Khan, Chaka - Eternity Lyrics

Seems like an eternity since I've been in your arms
A multitude of colorless hours pass
I crave the life inside U, it keeps me from harm
I only pray that it's not just another God

Eternity, I want 2 be with U 4 all eternity
Darling U be, the only one 4 me together 4 eternity

I long 2 touch U (I long 2 touch U)
To feel the warmth in a world so cold
Whenever we (ooh) -- I don't know
But I want U all the time (I wanna hold on)
U R the beginning middle and end 2 every story told
U R the science of my mind


And it seems like a year away
That U and I were making love
One should take life from day 2 day
But all my dreams R made of
All my dreams R made of eternity

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Khan, Chaka Eternity Comments
  1. This and That

    Not a Good version but it's a great song. I first heard it by Sheena Easton- which is good, but I just listened to Prince's demo today and it reigns supreme!

  2. sanatino

    CK’s version is good but Sheena Easton’s version is better for me.

  3. mikebtko

    Song is perfect for Chaka!😜

  4. klc

    Can't decide whether I like this version (funky and sweet) or Sheena Easton's version
    (angelic, otherworldly, mysterious). Of course all five of those words describe Alexander Nevermind himself. Such a genius. RIP Prince💜✌

  5. Omar Rimmer

    Prince Genius at work.........

  6. Da Ha

    Prince wrote this.

  7. Chi88Chi88

    Prince shown out on this - damn shame that this wasn't a bigger hit!

    Da Ha

    Chi88Chi88 was a hit to all who know what good music is.😎

    Sandra V

    i love prince version of thhis

    Geneen Henry

    Chi88Chi88 so true....i love prince ..he gave to the right vocalist...

  8. Ishmael Cato

    Written by Prince

  9. Keith Witcher

    Chaka Khan's Eternity song is a classic. Prince produced this. Chaka Khan's CK album is good. I like the album cover. I love Chaka Khan.

    Keith Witcher

    I also love Chaka's I Feel For You song which was originally done by Prince. Chaka's version is better. I love the music video that has actors from Breakin 1 and 2 movies dancing.


    +Keith Witcher I love ''I Feel for You'' album. I was completly crazy about ''This Is My Night'', is a delicious song!


    +Keith Witcher Yeah! Chaka Khan still hot! I love this woman with my soul!

    Keith Witcher

    I didn't like I Feel For You album. Album pictures suck LOL.

    Keith Witcher

    I agree. Chaka Khan is hot.