Kid Ink - Broken Promises Lyrics

You... Don't... Want the trouble (hah hah)

I see you talkin',
Can't hear cuz the music loud,
Look up & everybody's doin' music now
Know we hustle, stick together like a uni brow
But every time your niggas see me,
I be lookin' down

Cuz I remember way back when,
Ya'll niggahs tryna B-D way back then
And I was up all night, no restin'
And now u tryna steal my dreams like inception

But you'll wake up soon,
Tick tick boom all the way ya you
Ima bout to blow up, C4 niggah
Hear me singin', fuck u like Cee Lo niggah
Cuz all I see CB4 Spitters
Everybody think they gotta "need no spirit"

Just seems like paris got
Little niggahs lookin at me like parents
I'm obviously was appearin'
Tell em they can never seize my appearance

Stay High, Ima airhead
Know we came a long way from a airbed
Junior high, niggah couldn't get a pair of Jay's
Now I can fuck anything with a pair of legs
Say a word? I ain't gotta say a word
My name is... she say it first

Gettin paid, just to say a verse
I’m grateful that I ain't have to see a Hurse
And neither did my best mans
But I can still count my friends on my left hand

Life's a test, feels more like a pop quiz
So you better pay attention 'fore you cop shit
Too hot in the kitchen niggah hop step
I be up inside that bitch like top chef

And if I can give any advice,
You gotta fuck up 'fore you get shit right
Just when it feels like every things getting promising
Now I need a cast for all these broken promises

Gotta stay ready, get set
Tryna make it through the storm like the dailyest catch
I'm in the building but they really expect
Cuz I see a couple rats got cheese need traps

A couple naps now I'm eatin up the track
Sound so sweet but I'm going for the plack
And if you ain't following me get a map
Bout to roll up motherfucker,
Get a match, uh

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