Khan, Chaka - I'll Be Around Lyrics

I'll be around no matter how you treat me now
I'll be around from now on
Your latest love can never last, and when it's past
I'll be around when she's gone

Goodbye again, and if you find a love like mine
Just now and then, drop me a line to say you're feeling fine

And when things go wrong, perhaps you'll see you're meant for me
So I'll be around when she's gone

Just now and then, drop me a line to say you're feeling fine

And when things go wrong, perhaps you'll see you're meant for me
So I'll be around when she's gone

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Khan, Chaka I'll Be Around Comments
  1. E Dickerson

    "I'll be around when she's gone " & "You can make the story right "......WOW ...JUST SING THE TRUTH Chaka Khan ! .....

  2. Martin Platt

    Musical perfection.....

  3. regina green

    One of my favs, love her!

  4. ghazza mael

    First Class, Top Rate, Absolutely DIVINE!!!

  5. Sharon Crawford

    Beautiful and exquisite in vocals and arrangement. Simple raw talent of vocals and true musicianship and no auto tune needed.

  6. Emil Ram

    Beautiful arrangement ( the written score for the orchestra)

  7. Anthony Choyce

    Man this cut here has stood the test of time. Chaka and Jazz has always been such a great pairing.

  8. andy fielding


  9. Martin Platt

    Absolutely beautiful and what a superb arrangement. Love you to bits Chaka. xx

  10. Anthony Choyce


  11. Mike Beegle

    Nice but she ain't Shirley Horn.

    Popeyes Chicken Booty kicking

    Why be Shirley Horn when you are Chaka Khan Tf!!

    Robert Gonzales

    @Popeyes Chicken Booty kicking I heard that! lol

    J Denese

    Mike Beegle No, she's Chaka Khan


    @Mike Beegle
    BTW (since you brought up Miles and Shirley Horn):
    Miles and Chaka were not only great friends and collaborators on several projects and jam sessions. Miles loved Chaka's voice and music (said it sounded like his horn) to boot, and listened to her albums all the time. This stuff is easy to find in his biography, etc.

    She's also played with many of the great jazz musicians, and they love or respect her (Betty Carter; Miles; Dizzy; Herbie; Quincy Jones; George Duke; George Benson; Chick Corea; Stanley Clarke; Incognito; Fourplay, etc. Nonetheless, thanks for your viewpoint!

    Chaka has many facets and interpretations of her own, mind you other peoples music. So, keep that in mind. That's part of her divine creativity.

    Nonetheless, check out her: And The Melody Lingers On (Night In Tunisia) recording/Roxy performance; Bebop Medley recording; End Of A Love Affair recording; My Funny Valentine recording; Alfie performance; I Wish You Love performance; What's Going On performance, recording; Everything must change with Quincy Jones, and her performances at the BluenoteNY (via Poster ZanDTV) and Jazz at BET performances both here on You Tube. All great sessions, or recordings.

    Mike Beegle

    @regina green Shirley Horn is a JAZZ singer/pianist that Miles very much wanted to record with but it never happened. CK is a POP singer and a damned good one.

  12. ange m


  13. ange m


  14. YaGirl Uneek

    beautiful song

  15. Alvin Lane

    very cool and jazzy

  16. Heinrich Redekop

    First heard CK when we covered her version of "Jive Talkin" by Rufus, what a pleasant surprise to hear her jazz voice, great job!!!

  17. Kenni Wells

    My baby, Chaka!

  18. Aaron Martin Odeau Wexley

    A note, and then some company.

  19. gerald deyounge

    Only  singer in history who can interpret all genres of music with professional and precision.  CK showing her Jazz talent(her first love) with the late great friend Miles Davis(RIP). Paying tribute to the greats before....AWESOME

    J Green

    Aretha Franklin is another fabulous vocalist who can sing any genre of music. Whitney Houston would have been able to accomplish this also. Both Whitney and Aretha excelled in Gospel music. Chaka Khan hasnt mastered this genre or really shown she can. However, she's a Living Legend. Period!!!!!

  20. Dawn Cargile

    Wish I could have worked with Miles.

  21. lepoetress

    LOVE this song and had no idea she and Miles Davis collaborated on this .... one of my most favorite songs by her. I fell in love with this the 1st time I heard it.

  22. gerald deyounge

    sublime. there is nothing this women cannot do with that voice, WHAT A GREAT INSTRUMENT. Paying tribute to all the greats before her, BILLY HOLIDAY R,I.P,

    Martin Platt

    Superb comment.

  23. Harvey Mcknight

    Little Jimmy Scott does a nice version of this also

  24. Read Hottuner

    ....ah Miles

  25. Aaron Martin Wexley

    relaxing for the vocal cords.

  26. tiziana urbana



    Love you Chaka- ray