Khruangbin - Evan Finds The Third Room Lyrics

Yes, yes, yes, yes
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room

Jump in the water
Jump in the water

Yes, yes, yes, yes
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room

Jump in the water
Jump in the water
Jump in the water
Jump in the water

This is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room

Press one
Press two
This is the third room
Press three
Press one
This is the third room
Press two
Press three
This is the third room
Hello, yes, this is the third room
Please listen, as my menu options have changed
If you'd like to say hello, press 1
Hello, hello
Press 2
Jump in the water
If you'd like to know if I'm alright, press 3, say, "You alright?"
This is the third room

Yes, jump in the water
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room
Yes, this is the third room

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Khruangbin Evan Finds The Third Room Comments
  1. Joel Bay

    Where did you guys play in thailand?

  2. Dan Jee

    i'm so happy i clicked on this wow

  3. erinlewisfudge

    I have a fever right now and I have no clue wtf is going on

  4. David Phongsavanh

    Cured my depression

  5. Muhammad Fahmin A Aziz

    location is China or Thailand?

  6. Nick Lessard

    Is that william hungs mother?

  7. Lord Rudra

    Don't worry people of China...

    You will be getting back up 😈😇🤙

  8. Shawn Kilbourne

    Play it at 0.75 speed and it’s even funkier and dirtier.... has like a 1979 funk almost Parliament sound. Don’t mind me, just smoked some kind bud. Good vibes ✌️

  9. Rachel Wynder

    My JAW has DROPPED to the floor

  10. kizazz jazz

    what she wields even thor cannot imagine to lift

  11. badegg3210

    wut!!? :D

  12. Carbonated Turtle

    Best dancing grandma and best use of invisible props I've ever seen. Is she single?

  13. Hans Aaraas

    Oh internet

  14. eddddd

    me encanta el video esta mi mama bailando snsjjs ,

  15. ding hoo

    할머니 넘 펑키하고 귀여우셔,,

  16. Christopher Lake

    I think they told her that they were going to add the hula hoop, but then thought it would be better without it.

  17. donnagiuliana


  18. A. Putra

    at the end, burglars coming cause she forgot to lock the door.

  19. Nani Frantz

    Me: How did they get this lil ol lady to shake it like that so constantly in such long clips
    Me: 😳😳😳😯😲🤯 shes AaaAAAASIAaaaNn!!

  20. Vee R

    Omg, she's the cutest❤️

  21. Chriswhitt 66

    Lady got badass dance moves 😂✌️💫

  22. Rhomboid Imason

    Evan's grandma seems to be overjoyed that he has found the third room.

  23. the dandy warhol

    Why is it that as adults,the moment we start having fun and being ourselves,we're back to being kids again?

    Greg C

    I never stopped I'm a big kid at 35 lol

    the dandy warhol

    @Greg C same here bro.late 30s here and i still get told off by the missus for stupid kid stuff😁😁✊

  24. penguins can fly

    Hoola hooping homegirl

  25. mcneillson

    Jam.please heollo!

  26. mcneillson

    Yes this is us niceeee

  27. ClapBoomBoom

    Ah, Shanghai. Miss you so much.

  28. Velvet Kay

    Choreographer to the Lady in green: just walk around to the music and be happy
    Lady: Yes!

    This is one the sweetest things I've ever seen and will be my go to video when I need some happiness <3

  29. Darth Dimmadome

    This reminds me of Shenmu

    Idk why

  30. madison hardeman

    April 8 2005

  31. Ben Garcia

    Imagine this is Danny devito.

  32. JMXSW

    Just think how small she is without the heels

  33. noname

    Cocaine's a helluva drug.

  34. Trav Riethmiller

    please listen as many... of my options. have changed

  35. Gill Dumas

    Who's grans is dis ?

  36. PandaCatTV

    When that weed hittt

  37. Jedi

    Those boots are rockin

  38. Evan King

    I found the third room apperently

  39. Rupert Pupkin

    Found this band from an intro to a travel commercial. Spent an hour trying to find Man and Woman. So glad I did. SINISTER GROOVE and …..YES

  40. Lehua Alvarez

    YES! lol

  41. Nvr Mnd

    W O W E E E 🥰

  42. Rebecca Elizabeth

    I cried when she caught the button.

  43. cj t

    this is the cutest thing ever

  44. FH73

    I wish I wasn’t colorblind so I could actually see the hoop

  45. julia

    You’re doing amazing sweetie

    John Davis

    Thanks 😊

    Ramin Rahnema

    Thanks :)

  46. julia

    She’s so cute

  47. BigStevie93

    Let's get FUNK-A-FIED!!!!

  48. SoUtH MeMpHiS

    I would...but I wouldn't tell Anybody I did🤔

  49. AFC Don

    When you realise ww3 is coming but you ain’t getting involved in that mess

  50. William Kirkland

    Best everything ever!!!...Go Granny!

  51. mauvaisdefond jean-marc

    trop fort

  52. oogrooq

    This lady or the one from John Mayer's "Paper Doll" video?

  53. Anna yarb

    best music video ever

  54. Smitty Smith

    Reminds me of Tom Tom club a bit 🎶❤️🎶

  55. Lux Chevis

    God she's adorable lol youtube loop led me here randomly. Great band.

  56. Magdalena Czajkowska

    She's sooo adorable! ;3 ❤

  57. Hafe Casi

    just laughed for the entirety of this song.

  58. missgigi

    Cutest video ever and I love love the song

  59. Dozer1642


    Just sayin.

  60. Vladimir Bestuzhev

    Это реклама какого лекарства?

  61. Jaydia Simmons

    I adore her! Her dancing reminds me of William Hung.

  62. Melan Arts [دنیل]

    Old Chinese women are the best and nobody can change my mind. Well, that is unless they're those mafia mistresses from rural china who want to break my knee caps if I don't give them all of my radishes and bok choy.

  63. Kyndal Hubbard

    This is so cute 🥺 that’s the coolest grandma on the block

  64. Akazox

    My mom: * walk to my room*
    me : *dancing and doing the same moves as the granny*
    my mom : YEEEES

  65. Jay John

    She's dancing to an imaginary hula hoop

    Ramin Rahnema

    Jay John 190IQ right here.

  66. David Consuegra

    I just realized I don’t have enough color in my room

  67. Moiz Audio


    Rupert Pupkin


  68. Luke Cai

    I couldn't remember the title, so I searched "funk song with Asian Woman Hula Hooping" to find this.
    Nice, Youtube.

  69. Santiago S

    don't let her drive xD

  70. Ennis Yamaguchi Jones

    this is the funniest shit I've seen all day

  71. ma cid

    loving this stuff. Great music, and video makes me smile everytime.

  72. Dj Kutt’n Cee

    If you Loop this beat, it will make a hot De La Soul Track!

  73. z zed

    Possibly the funkiest most disturbing vid I have ever seen...

  74. neko take

    1:25 That hotpot restaurant is here. My neighborhood!

  75. Gedi Groncks

    Did the dog say yes with its tail

  76. jonathan.


  77. Dan Higginson

    I bet this lady is a lot of fun to drink with!

  78. Dub Runnings

    "yES" !

  79. Darth Dimmadome

    I’ll have what she’s having

  80. patricia atom

    Its amazing!Thank u!:)

  81. Alondra Esquivel Sandoval

    this is soooooo adorable

  82. Jonathan Beckham

    Who else wants to hug her until she pops than by her a present?

  83. Reema Ameer

    The best response to a flash mob proposal 💕🐧

  84. UFO Pilot

    Literally the best song recorded in the last 20 years. I loved music, with passion, but no one made any good music since 2000.... now we finally get some good stuff

  85. Jame Gumb

    Granny out there cruisin for some yung dong again. Alright granny, I gotchu.

  86. Teabonesteak

    Get rid of the 'yes'.

    Jason D Knight

    Just go listen to their other songs then. plenty of groovy songs without it. this is stil a gem though. I'm not bothered by the yes at all.

  87. Selçuk Ceylan

    an honest question: in general can we say that the band members of Khruangbin are not super talented musicians. Right? So the music is a low quality funk- Is that so? and this video has nothing smart or special, It is not well written, or edited or anything right? so how the hell has it more than 2 millions of views??? i believe the success of these under-avarage bands depends on how cool their friends or how connected to the well-connected people they are.


    I'd very much disagree. They are all incredibly amazingly talented. Mark Speer is one of the most talented and unique guitarists I've ever seen. This isn't "low-quality funk", and the reason they have 2 million views (not enough) is because of how good their music is and how people are discovering them. Calling them "under-average" is wrong and quite frankly insulting to the amount of pure talent these guys have. Listen to more of their songs and realise how silly this comment is.

    Rupert Pupkin

    Its called a style dude. A groove. A unique thingey. They got it. You really missed that? And what kind of name is that fuckin name.

  88. Mina Pavlović

    This is a legit meme

  89. fscarp

    She's the best!

  90. captainkidd1234

    Way better than Gangnam Style...