Key - POWER Lyrics


1 2 3 come on

Dare mo shiranai
Futari dake no sekai wa
Marude Merry-go-round
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't make me wait

Sagashi mono nara
Tabun koko ni aru yo onaji mono
Boku mo sagashiteru
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't make me wait

Mawaru mawaru kono aoi sora
Tobidasu you na Miracle
Omoi tobira aketemiyou ka
I've changed, changed

Kimi ga iru kara (Give me power power)
Muteki no boku ni naru (It goes straight to my heart)
Kokoro mo karada mo zenbu azukete yo
Do it all night long
Do it all night long

Give me power (Give me power power)
Sekai wo yurugasou It goes straight to my heart
Kagayaku futari no mirai wa tsuzuku
Doko made mo doko made mo

Nayamigoto nara
Doko ka ni okiwasurete (Something)
Boku wa nemutteru
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't make me wait

Meguri meguru keshiki no mukou
Kirameiteiru Miracle
Niji wo kakero omoi wo nosete
I've changed, changed

Kimi ga waraeba (Give me power power)
Muteki no boku da kara (It goes straight to my heart)
Kowagaranakute ii mae wo mukeba ii
Do it all night long
Do it all night long

Give me power Give me power power
Sekai wo kakenukeyou It goes straight to my heart
Mou mayoi wa shinai kokoro no mama ni
Doko e de mo doko e de mo

We going round round round round round
Come on babie let me take you there
Come on babie babie babie let me take you there
We going round round round round round
Come on babie let me take you there
Come on babie babie babie let me take you there

Sou kotoba wa iranai yo (Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up)
Kokoro to kokoro wo tsunagou

Kimi ga iru kara (Give me power power)
Muteki no boku ni naru (It goes straight to my heart)
Kokoro mo karada mo zenbu azukete yo
Do it all night long
Do it all night long

Give me power (Give me power power)
Asu wo tsukisusumo (It goes straight to my heart)
Kagayaku futari no mirai wa tsuzuku
Doko made mo doko made mo Yeah


1 2 3 come on

まるで Merry-go-round
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't make me wait

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't make me wait

飛びだすような Miracle
I've changed, changed

キミがいるから (Give me power power)
無敵のボクになる (It goes straight to my heart)
心も身体も 全部預けてよ
Do it all night long
Do it all night long

Give me power (Give me power power)
世界を揺るがそう (It goes straight to my heart)
輝く 2 人の未来は続く
どこまでも どこまでも

何処かに置き忘れて (Something)
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Don't make me wait

煌めいている Miracle
I've changed, changed

キミが笑えば (Give me power power)
無敵のボクだから (It goes straight to my heart)
Do it all night long
Do it all night long

Give me power (Give me power power)
世界を駆け抜けよう (It goes straight to my heart)
どこへでも どこへでも

We going round round round round round
Come on babie let me take you there
Come on babie babie babie let me take you there
We going round round round round round
Come on babie let me take you there
Come on babie babie babie let me take you there

そう言葉はいらないよ (Don't give up, don't give up, don't give up)

キミがいるから (Give me power power)
無敵のボクになる (It goes straight to my heart)
こころも身体も 全部預けてよ
Do it all night long
Do it all night long

Give me power (Give me power power)
明日を突き進もう (It goes straight to my heart)
輝く 2人の未来は続く
どこまでも どこまでも Yeah

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Key POWER Comments
  1. Lorisa214

    They should show this is schools

  2. sam mahdi

    This is more relevant now than ever

  3. DrogosBaggins

    I dunno... there was that one viking dude that held out against an army on a bridge on his own. He really defended alone there

  4. Van Boyette


  5. Gautham Thampy

    One of the best videos I've even watched in 10 years on YouTube.

  6. Lane Dunn

    A hivemind could technically rule alone.

  7. Majora489

    It explored how democracy can become a dictatorship. However, how does a dictatorship to democracy.


    when a government gets overthrown and all the new keys and the new leader agree then they can form a democracy

  8. Isaiah White

    Rulers are two way relationships. Rule by fear, you fear the people.

  9. Comrade Clyde

    This is why I love small government: we have fewer keys to power, and are practically all friends anyway, so no one is looking to off anyone else. We have the freedom to do good for the people

  10. KatzenProductions

    15 year old kids be watching this video and scratching their chin “hmmm, I see”.

  11. KatzenProductions

    “Do you know the problems in your country and know how to fix them?”

    Yeah, this problem this country is that I’m not rich.

  12. Erich von Manstein

    *Instructions very clear, made a dictatorship*

  13. Lucas Velásquez Morales

    This video is so dark...
    Love it!!

  14. elmers balm

    the power structure doesn't change in a democracy. Legislative councils (parliament/congress) rarely vote in the interest of the majority but almost always vote to defend the interests of the 1%. What changes is the ability to get wealth for cheap from poorer countries. The reason why wealth is somewhat distributed in some countries is key: a state with a powerful military can extract wealth from other states and distribute some of it to the working class. For the rest, this is a great summary.

  15. MrRushSkies

    Nothing new here.
    Just another Crusader Kings 2 tutorial.

  16. Tom Trottier

    Without power you can affect nothing. Luckily we all have the power of art. And without love you’ll never really have anything anyway. But hell, go get em sport.

  17. Tom Trottier

    This was both soul-crushing and thoroughly entertaining. That’s how you know that you’re winning.

  18. Tom Ranieri

    You need to do more thinking about democracy.

  19. MR ICE

    4 years later and this video still scares the living shit out of me

  20. SnowToad

    How about a guide on office politics?

  21. Kevine Araujo

    I don't want to be a dictator, I want to be an emperor that has the support of the people, and a device that if I activate it will kill the head of the navy, the army, etc.

  22. seribelz

    Killing the not needed key, hmmm maybe the coronavirus can help the CCP with that

  23. Joe (USA)

    Pretty fucking uptight and stupid rules that has been made by an idiot. No offence. This video makes me understand humanity less.

    A Weird Kid_ That’s Normal

    Joe (USA)
    You like your comment didn’t you? This technically is true your just very pro democratic since it’s in ur name USA -_-

  24. Jfreek5050

    buht yeah, trump is a total dictator hurdurhur

  25. Unknown one

    Killing the not needed key...okay I understand,but this may also arise another problem that the key which the ruler has not killed would have a thought that he could also be killed one day. This can give the rival kingdom a good opportunity to woo the keys.

  26. Pierre Pradeilles

    And yet Norway, one of the most democratic countries in the world is a major oil producer.
    I don't know if their oil is difficult to extract from the bottom of the ocean, thus, needing engineering knowledge from the population but it should be an interesting case to investigate.

  27. shadowpod13

    Only problem with ignoring the young group and not giving them any treasure is that they have parents who want favors/treasure for their children. Also those children will be supporters in the future.

  28. Charlemagne Europe

    Why not kill the keys and replace them with the loyal and dumb?

  29. Ragheed Idrees

    Did Donald Trump watch this?

  30. JayJay JUMPER

    Isn't this called corruption?

  31. Maziar Yousefi

    Your video made me a dictator, where are my keys?

    Maziar Yousefi

    As a dictator I liked my comment.

  32. Lhexter Sean Balanquit

    What if a dictatorship shift the power of the keys to the citizens instead? Would that work a bit better?

    Quantum Proton

    that's a democracy.

  33. War Experience

    0:03 is that Altis from Arma?

  34. Ravi Teja Koganti

    This video also gives a clear insight on human behavior and psychology.

  35. Ahmed Essam

    Super Like

  36. TheoryQED

    Farm subsidies DO have to do with food. They exist to pay farmers not to grow as much as possible so that we can avoid the tragedy of the commons, which causes the price to fall so low that they aren’t profitable and it gave us the dust bowl.

  37. Remedi

    Absolutely wonderful video, perfectly illustrates the problems inherent in power and in the ability for one to rule over another

    Many thanks
    Your friendly neighborhood anarchist

  38. Louis Stevens

    This is very interesting, but I'm left wondering why Norway, with its huge oil wealth, never decended to autocracy despite what CGP Grey says about a country's wealth coming out of the ground.
    Could anyone explain it to me, please?:)

    Tactical Bacon

    The majority of Norway's economy is a service industry, thus it relies on people

  39. Never Mind

    Could post Saddam Iraq’s chaos be explained by this, as tens of thousands of bureaucrats and hundreds of thousands of military soldiers were denied in the transitional government. Those who were vital in running the day by day operations of the nation.

  40. Stephen Brackin

    Please do a video combining this and your "humans need not apply" video: What happens when wealth no longer comes from the productivity of citizens?

  41. hassan khan

    dude this is so fucking dope. This is why i'm an Anarchist. Power is natural parasitic. All forms of power interaction from the subjects is primed at diverting power away from the subject.

  42. SirBilliam

    Summed up in one sentence: "It's not about what you know, it's about who you know"

  43. Elizabeth Kingsley

    good case in point: Dictatorship Zimbabwe under zanupf misrule!

  44. Chetan Bawane

    So corruption can be completely eradicated only by doing some corruption.


    you cant clean your house without becoming dirty.

  45. Braden the Young

    You sir, are smart as shit.

  46. True Tory

    the spirit of Machiavelli lives on

  47. rEYEn illumanati

    Trump watched this video

  48. Eleanor Maya

    Guess the extinction of the Human Race is the real solution huh...
    -is what my mind keeps telling me everytime I see this video...

  49. cool faces

    Rule with fear so that you can spend the money on the people without opposition from your keys.

  50. dunia khalid

    11:23 when you are comparing your D with your bros

  51. Echosongs14

    Youtube trally doesn't want me to watch this video. Every time I click on it it buffers. Every other video is fine.

  52. Ford Prefect

    What if we create a society of perfect citizens? It is seemingly the only way to make everyone happy.

  53. Supercube

    This is the most depressive and Inspirering video at the same time.

  54. BlueLightningSky

    12:50 CGP Grey controls a huge supply of vespene gas. A resource so abundant you have 2 in your base and 2 more right outside

  55. Phoebe Zhang

    Love that the dunce is still smiling at 3:50, that's some attention to detail!


    Politics, that's just awfula

  57. Fabius 71

    This is basically a how to Stalin

  58. Adven4U1

    No wonder power corrupts.

  59. JustusGregorius

    Nice propaganda. Very nice.

    Tactical Bacon

    What's the propaganda here?

  60. gomitogomez1


  61. IAmSeamonkey

    "Starving, disconnected, illiterates don't make good revolutionaries"
    *laughs in Haitian creole*

    Antony Andrewson

    I luv this

    Antony Andrewson

    Though technically the Haitian slaves werent disconnected and had a few literate leader

  62. Historywitcash

    I will. I will rule justly and fairly.

    Tactical Bacon

    ...for 5 seconds before the military gets sick of you

  63. Adven4U1

    Does anybody remember the book animal farm? Turns out that communism ended up the same.

    Tactical Bacon

    That's now how Animal Farm went at all

  64. 457gaming YT

    Lol is the City a TheoTown city

  65. Owen Barclay

    One of the best videos on YouTube

  66. Ronnie-kun

    Today's western democracies topple down because they disregard making children as unproductive is my takeaway from this

  67. Mark Albert Moritz

    so basically a tropico guide

  68. Adven4U1

    16:26 that’s what happened to Germany... so...

  69. Blaze King

    power is a resource meant to be spent not hoarded

  70. Keallei

    No. I don’t want to rule.

    Robert Jarman

    Either you rule, or someone else does and you have to take it.


    Robert Jarman I’m good at getting things done. Someone else plans, I execute. But I’m also like consulting on what to do and how to accomplish tasks. It takes all sorts, eh?

  71. lasserdog

    the politic it self just bloody rewards muddy ways never world will be better because of you

  72. Adven4U1

    9:34 and 14:15: Trump couldn't keep the most influential key supporters on his side so they let the impeachment happen, lol.

    Robert Jarman

    Trump doesn't need to survive an impeachment vote. He needs to survive the senate trial.

  73. YAH alyazidi

    I believe that democracy is a dictatorship, but I am more complicated and more malicious and deceiving. What is the difference between those who deceive people by the power of arms or by the strength of the tongue?

    Robert Jarman

    The world's best democracies, such as the parliamentary republic of Finland where the president needs an absolute majority of voters to win and the prime minister needs the support of a coalition of parties which proportionally receive their seats in parliament, and the legislators are elected through fully open lists, and with very high turnout, makes it extremely hard to seize control of the Finnish government.

    In such situations, the concept of ruling by force is inconceivable for most Finns. If Russia was not a dictatorial country, and was an open democracy, the Finnish military probably would not exist, and they have an extremely low crime rate and a vey low imprisonment rate and political opponents are not put in prison. Negotiations are essential, and if they break down, the workers refuse to work and rely on a strike fund which usually can pressure the employers into granting at least some important concessions, and new elections can be called for parliament and the prime minister replaced at will of the parliamentary majority.

  74. Luke Henderson

    I love that arma 3 reference at the start

  75. Matthew Blanchette

    9:38 good luck bernie

  76. Oridux

    The Democracy tutorial is being followed by the Republican party ngl

  77. The Real Earth

    That explains underfunded school


    Explains the little focus on the system, too.

  78. Vervito United

    I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. ..thank you dude, you did all this for me!!..this is precious information!!

  79. One Woman Fail Compilation

    Ohhhhh, so THATS why the education system is so stupid.


    ya standardized testing was invented to decide who is smart enough to not be sent to the front lines in war.

    Antony Andrewson


  80. Dean Raja

    IQ and genetics have a role.

  81. The Komodo Collective

    So what you're saying is.. all government is based on corruption.


    ya, show me one that isn't, some just hide it better.. but at least now you know.

    The Komodo Collective

    @rifz42 I take it you're not a huge Call of Duty Modern Warfare player, friend?


    @The Komodo Collective I played some of the CODs but it's been a while.. why?

    The Komodo Collective

    @rifz42 suppose I wasn't being obvious enough but was tryna make a reference to the MW3 opening when Makarov quotes "All Warfare is based on deception". The joke works better in person with the accent.

  82. Νικήτας Γαζής

    What about monarchies tho?

    Quantum Proton

    Monarchies are just heredity dictators

  83. Tobias Higginbottom

    To quote the Donkey Kong Country cartoon:

    "He who holds the coconut, rules."

  84. Kaze Kami

    Considering what's happened to Venezuela this makes sense. Since this is the SECOND time it's happened.

  85. Bipin Maharjan

    I am damn sure that my prime minister don't know about these rules of reward and keys things.

  86. Flatlinehun

    music reminds me to papers, please.

  87. Mr. & Mrs Smith

    “The loyal and dim may stay by your side no matter what”... just described every person who STILL supports Trump... lemmings right over a ledge.

    Robert Jarman

    It's not the ordinary voters Trump requires on his side. An efficiently distributed electoral college win could win by getting pluralities in the states that get 270 or more electors, and those pluralities only have to be among those who do vote out of the whole population. And Trump also needs at least 1/3 of the senate to be on his side to prevent the impeachment and conviction of him or attempted removal through the 25th amendment. This spread of support is a very low one. And given the GDP of the US, and how many benefits Trump could plausibly provide with his government's share of it, and how few people he needs to appease, the winning coalition can be handsomely rewarded, although not equally as he needs the support of the senators more than he needs the support of the voters, and only of the voters does he need to convince the swing voters who could plausibly stay home or vote for other candidates.

  88. Elizabeth Armada

    if someone is running for president ,he or she needed funds from the rich businessmen..then,when he or she comes to power..they will pay the rich businessmen by not letting them pay I right?
    the tendency is that,,the real president is the one who contribute the most
    the president becomes puppet

  89. Phil Ad

    This makes sense. In regard to the fundamentals, there is no difference between dictatorships and democracies. As a matter of fact, democracies are many times more evil.

    Phil Ad

    @Tactical Bacon Perspective. politicians in a democracy have an incentive to give citizens a better life or think they have- same difference. In America, many people have access to milk and meat. Good? Well, they causes osteoporosis, heart issues and many other ailments (ignore the media's lies saying we need a lot of these produces to be healthy). Poorer countries with dictatorships eat more plants so haves less of these health issue nor do they need $1 trillions in healthcare. Heart attacks and cancer are common in America but was unheard of when I lived in a dictatorship (I kid you not). Which is better off? I can write a book chapter with examples. Thinking one has a better life and having more money does not mean life is better overall.

    Tactical Bacon

    Phil Ad Oh, you're just stupid. Ok

    Tactical Bacon

    Phil Ad Enjoy the bread and circuses your dictatorship provides as you're oppressed :)

    Phil Ad

    Tactical Bacon You are missing my entire point. And I live in America now and I am an American. I understand the world outside it because I lived outside America; as my father knew I would be more well-rounded if I did. By the way, there are things I could do under the dictatorship that would get me arrested in America. Aspects were oppressive (like criticizing government), parts were freer (life in general, good food and having fun) and it all balances out compare to democracies.

    Tactical Bacon

    Phil Ad No, no it really doesn't.

    I used to live in Egypt during Arab Spring. So I know a little bit when it comes to democracy vs dictatorships.

    How is life in general freer?

    I still hold that you're an idiot

  90. Extremely Salty Player

    You can't be replaced if you don't have anyone to replace you

    Robert Jarman

    Saddam Hussein had the same idea by installing a Christian as his number two VP, for the same reason.

  91. paTROLLINGxD

    great video

  92. Adnan Demir

    Rule 1- be Stalin

  93. Spongebob Wrinkle scrote

    Bruh, so just be a pushover and let they key supporters do what they want basically?

    Tamal Expert

    Until you dont need then

  94. np 1993

    I guess anarchists were right, the state only serves the interests of powerful people.

  95. yicheng luo

    Dont the citizens vote for a ruler or president? Why are the keys so important then

    Quantum Proton

    campaign funds

    Robert Wright

    Cause no man rules allow. Even if you are a dictator with absolute power in your nation your job of leadership is just that; leading. You alone can't police criminals so you lead police and law keys. You alone can't fight the nation's battles so you lead military and spy keys. So on and so forth.

    Robert Jarman

    If the citizens vote, they are the keys, or at least some of them are.

    Imagine if you have a political system where there are 100 million people. There are 500 members of parliament. You need a majority of them to stay in power. So 251 deputies. Imagine if each of those members of parliament need a plurality of the vote to win. 50%+1 will assure a win, but if your opposition is split so that 35% of the vote can win. So 35% in 251 districts. Imagine if only 70% of the voters are registered to vote and are eligible, such as age, felon disenfranchisement, and similar. And assume only a 45% turnout. And say that only 10% of them are likely to change their opinion in any given election and so need you to make special appeals to them

    Put together, that is 100 million times .7, times .45, times (251/500), times 0.35, times .1. that's about 553,455 voters whose support you must have on your side no matter what. If the GDP per capita is 35 thousand dollars USD, or 3.5 trillion. With only 55.346 billion dollars, you could bribe each of them with 100 thousand dollars for a vote for you. If they don't vote, they lose out on that much money.

    You can see how even in a free election, you can do some pretty suspect things to maintain power.

  96. Quazaril The World Eater

    CGP Grey: no man rules alone.

  97. Pedro Zalazar

    That wink at the ending was very deep. "Maybe you will be difrent", with a Dictator Hat.

    Well, considering how do I play Sim City and how I for fun make everyone's lives worse (pay tolls, police stations, lack of education and healthcare, but I always build a Mayor's House at the hill and add some shitty parks so the people stays calm), I can easily say that I would wear this hat in real life as well.

    To be honest, I love this game. People consider it a silly game for children in which you play as a mayor of a city, but in fact it is a game about corrupted dictator who happened to be you.

    Same goes to RimWorld. I just love cutting apart my prisoners and make a furniture out of their skin.

    Peace, brothers.

  98. Madeline Golding

    Instructions unclear: became a modern diogenes

  99. proxima centauri b

    7:50 take NOTE

  100. RadioactiveRat

    If anyone wonders why Politicians don't always give clear answers; this is why, they don't want to contradict promises to key supporters. Saying anything one way ornthe other would hurt current key supporter relations, and any future relations. Never make an official statement, and you'll never have to back track.


    ya unless it's Andrew Yang, it's amazing how he doesn't dodge questions or use made up stats.