Khalid - Hopeless Lyrics

Spend my time worrying of broken promises
Focused on the smell of all the burnt out cigarettes
My thoughts play on repeat
Only comfort that I keep
'Cause in a moment I will be
Something you will forget

Hopeless, hopelessly romantic
You, you got me stranded
Ooh, I'm blue, blue, blue

Now tell me was I ever something that you could regret
I know I wasn't the one for you
But at least I tried my best
Surrounded by questions like, "Why'd you two part ways?"
But if my memory's right
You're the one that left

I'll be hopeless hopelessly romantic
You, you got me stranded
Ooh, I'm blue, blue, blue

Used to lift me higher
But I guess our time's expired
I'm giving you the match
Set our love on fire

Hopeless hopelessly romantic
You, you got me stranded
Ooh, I'm blue, blue, blue

Now tell me was I ever something that you could regret
I know I wasn't the one for you
But at least I tried my best
Surrounded by questions like, "Why'd you two part ways?"
But if my memory's right
You're the one that left

I'll be hopeless hopelessly romantic
You, you got me stranded
Ooh, I'm blue, blue, blue
Ooh yeah, I'm blue, blue, blue, oh
Yeah, I'm blue, blue, blue

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Khalid Hopeless Comments
  1. Rudy Yanez

    For the people who find this song again!

  2. help pls

    loved this song for a while, but forgot about it for some time. recently went through a tough breakup and came across it again. shit hits different :(

  3. Caelyn Graham

    best songs ever. fight me

  4. NG NATE _

    This guy inspired many young R&B artists

  5. supreme tank

    Ah nostalgia

  6. Tam Dawson

    𝙊𝙢𝙜... 𝙄𝙢 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙣𝙤𝙬 𝙝𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨...🔥♥️🎧

  7. John Aj

    Oct 28 2019

  8. Tegan Roberts

    lmao i listen to this song everyday bc i’ve been single for like 5 years😂😔

  9. Joann Miller

    I miss this Khalid

  10. TOPI tV

    For me the best song he ever made💜

  11. tcm

    this song takes me back to simpler times

  12. Franco Acuña

    This song sounds so much better when you’re high!

  13. Jo T

    *"I'm Blue, blue, blue"*
    Funny cause he died his hair blue

  14. The Real Ulysses S. Grant

    Damn man, Free Spirit was good, but nothing on their touches anything on American Teen

  15. craig kojo

    He is so talented😜

  16. Jeremiah Nungaray

    Is a great soge

  17. Shawna Seal

    You are the best love every song on this album

  18. Ash M

    2019 anyone?

  19. Jae Lewis

    stay underrated <3

  20. I have been Bamboozled

    I can relate to the song name

  21. S A D B U T H A P P Y

    He has such an aesthetic vibe 💞 love

  22. Deepak Choudhury

    This video deserve a music video

  23. Ann Sculimbrene

    We’re h
    We’re ho
    We’re hop
    We’re hope
    We’re hopel
    We’re hopele
    We’re hopeles
    We’re hopeless
    We’re hopeless w
    We’re hopeless wi
    We’re hopeless wit
    We’re hopeless with
    We’re hopeless witho
    We’re hopeless withou
    We’re hopeless without
    We’re hopeless without K
    We’re hopeless without Kh
    We’re hopeless without Kha
    We’re hopeless without Khal
    We’re hopeless without Khali
    We’re hopeless without Khalid.

    Or at least I am.

  24. peej

    Will forever love this and reasons

  25. O JOZA

    Glr, Legendei essa música maravilhosa no meu canal ! De nada :D

  26. Ana Lira

    prq o khalid não faz mais músicas assim ;-;

  27. Tiffane Darnell


  28. Zorb Clips

    2017..... A much simpler time😞😞

  29. Ray Allen

    Every time I here this song I end up with a mop in my hand and performing for Lex lol
    These the Vibes!!!

  30. Zombiegut

    Yo anyone else getting the same damn secret life of pets ad over n over

  31. Realkingofyeet _

    And he wrote this song when he was 17...

  32. leah pierce tdog

    uh, i love you . 🖤

  33. Abuimran xahim

    A very calm and nice song

  34. Daniella the Human

    One of those rare songs that you can actually relate to each word

  35. Aralexi Morales

    Still listening in 2019 :')

    ♥ he's grown so much as an artist

    tayleen panic

    Aralexi Morales A CLIKKIE LISTENING TO KHALID? same right here

  36. Jared Jones

    April 2019 anyone? This is my favorite Khalid song right here just thought I’d come back to it on YouTube

  37. Isabella Camoçato

    this needs an acoustic version asap

  38. darnell kent

    This is a perfect song ❤️

  39. mila

    Everyone saying he would make it.

    👏👏👏 you were right.

  40. Jayeeta Dey

    Bro fantastic 👌

  41. Hayden Helin

    So good !

  42. Xxkiller_YEET

    one of my oldest good songs ever listened to went to your September 14 concert love you Good job on your songs

  43. Arpit Rayal


  44. Dublin Shamrocks

    Nobody will see this, but If you do I just want to say that there has never been a bad songs from you and your “American Teen” album is the greatest album ever!!!!!

  45. Arly botello


  46. Greg Hord

    Is this guy doing an Elmer Fudd impersonation?

  47. Brianna uquillas

    Who still loves Khalid in 2019?

    I like Alpaca


  48. Onyrlold papi

    2019 btw

  49. Jessi

    I just keep trying to turn it up moreee but it's at max rip😭

  50. Chris Orozco

    Spent my time enjoying the only thing I can. Which is a taste in music. Music will never change me.

  51. Macoyskie Tv

    2019 everyone?

  52. Brian Barrios

    ideal para relajarse

  53. Jan E

    I dont know why but this wont play on spotify for me and i need it

  54. Duck Watermelon

    “Hopeless Hopelessly 😔 Romantic ,You, You Got Me, Stranded”

  55. Alex Gabrielle

    he is one of the best artist this generation has to offer, he only does amazing songs one day he will be so famous and we'll be able to say that we've been with him since the begining. i've never enjoyed listening to music more in my life. thank you Khalid

  56. panambi spinoza


  57. Michelle Gomez

    People are calling him underrated but this has 11 million views so...

  58. Chris Bevan

    This song is anoing

  59. Gwenevere

    Hopless reasons, Ohhhhhhhh

  60. olatunde shittu

    You're big enough for me Khalid,living in my heart.

  61. Liza

    who disliked this

  62. Jordana Arbara

    Gosto tanto desta música ❤❤ porquê q é tão curta? 😢

  63. Kassandra Huizar

    He made it somewhere❤️ been here since 2016‼️

  64. Synchronic 7

    This song is so under rated

  65. Reality Era News

    This kid is the essence of vibe. Man thats how you explain getting left and friendzoned

  66. joseph martin

    hart brocin

  67. Ahmad Aiman

    khalid in man, khalidah in girl.... okay what is name if that human is pondan ? Kejadah kau !!!!!

  68. Emilda Socion

    Your music keeps me alive you know why because i know

  69. Dudly Joseph

    CourageJD is why I am here but this song is a banger 🔥

  70. Moto Moto

    Who dislikes this!?!?

  71. Felix Angelo Dar

    yo, 2018?

  72. Trey Solomon

    November 2018 til forever and ever

  73. Why Do I Have To Tell You

    I really enjoyed your show last night in Bangkok ;) <3

  74. Spiritual'IzMercy

    Khalid you're such a young man with much rivers of emotion..

  75. niallers's bae

    i sleep to this song <3

  76. Shadab Hussain

    is it me or his music really gives you that 80's 90's vibe??

  77. John Adams

    sounds like it would be a steven universe song😊 i like it

  78. Leon Zhang


  79. Shashank

    Khalid ur voice is cherished by the god himself.

  80. nini lopez

    Khalid will you marry me & sing to me with that beautiful angel voice of yours everyday ?! I love you Khalid!! Forever your fan 😍😍😍

  81. JoJo


  82. El Rinsangi


  83. lil ramjee

    plss creat a reallydeepsong :>

  84. Mary

    thanks hollister

  85. Toby avo

    love this song...its been on repeat for the longest

  86. Danika Head


  87. Mary Viani Gonzales

    my fave khalid song

  88. lyn holin

    This is a beautiful song the rhythm, instrumentation and lyrics are for a more mature audience. This is my favorite out of all my favorites...really nice


    I love this 😭😭

  90. Oscar Marroquin

    Love this guy music. Still saved is my all time favorite from him so far

  91. Allie Slater

    the boy i liked likes this music and i wanted to try it and i love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooo good just beautiful

  92. Nemencio Enriquez


  93. Натали Арикова


  94. osvaldo Reyes

    Jajajaj pensé que iba a jugar en la vida real batlegrounds hopeless

  95. El Goose

    The song everyone slept on.

  96. Ckdubb

    Greatest song ever