Keys, Alicia - Prelude To A Kiss Lyrics

[Little Intro played by Alicia]
Mhmmmm... yeah yea yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Mhmhmh [x3]

Sometimes I feel..... like I don't belong anywhere.
And it's gonna take.... so long for me to get to somewhere.........

Sometimes I feel so heavy hearted.., but I can't explain cuz I'm so guarded.
But that's a lonely road to travel, and a heavy load to... bear.

And it's a long, long way to heaven but I gotta get there.....
Can you send an angel.....?
Can you send me an angel...... to guide me.

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Keys, Alicia Prelude To A Kiss Comments
  1. kevin buckingham

    What a beautiful song. She sings it perfectly Alicia keys is beautiful...

  2. 유경숙

    Send me an angel ?

  3. Natália Florêncio

    Just how I feel most of the part of my life.

  4. Dirk Mündelein

    Such beautiful composition ..i try a solo version for Guitar :

  5. Alpha Comodore

    Ti giuro sistemate le cose non ti metti a cantare in inglese Davvero, cioé anche la musica che vuoi.
    Fai un Torto alla Musica.

  6. Charles Taylor

    Alicia Keys i love you i am your biggest fan

  7. Giuseppe J Romanelli

    I love you Alicia! ❤

  8. purplelove010

    Kinda reminds me of one of John Lennon songs

  9. Hello Patsey

    my favorite Alicia Keys song

    Shica Shantelle

    Hello Patsey I like how it leads into "Tell You Something" on the album!!!

  10. kaitlyn nehira

    No one can sing this song like Alicia keys

  11. Dorothy Annette

    This isn't Prelude to a Kiss.

  12. DJBJ

    @jon weiss its not about how complex music is... Its how it makes you feel. This song is proof.

  13. hysuka2

    I remember being really sad as a kid and I would always sing a song that sounded just like this. lol When she released this song I thought she was following me or something.

  14. Lydia Walker

    Am I the only one who realized that this song was originally a poem called "Angel" in her book "Tears For Water"?

    Melodie Jai

    she has a book??

    Lydia Walker

    +Melodie Jai yeah it's a poetry book that came out in 2004. She also wrote a children's book called "Blue Moon".


    Wow, I never knew that.

  15. LaNya Cordero

    My favorite shower song ever

  16. NellyBelle

    Bae :).....

  17. Rafael Camargo Urango

    This is the sound of God.

  18. Rashad Ray

    @Jon Weiss Why the negativity? Fisrt off if it wasn't what you were looking for, you certainly had the option of leaving. Secondly, how dare you degrade another musician's work especially when your own is nothing to brag about? Alicia Keys has won over 100 musical awards including 15 Grammies, and has performed at inarguations of Presidents of the United States. You shouldn't have anything to say when in your videos you sound like an underpaid cruise ship singer. Let me know when you've achieved half as much as she has or somehow gain a fraction of the talent.

  19. Lashane

    Such a beautiful song! She sings it's so gracefully.

  20. Pianob50

    @Jon Weiss you obviously don't know music! This is an amazing song and Alicia is an amazing singer, classically trained pianist, and multi-instrumentalist(among other things) ... This woman is amazing!

  21. T #DeterminedB

    should've been longer! <3 love


    It is longer

  22. Jon Weiss

    I was looking Duke Ellington "prelude to a Kiss" and I somehow thought maybe ALicia K sang it and I would be pleasantly surprised. Instead I find her usual maudlin two-chord crapola. Could someone recommend something that she wrote that has some musical substance?


    Jon Weiss You really don't have any idea who Alicia Keys is, do you?


    Musical substance? Dude Alicia Keys is all the musical substance you need!

    Cole Peterson

    I also came to this thinking maybe Alicia had done a cover of the Duke Ellington standard. However, even though we both know Duke is the greatest American composer of all time, Alicia has all the substance you ever need, and it all comes from the heart. She says things in two chords that Duke needs a whole 32 bar form to convey.

    Erich Johnson

    ​@Cole Peterson "She says things in two chords that Duke needs a whole 32 bar form to convey."
    That's a take if I've ever seen one.

  23. jennifer cutnesxD

    mmm.. perfect