Kid Cudi - Whenever Lyrics

Focus baby don't look at me
See right through me
Understand my heartbeat
Murmurs to mock your rhythm
Yeah, my nuts, the other girls want em,
But they can't have
At least for the moment
I'm with you there could be people around
I'm just focused on you
You can sip chardonnay and imma have myself a brew
I'm a country ass nigga baby
You know how I roll
Your face, never seen something more perfect
You dance in my mind like justice
I know you listening back like damn bro
Laid back so gentle like the violins
Lay on the beat and we don't have to be discreet
Can I have a taste? absolutely!
Your my sweet tangerine lets make a smoothie
But baby all jokes aside
My heart beats faster when you open your thighs
I'm just ready slide ride and glide

Whenever baby whenever baby whenever baby
Whenever however you want me girl you got me (wooh hoo hoo wooh hoo hoo)
Whenever however you want me boo it's me and you babe me and you

Whenever however you want me girl you got me (wooh hoo hoo wooh hoo hoo)
Whenever however you want me boo it's me and you babe me and you

Whenever however you want me girl you got me (wooh hoo hoo wooh hoo hoo)
Whenever however you want me boo it's me and you babe me and you

Whenever however you want me girl you got me (wooh hoo hoo)
Whenever however you want me boo it's me and you babe me and you

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Kid Cudi Whenever Comments
  1. Andrea Vittoria

    I love rapping the entire beginning, just leaving out the curse word of course


    Andrea Vittoria wholesome

  2. Jasmine

    Classic. Still know every lyric by ❤️

  3. AyyeJames

    I was listening to this in like 6th grade , gave me goose bumps just now

  4. KeepsIt REAL

    One of the best songs by Cudi, been listening since ‘09 every person I put on this song loves it 🗣🗣🎧🎶🎶

  5. nuja films studio

    kid stole my idea to sample pink and blue

  6. Dominick Hannigan

    Pretty pink baby blue

  7. Justin Rogers

    Cudi the fucking goat for sampling black berry molasses

  8. Henry Boamah

    tb to better times

  9. James haines

    Jammin in 2019 like its new ✌🏾

  10. Candice Martin

    Outkast brought me back here 😭

  11. nikeairjordanfly

    2019-till the end of time

  12. Agent Situation

    Never noticed how much Cudi sampled outcast

  13. Marcos Galindo

    10 years later I still can’t over this songs perfection

  14. Brianna Marshall

    I love this song so much man. To this day lol

    And I fucks with Pink and Blue too. Nice job Kid



  16. BRahLivin'

    Who is still listening in 2037?

  17. ΔϟK KΔV

    20/20 vibes!!


    genius put me on

  19. alisha franklin

    I love you !!!!! Signed your SweetTangerine

  20. Dee Dee

    Mane i want Curren$y and Cudi to do and Ep that hoe gone be a instant classic im waiting Yaw

  21. cece unity

    2018 may 8th and this song just randomly came to mind
    Still a classic!! And ofc i still remember it word for word 🤤

  22. Kristen Foster

    Still jams in 2018

  23. tim reed

    heard this mixtape on imeem in 09 still rock 9 years strong !!! till infinity cudi

  24. Tammy Oyo

    Been looking for this song foreverrrrrrrrrrrr, heard it once but didn’t know the name.... Thank God!

  25. brandy schafer

    2018 vibes

  26. Press Nabisco

    Still the shit, ugh getting high in those high school days

    Marcos Galindo

    Press Nabisco Fr :/

    Cesar Balbaneda

    Man I miss those days bruh but these days ain't bad either tho

  27. Liyah

    2017 .. had to get a comment in for Cudi.



  28. jonah chavarria

    How could you forget the outro....

  29. Selah Grim

    I remixed this ,let me know what yall think Listen to Whenever Remix - Selah Grim by Kiffentribe #np on #SoundCloud

  30. MrAfricanPenguin

    cudi sampled 745!!!


    listen to this right after 'Pink & Blue' by Andre 3k. It is the perfect transition. ya dig?

    brody v

    INMORTEM got this from “1” by Virgil?

  32. Rose Mary

    I used to get so high to this whole mixtape #stilldo #2016

    Marcos Galindo

    2018 😤

    Ty Produces

    2019:) good music will live on forever


    Lmao hell yea this tape and the first MOTM is some of the best smoking music of all time 🤣🔥🌳

    Mexican Eagle

    What up Rosemary , you're a real one. Are there any random songs you would reccomend to get high too?

    Mexican Eagle

    I ask cause I'm a cudi fan but I just found this tape last year smhhh

  33. Deformed Asphyxiator

    Takes me back to my Senior year in high school. Found this song on limewire


    I listened to this in my junior year.


    Nice, I was in junior or sophomore year

    Irvin Lopez

    Same ha

  34. Ty Freeman

    Cause I know when that hotline bling


    Same sample. Used first by Andre 3k tho

  35. Rohith Premarajan

    Timmy Thomas - Why can't we live together

    perri 6

    +Rohith Premraj An awesome song indeed!

  36. Lee C

    I finally figured it out!!! cudi sampled outkast's pink and bue!!!

    E-Z Gaming

    LeeAnn C I just came here to try figure it out

  37. Geedorah

    @mobgrip95 He used a lot of Outkast beats this tape


    Chris reber yes he was heavily influenced by the GOAT Andre 3k

  38. britney

    Love you Cudi(:

  39. Isaiah Urquidez

    I'm barely listening to this now but it's badass

  40. Maxime St-ours

    so dope

  41. mobgrip95

    Is it just me or does this beat closely resemble Pink & Blue by outkast

    Nicholai Tukanov

    this is the instrumental

    Steven R

    Nicholai Tukanov blackberry molasses

    Blowed Bum

    The beat in this song is sampled off that beat

  42. Mac Greene

    @CudiZonin check out pink and blue by andre 3000, this was a sample of that song playa

  43. Emily Rampersad

    I love this song .x3