Keyshia Cole - Cole World (Outro) Lyrics

[Too $hort (Keyshia Cole):]
This is Too $hort, I need to let you know one thang
It's a dope ass album, girl-I'm fuckin' with it
I fucks with' you, for real though
You know we love it, girl (Know that I love it)
Keep making that good music
I know you remember what 2Pac taught you (Oh yeah)
'Cause you've been smashing ever since (Getting...)
Smashing on the game (... money)
Getting money
Been all over the world
I gotta say I respect 100 percent
How you give these little girls the game
How you give grown ass women that knowledge
How you ain't no punk, yeah

[Keyshia Cole:]
Special cloth alert
A cole, cole, cole, Cole World
And I put that on everything
A cole, cole, cole, Cole World
So cole, so Cole World

[Too $hort (Keyshia Cole):]
You know where we're going, Keyshia
(Straight to the top) To the top...

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