Kid Cudi - 50 Ways To Make A Record Lyrics

You sit and think about,
How you can hit the scene.
Take one look inside,
Your mirror clear to see.
You need to find yourself,
As honest as can be...

There must be 50 ways to make a record.

Now Don't get wrapped into,
The hype and what they think.
This shit ain't rocket science,
And the scene changes with beats.
And now you ask yourself,
How you want to be seen...

There must be 50 ways to make a record.

He's up inside the clubs,
They like to lean and rock. Oh,
Stands around and looks intrigued by what he saw.
Now he askes me,
How he can make hit songs to reach the top...

There must be 50 ways to make a record.
50 ways to make a record.

You got talent and,
Your soul cannot be bought.
He looked and smiled at me,
And told me "Thanks alot."
See I could use your help...

And would you please explain about the 50 ways...

It's kind of easy,
If you have a open mind.
This game is more than,
Spending money and fucking dimes.
It's all within your words,
Some shit that outlives time.

There must be 50 ways to make a record.
50 ways to make a record...

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Kid Cudi 50 Ways To Make A Record Comments

    “You’ve got talent and your soul cannot be bought” man I love cudi. He never sold out for the fame only made music for his love and fans. Respect

  2. Seth Weinhimer

    I love kid cudi but andre killed this beat. Like this version isnt even comparable check it out (last breath of a mc)

  3. Allukenbeat


  4. Tom Colucci

    It blows my mind how underappreciated Cudder is. I'm so grateful for his positive influence on my life!

  5. Donnie Reno

    Timeless adaptation! Thanks Mr. Mescudi

  6. ChannelOranje

    So this is Paul Simon damn

  7. Luka Magic

    Where else have I fucking heard this drum pattern it’s on the tip of my tongue

  8. Luis Ciriazo

    She said why don’t we both just sleep on through the night and I believe that in the morning you’ll begin to see the light and then she kissed me and I realized she probably was right...

  9. brokeboizack


  10. Richard Rodriguez

    She doesn’t know this song bruv :(

  11. Jordan carrasco

    still slaps in 2019

  12. Elliot Montanez


  13. Victoria Venegas

    Reminds me of "Eminem | Murder, Murder"

  14. Graham Arms

    I wonder what Paul Simon thinks of this

  15. Will Carter

    Still cappin, keeping it real as ever

  16. sahel dupre-virtamo

    damn this is beautiful

  17. Abdul Akileh

    Such a masterpiece

  18. Youtube Channel

    I forgot Cudi is actually a pretty respectable singer

  19. TheArrowboss

    I luv this song

  20. Christian Sharp

    50 wayyyyssss <3

  21. Marlon Washington

    i haven't heard this in forever

  22. Porter Roundy

    2019. 💔

  23. Toya Hannah

    2019??....ish still slap✊

  24. Daniel M

    *10 years later in 2019*
    still amazing

  25. Fellow Traveler

    Going into 2019 with the mindset that there’s 50 ways to live life better.

  26. Zack Fitzpatrick

    Singing along like ‘There must be 50 ways to make an edit’ gets me in the feels every time

  27. Jacked Toe Productions

    almost 2019 and this still slaps

  28. Derrick McKenzie

    Forgot how good this song was. We was so young when he dropped. Respect.

  29. David Garcia

    November 2018

  30. Marty Mescudi


  31. Francisco Lizama

    Go listen to murder murder by Eminem on the slim shady EP... DOPE af

  32. Bilah M

    sampled Paul Simon "50 ways to leave your lover".
    Kid Cudi did justice to this song.

  33. Gabe Skywalker

    Still waiting for “A Man Named Scott “ lol

  34. Sarah Lilli

    Kid cudi is cancelled

  35. Austin No

    I’ve been sleeping on this song

  36. Marcus DeBusk

    Paul simon 50 ways to leave your lover

  37. Sifou Loord

    Estranged intellectual ❤❤ thnk's dude

  38. Striced

    I always come back to this song whenever I need to get away from the fucked up world we live in now , thank you cudi

  39. da azn1

    Loved this song for Years! just found out this is an Eminem beat! love it even more now

    No Anime Allowed

    It's not Eminem, it's Paul Simon actually

  40. Andrew Maldonado

    Eligh born from the past

  41. Axel Perez

    1:16 still tear up

  42. Lana Chapada

    murder, murder, murder... kill, kill, kill!

  43. Cristian Ortiz

    Still strong in 2018 💪🏽

    Joe Cort

    even better in 2019

  44. omar cornejo

    Bumping this in 2018🤙

  45. Pray 4 Me

    Just discovered this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  46. AIAH

    Better than the original? 😐

  47. Yousef Al Samna

    Kid cudi..damn, what an artist. Huge fan but Looking back at it now his music was probably a big reason to why I was so depressed. Stop listening to this shit yo it's creative and cool but understand that it is making you sad and harming your energy! Music is very powerful

    Lou Headman

    Yousef Al Samna took me a while to realize this. good i’m short bursts but you keep listening to stuff like this over and over you’ll just get sad.

    Kids see Ghosts is something I was really happy to see Cudi make.

  48. Flux And Flow

    i love this song

  49. Sepha Jones

    I hate this song LMAO

  50. SoloDolo

    Still love this

  51. Fogell

    Does anyone know where the beat from the last 10 seconds is from? Sounds super familiar.

    Erin Rall

    Fogell pretty pink by andre 3000


    yes! thank you

  52. Erniie Martinez

    Who still bumpin this 2017?

    shon hallman

    yooooooooooooo fam

    Chelsea Gaither

    Erniie Martinez 2018 ❤


    You already know

    Kya Bailey

    Erniie Martinez still the shit

  53. Marc-Olivier Bureau

    I wish i could easily find more songs like this one and Fragile from Tech n9ne, i love this style. Is there a name to this specific genre like slow rap or something?!?

  54. nickyperezz

    took me like a hour to remember any parts of this song just remembered that it was speak/singing and did something to do some thing and was sampled from not hiphop

    MrSolo Dolo

    nickyperezz wtf are u talking about

  55. dkhasar92

    I just heard this on Pandora. does anyone else think cudi kinda sounds like John Legend on this song?

    Michael Awotwi

    That's exactly what I said.

  56. Wavey Nation

    As a kid i would aways want this song on, i would call it the drum song.I thought it had soldiers or marching.❤💙Love U Kid Cudi💙❤

    Commenting Correctiveness #7

    Lily games haa I was 5 when this came out


    The soldiers drumming......that’s some profound shit⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  57. Will Rogers

    Download the app Spinrilla and listen to all mixtapes including this one 100% free

  58. Jadelyn Rollie

    hope he had permission to redo Paul Simon's 50 ways to leave your lover cause the song is the same just different words

    Tylah Moore

    It's on his free mixtape so he didn't need the permission. You only need permission if you're making money with it. Like an album.


    I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing how much I relate to all of his songs.. It's just so hard in this life sure others have it 10 times harder but somedays I just don't know anymore..

    Jacob Walt

    ONEPIECEOFTOAST keep your head up fam. just remember , Cudder is getting through his dark times too. you like his music and can relate? well follow his lead and gain the strength to overcome your problems. wish you the best. ✌

    ben rodgers

    Jacob Walt i just love the way true cudi fans always seem to be so caring, hes helped alot of people and brought alot of people together and personally with me has inspired me to always be the best version of myself. Respect to you jacob! Keeping it real!!


    ONEPIECEOFTOAST I hear that bro but hard times don’t last keep pushing and if no one has told you yet, I’m proud of how far you come’d. You’re doing great kid don’t feel bad about talking it out to someone neither. -
    All love have a great day today

  60. Leo Muniz

    kid cudi we miss you and hope you get better.
    love! from your #1 fan

    Commenting Correctiveness #7

    Leo Muniz he's already better listen to his newest album

    Commenting Correctiveness #7

    Leo Muniz it drops hints

  61. Shell A

    I can't buy this on itunes :(

    Never Again

    you're welcome <3


    It's a mixtape. Download it off a mixtape site like Datpiff

  62. Wayyy _UP

    I slept on this

  63. Danny S

    My fucking jam....

    Tamila Shultz

    I wonder if you're aware that it's a cover/adaptation?

    Danny S

    Tamila Shultz I am

    Xray The God

    Daniel Singh still my jam lol

  64. Crescendo

    Boring compared to Paul Simon's original.

  65. cz productions

    i just realized the beat is from murder murder by eminem

    Xray The God

    +SwampWaterJack word

    Tamila Shultz

    Here's your sign. Idiot.

    Crispin Haro

    tupac used this beat in "wonder why they call you bitch" it's what reminded me of this song haha

    Bubba Bubberson

    Beat courtesy of Steve Gadd, one of the best session drummers of all time.

    Bubba Bubberson

    Here he is breaking it down:

  66. Luke Joyce

    This song makes u always think

  67. Cosme SIMON

    this song makes me lies down and think about my whole life everytime..

    Timothy O'Brien

    Cosme SIMON has ph

    S Phillips

    Dats wut Cudi does to mah heart n mah sole

  68. Christian StrikesWithAGun


  69. Vicente *

    drake copyed kid

    Vicente *

    True that

    Vicente *

    But drake copyed the beat of the end of this song


    But kid cudi copied paul simon's 50 ways to leave your lover
    infact he sampled the entire song :)

    Tamila Shultz

    Cudi is not at all original.

    Austin No

    Tamila Shultz stfu thot

  70. Full Of Whiskey

    ....focus baby don't look at, see right through me~

  71. Billy Joe

    in 2016 this shit fire

    Vicente *

    hell ya

    Lee Pomelie

    Billy Joe still in 2017

  72. Brett

    When I first heard that Kid Cudi made a remake of the song i thought it we be bad, glad to see I am wrong

    Kall me KnicK

    What made you think it would be bad?

    Tamila Shultz

    Because he tends to suck ass.


    Tamila Shultz gtfo

    El Adrian

    Tamila Shultz AKNC, MOTM 1 and 2, PP&DD, and KSG are all great

  73. Iseah Ambriz

    50 ways to make you happy

  74. Trevon Jacobi

    miss this Scott.

  75. Jesus Adrian

    he was talking bout 50 ways to make a record

  76. raajue3

    this is perfect, never liked the "slip out the back, jack" part

    Henry D

    +raajue3 Agreed. This is actually the better song IMO.

  77. Aquarius28


  78. cody coleman

    May someone give me more chill songs like this and dreamin by big krit? I listen to any artist so please share some songs

    Joshua Graham

    nouvelle vague, air moon safari


    common market, nujabes, nieve, cradle orchestra, goontrax, cunninlynguists just to name a few.


    If you like common market, check blue scholars. Same dj, different mc. Both good. Although I like blue scholars better.

  79. Hanah Ladenburger

    ugh never gets old

    Kall me KnicK

    You know it :D

  80. Thomas Myers

    Another winner by kid cudi

  81. Jazz Covell

    he needs to come back to this style, i love all of his music but there was someting different about his mixtapes and first album

    Abdella Ali

    Jazz Covell I thought I was the only one who thought that!

  82. ApolloTheLeader

    Kid cudi is a legend

    Tamila Shultz

    Not so much. He didn't even write this.

    Ashlys Fygle

    Tamila Shultz yes he did, he didnt make the beat but he wrote the lyrics. Educate yourself.

  83. ApolloTheLeader

    Paul Simon is a legend

  84. Sam Hodgson

    I looooove dick

  85. David Arthur

    This is far deeper than records..
    being accepted in general; being famous in general; being influential in general;
    it's all the same. 
    You can find yourself and present your self "as honest as can be"
    You can present yourself "how you want to be seen"
    Either way, you need special words, "some shit that out lives time" to do it.

  86. Johdesmamba

    Good One

  87. Jason Greene

    im glad he didnt break it down like in the original.

    we dem zoe

    Darth Kannabis word I'm so glad lmao it was annoying actually lol

  88. cyndi pino

    fuckin beauty
    Pure cudi...

  89. Vrock Sazdo

    *_What happens after Death? What is Life? What is The Truth?_*

    Taylor Gorman

    +MrLemmiwinks life is what you make it science is nothing more than what you hear just like the bible?

    Javier Fonseca

    +MrLemmiwinks All you guys are makin me cry... Stop 😂

    Christian StrikesWithAGun

    a lot of things happen they just don't include you...

    Pray 4 Me

    Vrock Sazdo Jesus is The Way, The Truth and The Life! #No debate 💒

    MrSolo Dolo

    Derrick William I know names are pretty meaningless but its YESHUA not Jesus

  90. monjurul ahosan

    Hello(: Did anyone heard about the Smart Cash Secret (google it)? Ive heard a number of amazing stuff about it and my brother made lots of cash quickly.

  91. JeannPPaul

    Came back to this gem.

  92. Jacob Anderson

    Kid Cudi >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Miley Cyrus

    Sebastian Kaser

    +Vanessa Alonzo (Vanessa,) I wish he did his own version of the "slip out the back, Jack" verse

    Jorge rivera

    +Jacob Anderson No competition!! how dare you compare that thing to him!!

    Benyahmin Mason

    XD I agree with jorge

    Marc Kydd

    +jorge rivera Damn, no chill lml

    victor martinez

    Jacob Anderson nah miley killed it , even tho I really don't like her I gotta be honest

  93. amillour

    This song is a cover from Paul Simon's 50 ways to leave your lover, which came out in the 70s..I love Kid Cudi but I encourage everyone to diverse their music and explore the different decades.

    Luke McManagan

    great comment


    @amillour I agree with you but if the song isn't the same then it is not a cover

    Sebastian Kaser

    +amillour In that case, it's called a "sample", not a cover.

    Young Smurf

    I didn't even know this tell know my friend started playing the older version of this song and I thought it was kid cudi right away

    Kenneth Conner

    @Sebastian Kaser OKAAYYYYyyyyy. Even though he says "50 ways to make a record" nope he didnt directly rip off paul simon CAUSE ITS DIFFERENT. WOW Its called the ENTIRE inspiration, melody, rhythm and key lyrics of the song come from Simons, but no no no yeah your right he just sampled it.

  94. Melissa Miramontes

    Good song to listen to when youre high especially the beat

  95. PAULbloodSHART

    a kid named cudi is his best project by far

    Kall me KnicK

    I liked both "Man on the Moon" projects.

    Austin No

    Until ksg

  96. Thgoodson2010

    Kid Cudi looks like a skinny Jay- Z in that picture

    Josh Navarro

    @MrSolo Dolo what a strange thing to say

    Adam Phipps

    Lol you cant even see him tho

    Adam Phipps

    Nvm... smh


    was just thinking this

  97. MrBennyBite

    my best friends brother was listening to this in his car and I fell in love with it

  98. Yung Giga

    kudi BlvKkkGOD⚫️

  99. Pythagoras of Samos

    I think cudi is talking about 50 ways to achieve a goal. In his case, it was making a top record. There must be at least 50 ways to achieve it.

    David Arthur

    @TheAnnoyingAsian Hah I just said this above; and here you are confirming it.


    Well, I think he's just covering/changing the lyrics of Paul Simon's 50 Ways to leave your lover. Nothing else to it really.