Keyshia Cole - Thought You Had My Back Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Every girls got to go through it and every man has to go through it its a thing called love.
Listen to me now Listen to me.
I still remember the day that you said you was a badboy.
Man I should have listened when you said you was a bad boy.
You took control of me I thought you would change for me.
Everything different now reminiscing ain't the same boy,
How I let you come and hurt me like this boy.
This boy, I am open now I want to get away but you are forcing me to stay.

Love I thought you had my back this time but man I am wrong this time.
It's a thing called
(thought you had my back)
Love I thought you had my back this time, but man I am wrong this time,.
It's a thing called Love.

I loved you for your ways but your ways hurt me bad boy.
Hurt me so bad why you want to see me sad boy, I am tired of crying over you
but I miss you so much I don't know what to do seems that I gotta move on
live life with out cha, but every time someone comes around to talk about you
I get feelings inside again I wanna be right back by your side again.


Ooh ooh ooh You got me ya, ooh You got me ooh ooh, You got me ya, oooh.
And I don't know what to do. I thought you had my back I am so wrong I am so wrong.

Ya its all good though sometimes in life you know situations
come your way you just gotta make good decisions man,
You know you gotta know your focus in life and if love is your focus then man pay attention.

You got me ya. I am so stuck right here.

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Keyshia Cole Thought You Had My Back Comments
  1. Bobbi

    Love this song still till this day

  2. Nia Harris


  3. Binti P

    Talk about wrong!!!20 years of my life that I will never get back, and still (I'm the dumbest woman I have ever known) I love him,I forgive him and he is not nearly deserving, I been waiting for him to get back from the store since April


    Youre not dumb he the dummy for not keeping it real with you.Never let a man make you feel like that

  4. Javvvennn

    Still listening in 2019 and 2020 around the corner .But will still be my song !❤

  5. radiance williamson

    didn't know what love was back in the day but felt these songs like I did lol

  6. Nechi Sangara Papy

    OMG!!! This song reminds of some very old bad time I had...Used to listen to this song throughout the day. Music is dead!!!

  7. Chanel Harden

    My cut 2019 still

  8. Sheilda Robinson

    Love Keyshia Cole she is so talented her voice is everything still listening in 2019💖

  9. Utha Smith

    Still my song 2019

  10. Iam Jenae

    Man I should have listened...... 😩

  11. Ronika Jones

    Everytime someone comes around and talks and about you. I get...feelings insides again. I wanna be right, back by your side again ❤

  12. Melissa Dejesus

    My jam when I'm in my feelings with shit. ...

  13. Lyndel Spell

    Love this song me and my mama use to bang this all the time in her car it’s been 5 long years with out her now 😭

  14. Sharequa Griffen


  15. Sherita Williams

    love is blind This is last time a man play me

  16. Sherita Williams

    yes old keisha run it

  17. Amazing Amy

    Not a punk bitch black men are sorry and pathetic losers

  18. shayy rhone

    Fall 2019?❤❤

  19. Rita McLean

    Say it Keshia!!! ❤️❤️❤️2019

  20. Yirmayahu Yehudah Ben Yasharal


  21. Sheila Palmer

    You are brilliant

  22. nillarockstarful


  23. Chell Lockhart

    Who still listening in 2019 and forever

    Erica Shepard


    Lemarco Singleton

    Me I like the song

    Lashetta Brinkley


    G Channel


  24. Mama Jay


  25. NanaPearl pearl

    We feel this so hard.

  26. Nysae Cunningham

    Here in 2019 🥰🥰🥰

  27. Rahkirah Grimes

    2019 Work

  28. teneburrell


  29. Sheila Palmer

    You kill this jam

  30. Sheila Palmer

    You are so smooth

  31. Sheila Palmer

    You are a genius

  32. Sheila Palmer

    You are so brilliant

  33. LadyDee Stevens

    I thought u had my back this time ...

  34. Ashley Gonzales

    2019 still my favorite album

  35. Sheila Palmer

    This is a master piece

  36. Lemese Lane


  37. Velvia Fuller

    2019 & still love this song. In middle school i didn't understand the game but lord im 25 now & feel where Keyshia was coming from

  38. Victoria Thompson

    #QueenKeyshiaKingCB=#Loyalty #LOVE

  39. Alesha Arsberry

    2019 still beating this shit

  40. Ma’Nyah Sanders


  41. Toniaalwaysnforever

    Oh my god this was the shhhi this song is everything

  42. Monika Gilcrest

    Best album

  43. Martin Budesheim

    Ich habe dich schon immer geliebt 🎇💽, , Keyshia Cole - und werde dich nie vergessen . A Love vor Efver . 💽💿🗽🌈🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🌎🌹🍀🎩

  44. Indira Sample


  45. Funkless Fortnite

    Keisha cole can sing yes drink wine and listen go kc

  46. Brittany Webb

    2019 anybody ??

  47. Latisha Smith

    In 2019, love still ain't got my back, or me

  48. JUICYRED 70

    2019 love this song so much love u Keyshia an congratulations on baby boy 2.☁🎈🎈☁🎈🎈☁
    🍀 ☀
    🎁 Have a
    nice weekend!

  49. Crystal Knox

    Definitely one of my favs! 2010 -2011 it was on REPEAT‼️ I loved you for ya ways, but cha ways hurt me bad boy...hurt me so bad why you wanna see me sad boy...I’m tired of crying over you but i miss you so much idk what to do‼️❤️😩

  50. Kayla Keen

    2019 !!!

  51. cdubb

    2019 , Sing that song Keyshia

  52. miss beauty


  53. Wallace Garrett

    Girl you touch my soul! Your voice just go right thru me and touch my soul. God bless that voice you have.

  54. karl riggins

    I started disliking her when she had that tv show and was belittling him cause he was heart and her album was coming out and she was making money and add to that she treated her family like shit then career was over god dont like ugly kee

  55. teshae gallon

    Ms. Cole thank you for this!!!

  56. MsChloeeb


  57. Lashaa King

    2019 ? 💛

  58. Taylor Hamilton

    Still jamming this album 2019

  59. Ela-vation

    Lovin the creation ..BUT please don't keep hurt

  60. Tani & Mina TV

    Who here in 2019!!

  61. Andrea Robinson

    Who here in 2019

  62. Georgialyn Guice

    Tarzan II

  63. Sandra L. Neely

    Oldie but goodie...On repeat !

  64. Cupcake rios

    This album takes me back to my teenage years! 😍😍😍 a classic for sure.

  65. Kei Greene


  66. David Dozier

    Another song that should’ve been a single. This one right here is bad! 👌🏾

  67. Antonio Staples

    This song is fire asf

  68. Princess Bellamy

    2019 who’s still listening in 2019 😌 current mood 💕

  69. Rashida Nelms

    Used to bang this!!!!!

  70. Cocaine Tone


    I used to-----

    I STILL LOVE THIS SONG.!!!!! 5/31/2019

    Yay Area!!

  71. Shaleria Davis

    Who here 2019??😁.me🎉..

  72. Victoria Welch

    She's like that cute girl next door that knows how to sing real good and pple always be like "Keisha hit a note for us one time."

  73. Courtney Gooden


  74. Shawna Drake

    2019 I Have My Own Back!!!

  75. Ms . Independent


  76. Tyrie Wilson

    my go to Album beside all of Mary. J Blige & Monica when I'm going through Men issues. Keyshia was on it with one...😍🔥🎧🎤🎶

  77. Renee Taylor

    I miss this Keyshia Every song on this was a banger.........

  78. Keisha suber

    Keyshia Cole you have a great voice

  79. MrGiveittomehard

    cmon Kesh

  80. Maria Wallinghton

    2019 Still Banging this out!!!!💗

  81. Mia Rollins

    Still here 2019 baby!!!!!

  82. carameldipp turn

    Is anyone still listening to this 2019? I remember when this came out... I was trying to fall out of love.

  83. Whitney Cloud

    2019? 🙌🏽

  84. Jennifer Smith


  85. Shawna Drake

    Bad song 2019

  86. Louis Gibson


  87. Lauren James

    still best album

  88. Black_ Kulture

    2019 anyone ??

  89. Sundasia Darniece


  90. Abi Garcia

    2019 going strong

  91. Taunya Johnson

    My shit