Khan, Chaka - Make It Last Lyrics

Come on and stay with me for a little while
Hey can't we spend some time together
You look so good to me and I like your style
Come on let's make it last forever

I'm not an ordinary woman
I just want to love you with all my might
You better believe that I'm a good one
And I wanna guarantee I'll treat you right

Come on and stay with me for a little while
Come on and spend some time together
Whatever it takes I'm gonna make you smile
Hey can't we make it last forever

I know that love's a gamble
Puttin' all my lovin' on the line
There ain't a man that I can't handle
Give me your love, and I'll give you mine

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Khan, Chaka Make It Last Comments
  1. Farrah C

    Chris adds just enough of those strong vocals to make it last. PERFECT. 🔥🎶👏👏👏 11.11.19

  2. Ronald Elston


  3. Keith Witcher

    Chaka Khan's Make It Last song is a nice jam. Chris Jasper of The Isley Brothers sang on this at the end. He produced the song. I didn't know Chris could sing until I heard him on Isley Jasper Isley's classic songs Caravan Of Love and Insatiable Woman. I got Caravan Of Love album. RIP Marvin Isley and i miss you. Chaka's album cover above is nice. CK album is good. Chaka is in my top 5 favorite black women music singers. She's hot and a good music singer.