Kid Ink - Dolo Lyrics

Lemme see it

[Hook - R. Kelly & Kid Ink:]
Said, I don't see no one else but you alone
Said, I don't see no one else
Did you come over, dolo, dolo
Tell me did you come over, dolo
You ain't gotta leave by yourself, ya hear

[Verse 1 - Kid Ink:]
Everything is a go doe
I been lookin' at you dance like a Go-go
Girl, hold that for the photo
Ain't got drink in your cup, that's a nono
And I don't see no one through the smoke
Roll like I got no lungs
But you the only thing that I notice, dolo
Sayin' you ain't gotta leave solo
Just go on throw it at me like Romo
Sittin' in the club, big sea full of fish
And I'm giving you all my attention, said


[Verse 2 - Kid Ink:]
You could bring your friends
To meet my friends over in my section
VIP every week, got a residence
Now baby go on bring it back, I'm tryna reminisce
You remind, you remind, you remind me
Of something that I'm missing, don't know what it is yet
Send a full bag, gotta come with submission
I be two on, everything on a million, po' up
Just let me know, we can be out
Keys over at the valet kiosk
Sayin' that you came here dolo
Probably got a man, I'ma act like I don't know doe


[Verse 3 - R. Kelly:]
You ain't tryna get money, what you come for
You ain't tryna show nothin', what you come for
Get to bouncin' that ass like a pogo
Pause, that's a photo
Body so dumb I'ma call it body dodo
Face so pretty girl you should be a logo
Lead singer, solo
Leave with me, I'll go
We can make moments that we'll never forget
I'm talkin' bout shine baby, candles lit
Cause baby girl you deserve that shit
Cause you work that pole like your bills overdue
Got so much talent I'm thinkin' bout sponsoring you
Gotta know first

[Partial Hook:]
Did you come over, dolo, dolo
Tell me did you come over, dolo
You ain't gotta leave by yourself, ya hear

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Kid Ink Dolo Comments
  1. horny&violent

    I'm sorry, drunk or sober this is the most romantic song I've ever heard in my entire young life and will ever hear. #libraapproved

  2. Mpho Mahlobogwane

    I don't see no one else but you boy❤❤

  3. JBL Fan

    Y: You
    O: Only
    L: Live
    O: Once

  4. Dr. Arsenalic

    4 years on and it still bangs

  5. Montana Montana

    Is it only Africa Namibia thats listen to this in 2019

  6. juan Rivas

    Touchdown by Mishon is an other great hit song.. And I have not heard it in any radio.. The good songs no one plays, but stupid and retarded songs they play them all they long.. Men It feels like they're are double standard out there ..I'm just being real..

  7. M jaylaa

    This song lit boiss

  8. Kim Dalip


  9. skiingrocks00001

    17 n under 👌🏼

    For real doe I still fuck with kells. Age of consent in Britain is 16 mawfk

  10. kelz

    I wonder how he feels recording this song with this whole R.Kelly thing lately

    D. N.

    He upset, check twitter

  11. Christian Mori

    Jumping high reach the sky bullshit it

  12. Breno Nicolas

    2018 Brazil Dolo

  13. Pičiņš Xaxa

    good song #2018

  14. Anita Chettri

    I love this song..As Kid Ink is my favorite singer

  15. Johuaaa

    dat BEAT !

  16. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    LMAO that guy and his sex cult.. still a good song tho

  17. samuel dalinoc

    dolo jajajaj I can't understand whats measning of their song ajaajaja

  18. samuel dalinoc


  19. Thelma Green

    I love this song so much😍😍🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌙🌖🌙🕙🌔🌚🌔🌕⭐🌞🐰🐰🐰

  20. Macaulley Cartwright

    2017 listeners where you at!!!


    Man Like MC here its fucking fire this song👌

    Santrice McPherson

    Man Like MC here!!

  21. Ro Bot

    reminds me of magaluf so much got so drunk listening to this its my pre drink song lol

  22. Gabe Ortiz

    I can't stop playing this song I ❤it so much😂😂😂

  23. Lisia Hall

    dolo got confidence

  24. Lisia Hall

    anti social i think anti stupid.........dolo......dolo.

  25. Writer Photographer

    This man is not referring to no Hawaii mess for dolo. We've been saying this for years. Solo dolo= by your damn self

  26. Oscar D'Leon

    This song is so underrated I just can't believe this wasn't a hit. Still my favorite.

  27. jerry malose

    Reminds me of my ex.....I used to hit it with this tuune

  28. Rüya Dükan

    Best Song ever, With rkelly its burning

  29. Fani Berg

    musica top


  30. Adam Fierce

    Im a guy, and this made me wet lol good tune

    Lorenzo Silva

    Adam Fierce I got grinded on to this song at a club in Mexico 😂

  31. Tiffany Myrilyn Gutherie

    I love the tune

  32. Obliterated Love

    This shi good asl why isnt it a hit.. 😭😭 the good music these days are now recognized as nothing

    jordon rodgers

    Obliterated Love asl?

    InfiniteAngel 360

    @jordon rodgers he meant to say asf

  33. Dairen Cruz

    i be on ,everything on the menu. kid ink need more play.

  34. This Person

    This song is bad it

  35. Jimmy Ibarra

    this song should of been a hit🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🎵🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎲🎲💰💰💰😉😉

  36. dodododoodo

    I am dead. this beat killed me

  37. Giovanni Rivas

    I'm spectating the hoez = dolo, get bundsing like a pogo

  38. Simbahhh

    Will Power anyone?

  39. Talaya Morgan

    I love this song

  40. Yung Dynamic

    This should have been the single instead of be real with dej loaf

    DJ EA

    It was the 4th single. Be Real was just catchier and more upbeat

  41. Aleah Perfect

    This song is my jam!!

  42. jayfrum vegas


  43. vvvjknjvgg fdghvhjjj

    ★Amazing song★

  44. Evan Moise

    This song would be great for a club!

  45. Naomi Ponvert

    very good

  46. Marlon Miranda

    "LEMME SEE U" - nic nac

  47. Timothy Loyd

    Well it's sure a Hit To Me

  48. Anna Mbye

    Love you kid Ink keep itupp

  49. Everton Assis

    cara essa musica e demais amazing muito boa 🎧🎤🎶

  50. Lorenzo Cole

    did you come doloo

  51. Junior Tessarolo

    pelo amor!!!!! que som é esse????
    perfeito animal...

  52. DuckTheWorld

    If this song became a single, he would get shitted on so bad. This is the type of rap that made Ja Rule famous but then later on ridiculed.


    Awesome song

  54. glowinggirl X

    Dayuuumn this is good whys it not that famous yet?


    Thawhidah X the label decides what gets famous and what not

  55. Alejandro Duran Romero

    this song is amazing👏👏

  56. Hot Rod Estopace

    yeah kid ink your awesome keep it men this makes me sleep hahaha

  57. yolantha scheepink

    all girls luv this beat!


    this song is so nice

    Thelma Green

    what beat

  58. Jader Lillard Mccmullan

    Amazing Good Song

  59. Leonardo Rodrigues

    love this music ❤

  60. James patrick Barreras


  61. Marvin Rojas

    This song is da chiiiiit

  62. Stacee Manse

    he should change his name to senior ink hahaha

  63. Stacee Manse

    he should change his name to senior ink lmaoooo

  64. Stacee Manse

    he should change his name to senior ink lmaoooo

    Salty Teas

    Ok Buddy

  65. Melina Selica

    French Montana was born after these beats

  66. Andrew Grierson

    that is dope as anything

  67. Matheus Schuenck

    Cara pirei musica muito foda tomara que Kid ink venha para o Brasil. This good music and Kid ink the rapstar i like the songs of Kid ink

  68. Liam Hyde


  69. TheDwizzle1988

    This artist is under rated his albums be so dope...Dude songs be jammerz but yal give the featured artist the credit....shit crazy

  70. Erika Thomas

    This sh** is dope 🙌

  71. Erika Thomas

    This sh** is dope

  72. Anna Green

    cruzin song

  73. Sharhonda Montgomery

    This should be a single

  74. Steve The pirate

    What the fuck !!!!
    This album is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Dolo , faster , hotel , what if feels like
    Brb burning a swisher to dis

  75. Himidati Boina

    Je sur kiff la zik

  76. Little Be

    i love this song😂💖❤😃😊☺

  77. Mary baldwin

    love this song

  78. DavidxKa

    love this song

  79. Sharhonda Montgomery

    This sung go hard especially wit r.kelly on it he always killing a sung

  80. David Njoroge

    Follow @dee_dee_254 on instagram

  81. David Njoroge

    Follow @dee_dee_254 Follow @dee_dee_254 Follow @dee_dee_254
    Follow @dee_dee_254

  82. Wiz Noor

    if that single

  83. Jebi Se

    It's unbelieveble.

  84. Đonnygfx

    420k views ;3

  85. Timera Seamore

    This song DOPE ASF



    Fatima Abdu

    so true! similar to loyal nd main chick etc....


    its not the same, loyal main chick are not the same. its a little bit diffirent you can check it but i know what you mean its the same type

    Tamás Tóth

    @KBROZETHYS AKA KZEMC Nic Nac is the answer.

    Heat Gang

    +Tamás Tóth Nic Nac's beats are a bad quality copy of DJ Mustard

    The Erazer

    KBROZETHYS AKA KZEMC Same bear again? Thats the flame

  87. Albert Seville Jr

    This song does sound like a hit. But I agree this song should become a big hit.

  88. Hajar Maarouf

    why the fuck is this hit not famous enough!! :( so bad .♡♡♡♡i fucking love it thats my jam.

  89. D Mensah

    This should be a hit