K.Flay - Danger Starts Lyrics

Bled to death in a bathroom
Forever humming a sad tune
Memories wish I could tattoo
Dad I've been meaning to ask you
Were you scared when you died?
Or did you feel relief?
Were you terrified, or just at peace?
When I came to collect your things, fourteen only a kid
Fingerprints on magazines, milk still in the fridge
It was like you had just stepped out, items all in their place
But there was one thing left out, you, blank space
Did you care about family?
Did you wish you'd abandon me?
Now you can't see what I became
Too weak to try to change
Can't speak I'm so angry
Recall your voice just vaguely
Sorta seems like lately, man it's all fading
And I worry that my life might be some kinda facsimile
Your doomed trajectory silently impressed on me
Shit happens to everyone, but this story's mine
And I can't help but think I'm next in line

I'll break your heart to keep you far from where all danger starts

Drank til the bottle ran out, now we got a man down
And it made no sound
Except the crack of his skull on the ground
Dad, did it fade out easily?
Did you see the light?
Were you sad to be leaving me or just sick of life?
Tried desperately to get you sober
Dope hidden in the trunk, doubled over
Red spots on the tile
Couldn't understand as a child
Still really don't and you're long gone so I really won't
Never really know what it meant, if anything at all
Left with nothing but what I can recall
Objects are imbued with the essence of you but I sense that it's false
Mind playing tricks phone messages but you'll never get the calls
If you had the chance to say one thing
Would you tell me that you love me?
I hope so, carry you everywhere I go

I'll break your heart to keep you far from where all danger starts

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