Kid Ink - Faster Lyrics

Faster, faster, faster, faster

[Verse 1:]
Say you wanna live faster faster, I got what you asked for
All the girls standing in the line for the bathroom
You ain't that shy baby, don't be actin' bashful
Hands all in it like I'm pickin' out a raffle
Roll up, light a candle
Shot after shot, never runnin' out of ammo
We some wild animals, fuck what the time is
Walk that line, you'll be up all night bitch
Hell nah we ain't high yet
Know I got that loud and you niggas sound quiet
In this bitch deeper than a choir
It's lookin' like your first time
Baby are you sure you wanna try it?


[Verse 2:]
Say you wanna live faster faster, I got what you asked for
All around the world baby, hope you got your passports
Goin' outta town, gotta leave in the early morn'
I ain't even pack, all I need is a carry on
I know this sound very strong
But I might just put my Mary on
Leave your friends, so depressing like a Mary song
Still impressed by the suites at the Marriott
Come and let me upgrade you
Bad bitch sniffin' round, and she hit the nasal
Girls gone wild, takin' shots from the navel
Somewhere overseas, man my name's Mr. Navel

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Kid Ink Faster Comments
  1. Turan Brunner

    Put that song on nfs

  2. Noah Morales

    Who else noticed the road was at least a dead end

  3. Jada Vella

    Ride along 2 (2016)

  4. The_real _axelmania

    This should be fast and furious 2020 theme

  5. Dhiraj Mundhe

    Listening in 2018

  6. Cameron Nyedhuff

    WWE FastLane 2015 brought me here!

  7. TheRyanEmpire

    wwe Fastlane bring me here

  8. Ethan Allen

    Honestly clicked this because I thought it was gonna be a speedy rap song

  9. It's Phil

    2018 nigga

  10. Corban .C

    who's still listening to this in 2018?lol

  11. Daniel Honestly Daniel

    Kick move! (In my Kevin Hart voice)

  12. Mike Weber

    Fastlane 2015 theme!

  13. josvi 2

    seria chevere q kid ink despues de gta6 q ponga de trailer diga q rokstar lo ponga de trailer de cancion de gta6

  14. Her Dreamz

    Ride along 2 the best

  15. jhon wick


  16. i am lil cubeix 2016

    This got me going crazyy when he dropped this since 2015

  17. kenny mack

    wwe brought me here

  18. Hani Magnago

    this music make me wanna drive my car on 170km/h

  19. Kam Lynch

    WWE Fastlane 2015

  20. Unkown Figure

    Ride along 2 brought me here but I thought tyga rapped this lol lol

  21. Tyler Phelps



    i think it's a neptunes instru

  22. The Plague

    I tought it was king push on this beat

  23. Amari Krypto

    WWE Fastlane 2015

  24. HyLowz

    this is my favorite song to listen to when im doing a bunch of drugs :)

  25. TheGodOfWWEGames

    WWE Fastlane 2015

  26. Chris Brown

    Sounds like an El-P collecting the kid beat... If it is, it's that last part that gave it away.

  27. Kristina

    honestly I thought this was PUSHA T

  28. Renne Lucifer

    1st Annual WWE Fastlane | February 22, 2015 | FedExForum | Memphis, Tennessee
    Goldust vs. Stardust
    Tyson Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Usos for the Tag Team Championship
    Nikki Bella vs. Paige for the Divas Championship
    Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose for the Intercontinental Championship
    Rusev vs. John Cena for the United States Championship
    Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan with Reigns' status as #1 contender for the WWE World Championship at WrestleMania 31 on the line

  29. Pj Jackson

    where was the coke in the video? lol

  30. Luca Pezzolo

    The boss inkkk🔝😈😈

  31. Johnxy Pixburgh

    bud light commercials

  32. joe tony

    Make more

  33. Ash Williams

    Sound like Kanye West, & Childish Gambino.

    The Plague

    sounds like pusha t

  34. Trovel

    Battlefield hardline?

  35. Samuel Neves

    It seems perfume advertisement

  36. jose Luis Arredondo

    WWE Fastlane 2015

  37. PoojHoon

    wwe anyone?

    ThephenomenaLunatic P1

    Nonstop Chaos me

    Daniel Gaming HD

    wwe fastlane 2015

  38. Astrid Sanchez

    why is he standing on the screen

  39. Alabama1703

    Клип класс!!!

  40. G-Shock

    I want the instrumental for this song deadass

  41. SJ RANKS

    This makes me think of fast and furious

  42. Ericka Vonyea

    Ride Along brought me here as well....I swear I thought this was Kanye when I first heard it.

  43. Dan Munoz

    Why i thought it was Kanye West rapping when i was watching Ride Along 2 😂😂😂

  44. Flatline_V

    Battlefield Hardline brought me here

  45. Nicola R

    Kid ink is a genius ,but this song isn't cool

  46. Alejandro Aguillon

    at first i thought it was kanye

  47. Young Shayne Da Sauce God

    Not bad kid ink or should I Brian Todd Collins this is kid inks real name



  49. vinicius bueno

    Fastlane 2015

  50. Chanc3

    Is it weird that I can see this being the end song for a fast and furious movie if it didn't talk a whole lot about women and getting high

  51. Shaheed Grazette

    Kid Ink is the best. Simple.

  52. III

    ride along 2; thought it was Kanye, thought he was saying 'Fashion' cause its Kanye
    great music & Kanye impression, not just a chris brown clone, i'll check him out, no homo

    Bongumenzi Jigster

    +Prince Mauhdi III I thought it was Pusha T


    Drake got on being a Kanye x Wayne x Jay impersonator, now people are getting on imitating Future. The timing of the impersonation is key.
    Imitating Kanye Kardashian doesnt have the weight it once did, this track is hot tho. It should have more buzz, I shouldnt hear it for the first time randomly in a movie.
    Something about who gets big and who doesnt, goes beyond talent.and good songs.

  53. Juan Carlos Landino

    the brothers in law
    if you say it again i shoot you in the face

  54. AJ Coleman

    Who else gets a Kanye vibe from this?

  55. utubecomment21

    Ah the obligatory rap video - Black men swearing, ill fitting choice of cars, half naked women shaking they booty,..... how original!

  56. WarczusTV

    Try this in 1.25 speed :)

  57. DopeMusicPlaylists24/7

    Oh, this was the official music of WWE Fastlane.

  58. Acne

    FASTLANE 2015 brought me here


    +Sonic Boom same

  59. Chelsea Beliectioner

    WWE Fastlane 2015!!!!

  60. Sarah Aliaila

    This song was in the movie Ride along 2

  61. marlon carter jr

    I'm here cause of ride along 2

  62. Mzt Elite

    ride along 2 best film best song in it is this

  63. Brody Insomniac Williams

    fire kid ink right here. Hats off on the beat

  64. nadia jokhan


  65. footytang

    Sounds like Pastor Troy - I'm Fucked Up.

  66. Dana S.

    This song was in Ride Along 2!!!! **W**

  67. HEERO Yuy

    Ink got rich really fast in LA

  68. A-man Ankola

    Ride Along 2

  69. ConMan Gaming

    I wanna live faster, I think

  70. driftracerjohn11

    ride along 2 bought me here


    Anyone notice future in the thumbnail? But he isn't even in this music video ....


    Same and pimp

    Luke Whitley

    same I couldn't find it cause I thought it was Pusha T

    Nicolescu Miriam

    same haha

  71. El Sicario Hit

    Ven A Mexico Hijo De Perra 😔😔



  72. Tom Hubble

    Was this song made for a film ?

  73. Langston DMV

    not mainstream Kid Ink song part 2

  74. HVx Azael

    I'm a little embarrassed to say he was my favorite artist after this song and cheerleader... what happened to shit like blunted or I just want it all or hell and back... you lost it man I know you won't see this but shit if you do change back to your real self not this mainstream shit called "music"horrible song I thought you'd be the best in the game smh

  75. Leon Rice

    if you don't like this song is cause this song only is for methheads..listen to the lyrics don't think he's just talking about fast cars.listen closlry first to what it saying before you even kid ink and every song I heard from him so far my favorite is lost in the sauce,no one left,I don't care,doing nothing, bad ass,never change last but not least I really love alot is ghost enjoy or please get out


    this video deserves 5444603873 views

  77. Mr. MustSee

    WWE Universe and Need For Speed Fans know who this guy is. Congrats to Kid Ink for blowing up man

  78. Lulu Le best

    I am French and you?

  79. Roxane frenchgirl

    le meilleur rappeur !


    j'avoue !

  80. Paulina the girl

    Kid ink blends well with different kind of beats...

  81. sophiexoxo

    Good song. Great beat, but horrible lyrics.

  82. sophiexoxo

    2010-2013 Kid Ink:
    Uh, let's take it to the ground
    Don't too many make it coming through our town
    Looking for a detour nowhere to be found
    When the pressure's on seems nobody's around
    Uh, but I won't let them see me sweat
    Ye it took a little time,
    But can't really be upset
    Long way to the top,
    I can barely see the steps
    Yeah, they sleeping on me still
    But I barely need to rest
    See me standing here head high
    Face up, I don't need no X-Ray
    Show you what I'm made of..

    2013-now Kid Ink:
    I'm feeling like a man of the hour, tear down the house (remix)
    Throwin' this money like it's no running out
    Okay, but I wanna know, can you get any higher? (let's go)
    And drop it down the pole like it's a fire
    Now let me see just what you're doing with your bad ass
    I can't help but watch you move it with your bad ass
    Let me see just what you're doing with your bad ass
    I can't help but watch you move it with your bad ass


    Kid Ink, why you can't do more songs like "Hell & Back", "Time of Your Life", "I Just Want It All", "Sunset", "Carry On", "Top of the World", "Hello World", "Tattoo of My Name", "Star Player" .... and less songs like "Main Chick", "Show Me", "Bad Ass", "Whoopi"...?

  83. Meer Mohammed

    the place they took the video in looks like need for speed rivals

  84. Ryan Smith

    Hi Kanye

  85. kidink0djillwill

    when u stop listening to an artist and u tatted ur name on ur body:(

  86. Robert Hale

    420 blaze it vote Bernie Saunders

  87. m4rlon97

    every Rappers changing. thats shit!

  88. Ahmir Melendez

    This son is legit. I wish it was a little longer because it's supper short.

  89. Meli Juggler

    tbt wwe fastlane 2015 <3

  90. Curveymels

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️KID INK BOMB ASF💕💕💕💕

  91. Slick Nick

    like him, but this song sucks

  92. The TrendSetter

    like that raw style!

  93. SWAT45 Fucyeah


  94. D2therJ

    this beat carried the song way too hard. shits dope af

  95. The Real VAMOUZZ

    wow the views... :/