Kid Cudi - Screwed Lyrics

Oh- oh

I've been trying to steer
Been trying to steer it right
It's fairly clear how I might be screwed
The end is near
Said the end is nearing
It's fairly clear we might be crewed
When life loses appeal
When the ghosts appear
Just a kid in the moonlight
Just a kid in the moonlight
Headlights on a deer
Headlights on the fear
Just a kid in the moonlight

Rahm, rahm
Rahm, rahm
Rahm, rahm
Rahm, rahm


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Kid Cudi Screwed Comments
  1. matthew thompson

    This is supposed to be the worst albums made

  2. marco moves

    2020 were screwed!

  3. Cooked by Carma

    One day everyone will have tripped and came back to this

    Chris Cayford

    If everyone tripped together and went through cudi whole discography, we'd all come out a wayyyyyy better society. We wouldn't play this fucking charade

    @Chris Cayford right bro :/

  4. BreatheThinkDo.

    "RED!RUM!" ???
    Anyone catch it?

  5. Aaron Hirsh

    This is a terrible song. Holy FUCK.

  6. Xanny Phantom

    I've always liked the sound of a guitar changing notes.

    Anyone know what that's called?

    NahFamIts _E

    Sliding up and down the string from fret to fret


    Thats actually a good question, I'm a guitarist but I don't know if theres an actual word for it


    1:50 omg is cudi barking XD

  8. Daniel Castillo

    Headlights on a deer

  9. Rodeo Father

    This shit got me trippin me out and I’m not even trippin🔥 love you cudi ✊🏼

  10. kenji

    aaaayyyyooooooooooo ohhhhhhhhhh

  11. ogvek

    as awful as this album was, this song was a gem

  12. Kian Magree

    Fucking saved my life I love you man

  13. First Last

    We would of lost if it weren't for you

  14. prblm

    kid cudi is a goat

  15. David Carlamere

    This is fucking horrible😂😂

  16. Alex Torres

    explains everything  pretty much

  17. Venenoso Blue

    Legendary wow

  18. HuMaNitY 4All

    You cannot screw people. What are YOU afraid of?

  19. Spazus

    I would be personally like this song a lot more if he sang in a different way on this song. I love the sound of everything else tho

    The Shinobi Shooter

    I think changing the instruments would be better


    It sounds way better on 1.5 speed

  20. Zane Lunars

    this was so beautiful cudi maann.. still is

  21. jumpfart666

    what is this bullshit hahaha

  22. Evan Houston

    Love this. Really nice music to sleep to.

  23. Emperor Urethra Scrotum VII

    screwed just like the album

  24. Cesar Garcia


  25. Seba Espinoza

    just a kid in the moonlight.

  26. Cj Jones Jr

    Underrated album.. Rock gem

    Joey Porth

    Right this song, Courtney Love, and the shit i just took

    Trap Bandicoot

    Acid garage grunge

    Just Call Me Brad

    Cj Jones Jr if you ever say this album is a gem in the genre of rock you’re deluded


    nah this album was pretty atrocious lol

  27. Jodye Montoya



    MR. SMALLS nice opinions. Did Anthony Fantano pick them out for you?


    @Gam your goddamn right

    Tae Ymssa

    Is this your first time hearing rock?


    @Tae Ymssa it must be


    MR. SMALLS you take pride in being spoon fed opinions by a bald man child. Sad.