of his most Underrated Song ever!

  35. CoThGod incorporated

    where can i get this beat

  36. Jdawg

    Who was that white guy speaking in the background at the beginning?

    Longlive Harambe

    Jdawg I'm pretty sure it's Vincent Price, he's done shit like this for Michael Jackson in Thriller.

  37. Carter Froelich

    can we appreciate how amazing the cinematics on this fire track are?

  38. AlienCodeine 47

    kid ink chris brown and Dave east should do a track.....this track hella dope

  39. SuperSix4

    This song is mind blowing to hear fucked up

    Raul jr Bustamante

    hell Yah bro I was smoking a a few blunts and these has me going in different dimension


    @Raul Bustamante For sure man!

  40. Ben Silva


  41. skigh45

    Both beats are hard AF.
    Probably his dopest song imo

  42. Zias calculating the jiggle watts of that ass

    Man I miss this Kid Ink

  43. Luca Pezzolo

    The best KID INK !!! Amezinggg!! My own lane the best,style album for KID INK 🚀

  44. Benjamin Silva

    sip baps lauckatik

  45. the lel

    really makes u think

  46. Alma Perea


  47. Brandon Frazier

    That 2nd verse is BEGGING for another 32 bars I swear this is his most underrated track hands down..

  48. Benjamin Silva

    on a tues

  49. Benjamin Silva

    burnt til I aci-d

  50. Jonas Busano

    Someone is gonna sample that second beat and make some fire and then this one will get no cred.
    Can't believe how this song didn't even hit a mil

  51. brzy

    yo the beat on the 2nd verse, his flow, his sound, the lyrics... the best I've ever heard its insane I dont understand how this isn't the most number 1 viewed anything. this to me is art. this to me is life. kid ink you the real MVP #batgangalumni

  52. Charles Salazar

    love this video it goes along with the song very well

  53. EPofficia1

    Im god.

  54. LuluAndTheGang

    Le son est top, mais la traduction que j'ai pu lire est un peu décevante :/

  55. Benjamin Silva

    liste to ghost its talking about a come up lyrics reversed

  56. Benjamin Silva

    el chapo of the slang rap world what it seems to me

  57. Said Isildar

    soooooooo underrated....

  58. Zane Naistus

    this was always my jam fam

  59. D Mart

    That second verse tho🔥🔥🔥

  60. Veezy Mrkvch

    Kid ink is good, been following his caress for many years now! Fuck mainstream shit

  61. Gabrielle Corrill

    THA ALUMNI til the casket, FUCK that to the ashes!!!!

  62. Brendan Millard

    how the fuck does this only have 555,000 views ?!?!?! should have 555,555,555,555 !!!

    Lucas Marcelo

    +Brendan Millard true

    Alma Perea


    Luana Pereira

    certainly one of his best songs !!!

  63. Marco Orozco

    This song is my fav of all time

  64. Ryan Gee

    That is our destiny to become more like God, therefore perfect depending on our choices . Otherwise eternal damnation waits.

  65. JC Hernandez

    Killed it

  66. jesus urbina

    More like god? , you gon' burn in hell 😬

  67. Marc Quiroga

    The best song i heard

  68. Cameron Collins

    Keep sleeping on this man!!!

  69. janet adeola

    wow another king herod.

  70. omgacat520

    he looks like if lil' wayne didn't have a 2x4 piece of wood face

    Alma Perea

    gtfo bitch😂

  71. Tyra Rosanna

    Illuminati shit.

    Raul jr Bustamante

    "nah Illuminati ain't real"-Abraham Lincoln

  72. Miloz

    The best music <3

  73. Jacob Lane

    Faded off my own strain better move to the side this is my own lane.. Beast when this nigga step in the booth!!!

  74. Nicky Bos

    Try listen to it at 1.25 speed, it sounds awesome too!

  75. Lynd

    I think this is his most underrated song.

    Lil Kyrie

    U so right

    Rich Anderson

    That beat switch is what always gets me.

  76. william juarez


  77. brad Moosemay

    Blowing kush An success my bad habbits ! 


    @zac strongarm apparently blowing kush hasn't improved your literary or english skills.

    Ryan Gee

    @omgacat520 its not for everyone lol. Some people improve, some are just too young to be like that.

  78. Yoruichi ブリーチ Shihouin

    He looks Tupac

    JJ Cash

    Do u know who Tupac is???

    Ray Junior

    More like chris brown
    He doesnt have anything that looks like tupac