Khan, Chaka - Where Are You Tonite? Lyrics

Got my love
Got my love lemme give it to ya
Got my love
Got my love lemme give it to ya
Got my love, got my love

Walkin' home, your kisses on my mind
Feelin' like nothin' can harm me now

Where are you tonite
Where are you tonite, Baby
Where are you tonite, (oh) won't you tell me baby
Where are you tonite

(Ooh where are you)

Minutes move, oh, so slowly now
And I can't groove, unless your answer's loud


Love is true, love is real
Loving you is how I feel [repeat 4 times]


(Ooh where are you)
(Ooh where are you)
Our love is such a special thing
It's what I feel inside
And my reason for existing
Is to keep you by my side
Keep you by my side

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Khan, Chaka Where Are You Tonite? Comments
  1. Jaz de Souza

    I love Chaka and all of her work. I was in the 6th grade when I heard this CD and never forgot about this song. Yes, this and "Baby me" are very underrated!

  2. Loretta De Herrera

    💘 💘 💘...

  3. Keith Witcher

    Chaka Khan's Where Are You Tonite song is good. Chaka Khan's CK album is good. I like the album cover. I love Chaka Khan.

    Lita lsumu

    me too...❤

  4. Marsha Johnson

    A really nice album needed more promotion.

  5. Marsha Johnson

    Chaka Khan CK ALBUM didn't get enough radio airplay.


    Your song is soothing . Am all body and soul .

  7. IronMan93

    Very underrated but awesome track from Chaka, co-produced by Russ Titelman

  8. KayHay Happy

    thanks for postitng this track! i have been searching for this track on youtube!


    Hi! You're most welcome. :) ~K

    R Mial

    @TheKoolkanadian thank you for this track.