Key - I Will Fight Lyrics


Nareul gyeonweotteon geu mari
Huhweroman gadeukaeseo
Ni soni dateon modeun geot
Geu heunjeoge saraga nan
Hwanhage bichweojudeon
Haeneun ije noeure bit
Eodumi omyeon
Byeori dwen neoreul chajeullae

I'm gonna be your light
Ijen deo apeuji ma
I will live for you, for us

Neoreul wihan my life
Neoneun naege red line
Eoduweojin sunlight
Georeoga shigan sogeul
For the rest of my life
Neoreul wihan my life

Oraenmaniya nan bappasseo pinggyebakke mot dae nappaseo
Gieok neomeoye ni moseup heuryeojimyeon
Geujeseoya kkeonaebwa bit baraen sajindeul
Neol nae ureumeuro ullyeonoko amugeotto haejun ge eopseoseo
Ije junbidwaesseum mweohae neoga eomneunde
Neoyegeman yaksokaetteon geotteul geoye irweotgo
Nan mani dallajeo boyeodo ajik geu shigan soge sara
Majimak nae daehan neoye chaegeun higeugieotgireul
An joeun peiji da taeweobeorigo ttatteutage shwigil

Kkeunnaeji motaneun pages sseonaeryeoga
Bieo inneun geurim da chaeweoga
Kkeojin chotbureul rewind gieoksogeul remind
Heukbaege uri oh bicheul nae eternity

Namaisseo nae bichi dweeojun
Neon pyeongsaeng hamkkeya geurimjacheoreom
Daeche bulleunghan ni jonjael eojji itgenni
Danji gieok soge jangmyeoni heuryeojindaneun ge
Jom maeume andeulppuniji neon yeojeonhi
Yeope isseo nae yeope isseo

For the rest of my life
For the rest of my life
For the rest of my life
Dallyeoga shigan sogeul
Neoreul wihan my life

Maeum han kyeoneseon naeireul deungjigo
Domangchigo shipdan geol aljiman
Sesange naega namgyeojin euimineun mweonji
Neodo mollasseul neoreul chatge hae julkke
Geouri bichweojun nawa fight for you, for us

For the rest of my life
Sorido eopshi majimageuro goodbye

Neoreul wihan my life
Neoneun naege red line
Eoduweojin sunlight
I will live for you, for us
Neoreul wihan my life
Deuriweojin geurimja soge
Neoreul chaja binnaeneun life


나를 겨눴던 그 말이
후회로만 가득해서
니 손이 닿던 모든 것
그 흔적에 살아가 난
환하게 비춰주던
해는 이제 노을의 빛
어둠이 오면
별이 된 너를 찾을래

I'm gonna be your light
이젠 더 아프지 마
I will live for you, for us

너를 위한 my life
너는 내게 red line
어두워진 sunlight
걸어가 시간 속을
For the rest of my life
너를 위한 my life

오랜만이야 난 바빴어 핑계밖에 못 대 나빠서
기억 너머의 니 모습 흐려지면
그제서야 꺼내봐 빛 바랜 사진들
널 내 울음으로 울려놓고 아무것도 해준 게 없어서
이제 준비됐음 뭐해 너가 없는데
너에게만 약속했던 것들 거의 이뤘고
난 많이 달라져 보여도 아직 그 시간 속에 살아
마지막 나에 대한 너의 책은 희극이었기를
안 좋은 페이지 다 태워버리고 따뜻하게 쉬길

끝내지 못하는 pages 써내려가
비어 있는 그림 다 채워가
꺼진 촛불을 rewind 기억속을 remind
흑백의 우리 oh 빛을 내 eternity

남아있어 내 빛이 되어준
넌 평생 함께야 그림자처럼
대체 불능한 니 존잴 어찌 잊겠니
단지 기억 속에 장면이 흐려진다는 게
좀 마음에 안들뿐이지 넌 여전히
옆에 있어 내 옆에 있어

For the rest of my life
For the rest of my life
For the rest of my life
달려가 시간 속을
너를 위한 my life

마음 한 켠에선 내일을 등지고
도망치고 싶단 걸 알지만
세상에 내가 남겨진 의미는 뭔지
너도 몰랐을 너를 찾게 해 줄게
거울이 비춰준 나와 fight for you, for us

For the rest of my life
소리도 없이 마지막으로 goodbye

너를 위한 my life
너는 내게 red line
어두워진 sunlight
I will live for you, for us
너를 위한 my life
드리워진 그림자 속에
너를 찾아 빛내는 life

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Key I Will Fight Comments
  1. tsubasa.kun

    Coming here again becoz of vinxen‘s Instagram post. Tbh I am really disappointed by how he mentioned Jonghyun in his post. Although I know that he also has depression problem, this can’t be an excuse for him to take the two angels as a shield to defend people’s bad comments about what he did. It’s such a shame that he even featured in this song and clearly understand how Jonghyun means to Key.


    People was telling him to die and he said that all they do is care when people actually die using Jonghyun and Sulli as an example. Not his fault for being upset

  2. Suspicious Shawol

    Kibum trusted him but he said things like that... he should apologize.


    No. He was getting told to fucking die so he told people to bully him after he's dead. He said people will only care once you're dead. Leave the guy alone

  3. elena mendoza

    Vinxen la decepción se burlo de jjong y sulli

  4. 주언

    이병재 정신 차려.

  5. Haley Shih

    i'm here again to repeat this. Rest in peace jonghyun, sulli, and goo hara

  6. peaceminusone

    the song gets me so fkn hard, especially 3:00 ......

  7. c a s s


  8. Kayden Carrow

    It's ok my star you can sleep now we are here for you Jjong💎😢😇miss you every day my shining star

  9. 수민

    이 노래 제발 다들 알아주세요ㅠㅠ 진짜 띵곡인데ㅠ💗아무도 몰라준다ㅠ

  10. Sam Lee

    This song is incredible

  11. Ha Nisa

    my sweet voice of our key

  12. SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours

    Don't make me cry... 💙

  13. Brittney

    “the pages you couldn’t finish, i’ll write them” & “fill in all the empty paintings” hit me so incredibly hard

  14. Nicktrbl

    Guys, im here for 2019👍🏼. I dont why but to me jonghyun and key songs have something related. End of a day (jonghyun) and i will fight (kibum) had really close meaning. And glad both of the songs, its comfort me when i having hard times.💓 SHINee world saranghae 💙

  15. Thet Thet San

    Love this song

  16. Harmony

    this is the most beautiful song wow

  17. Jessi M.

    It's been a while since i've listen to this song, not because i didn't want to....but because of the pain it brings back since that day. Key is living the life he promised for him for Jonghyun.

  18. fresh _flesh

    배경에 이름이.. 빈센틐 ㅋㅋ

  19. Ariana Kolesar

    One of the most powerful songs to ever exist, the lyrics are so meaningful and heartfelt. You can tell he spent so much time on this and it’s truly a product of his soul. Beautifully bittersweet. Thank you, Key.

  20. 딸기

    가사가 뭉클해ㅜ

  21. 박지민

    VINXEN 입니다

  22. 장찬희

    빈첸 이름이 VINCENT라고 되어있는거 같은데...

  23. Hadeel Abed

    Such a powerful song. From the lyrics to his voice, it’s astonishing how pain can turn into strength and then be poured into a song.

  24. Jackie Marcos

    Thank you for sharing your heart with us, Kibum. We know ❤️

  25. Rendy Hakim

    I felt that these lyrics all about Jonghyun and that’s make me sad

  26. 마약쟁이


  27. Ajda B

    From which album is this? This song is sooo good. Do u know any similar to this one??

    mama just killed a man

    The album is "Face" by shinee key. There are many songs like this. You can try searching for other songs like this in "face", or by going to visit songs of shinee and every member. I'm sorry for my disgusting English, the reason is that I'm Italian.

  28. Cane Main

    This song sounds like Justin Beiber- as long as you love me

    Ajda B

    But better.

  29. shownu thee stallion

    all the boys’ songs for jonghyun (that theyve either written themselves or deficated to him) are so different and so.... them. kibums talks about how he will fight, how he will carry on and fill all the pages jonghyun left blank with their memories. jinkis song is like a love letter, telling jonghyun how much he loved him and how much comfort jinki found in his fellow member and then finally telling him how he will love him forever. taemins song is heartbreaking and incredibly sad, portraying a lost emotion, not knowing what to do, feeling alone and helpless, feeling lost without his older brother. it’s so bittersweet to see them continue on, but i’m so happy and proud for them. they truly are one of a kind, strong and beautiful souls. i will continue supporting all 5 of you, shinee ♡ i love you 💕


    what are taem's and jinki's songs?

    blueizy life

    @luiza taemin : monologue & onew : shine on you/blue

  30. Megaplayer

    빈첸 최고 키라는 분은 오늘 알았는데 음색 장난 아니네유

  31. Mamata Tskhellambam

    This song,seeing the lyrics,is a full tribute to our Jonghyun oppa.
    Love this song.

  32. N X J


  33. K _ C

    Vinxen is tbh the best artist Kibum could collab with for a song with those lyrics...Bling bling ❤

  34. ash

    "the you who has become a star"
    "the pages you couldn't finish. I'll write them"
    "my life that's for you"
    "I will live for you, for us"

    damn. I've never gotten so emotional listening to a song. I teared up reading these lyrics. This song is so beautiful and meaningful, knowing who it is about just hits hard

  35. ash

    I just heard Key's album for the first time a couple of days ago, and this song immediately became my favorite. I didn't know the lyrics but just hearing the emotion he emits & the melody along with Vinxen being in it, I knew it was a deep song. Then I saw him talking about it, when the interviewer mentioned the lyrics "the you who has become a star" that's when it hit me. Now reading the lyrics I got all emotional. Its such a beautiful song and the lyrics are so deep, featuring Vinxen on this made it much more powerful considering he's known for being open & honest about his struggles. I have so much to say but I don't want my comment to be too long. But this is a beautiful song with so much meaning, Jonghyun would be proud, I know he is. Watching over them, like the beautiful star he was and continues to be

  36. Utkarsha Bora

    this melody is heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time

  37. 서버관리자

    겁나좋다ㅠㅜ아무도모르는게 이해가안돼네ㅜㅜ병재랑 키조합 미춋다ㅜ

  38. FoundmyHobi

    IM CRYING😭😭😭😭💜

  39. shineenctsm'strash SHAWOL

    Can't imagine how much he must have went through while he wrote this song. I'm in tears 💖 he loved him n he loved him back. They loved eachother lot's 💖. Let's live for him with bright smile ☺

  40. Ghizlane Ka

    Your last book about me ?! what does this mean ?! Jonkey is real ?! 🥰

  41. Shaikh Fatima

    Heart touching song ...very nice sang by key with true feelings....😘😘

  42. Simone de Jong

    Words could never be enough to describe how beautiful this song is.
    I teared up.

  43. Paula Lu

    i remember hearing the original song/demo from chelsea grimes, but still, i like how key changed the words to suit his situation💖

  44. 박재현

    Please correct it.

  45. 박재현


  46. Ariana Magana

    This song gives me comfort when nobody does ❤️

  47. 영주

    노래 개 띵곡이다

  48. theos379

    I posted this responding 2 somone else. I wanted to see what other fans/non fans had to say about the deep meaning of the song???

    Some say it was about Key's grandmother...but the 1st time I heard the song 2day....

    I felt it was about Jonghyun and how he felt guilty for NOT being their in his time of need??? ANY TRUE VALID THOUGHTS FROM ANYONE???

    😘😘😘What book??? Did I miss something??? And how does anyone know for sure what sexual orientation these guys or anyone ARE???

    What I have notice as a KPOP fan....KOREAN ENTERTAINMENT COMPANIES...assign certain roles to members...EVEN if against their will. I have heard this from friends of friends from S. Korea.

    From this....someone or several people from the "INSIDE" ship these "couples" 2 the public 2 garner free publicity.....AND LORD KNOWS WHAT ELSE.



    It is so easy 2 know???? And I am still w/many other fans WHO ARE NOT convinced Jonghyun took his own still bothers me...even now.

    Only those involved and GOD knows the truth.....I wish 4 All of these guys and anyone out there to KNOW THEY ARE LOVED AND NEVER TRULY ALONE!!!



    And if they were truly lovers....MAY THE LORD BLESS THEM. I know many people over here who still live in the closet 4 fear of being shunned....and it saddens me.....DEEPLY.

    EVERYONE SHOULD NEVER FEAR OF BEING IN LOVE....EVEN IF IT IS OF THE SAME SEX. Just as long as they are not hurting children...😘😘😘😘😘

  49. D I

    I feel alive for other people .. during my life even though I'm younger than the key.. I never felt the life of myself.. after I stepped far and too far.. I just realized my life was like a prison in my own shadow.. I want to run,escape and be myself, but that's not easy.. because all my mistakes.. I created this dairy self for him..!! now there is no way to go back,,I really regret it...! Pls be u own self key,,don’t pretend to be him or he very difficult,,i got experience with the same way live for him not for us....!!! Dont make mistake as like me....!

  50. Ana 9

    ,,The pages you couldnt finish,ill write them,,
    God Key whyyy ???????
    Shit why am I so emotional...these lyrics are ruining me..

  51. 행복한 순간공유

    와 쩔어

  52. Asahina Mikage

    I think writing the lyrics for this was part of Key's therapy. The overflowing emotions is really evident when you absorb the message of the song. He probably wanted to give up too but he chose to fight or Jonghyun. That something is really precious and brave of him. God, I love you SHINee.

  53. Jong key

    this is the translation for key's new song "I wanna be" if you want it:
    Alright, Look forward to it (it!)
    I stand upside down (down!)
    Because I will raise this earth straight up and give it to you (give to you!)
    On top of your palm (shiny!)
    I put that star (bling bling!)
    While everyone's asleep, only we're awake on top of this universe (shoo!)

    Whenever I see you
    my heart overflows and grows bigger
    I'm not exaggerating, it's the truth
    I, who's always wishing for you
    Next to my shadow, I want to be the closest to you girl

    Always next to you, I wanne be
    Don't feel grateful, just take me for granted
    so that you can find me whithin ten steps
    always next to you, I wanna be

    Always inside your heart, I wanna be
    Think of me when you're feeling alone
    even before this song ends
    always inside your heart I wanna be

    Soyeon part:
    The words "I love you, I love you"
    aren't enough to express my feelings
    I want to give you everything I have
    even my dreams have changed to ones where I'm with you
    I will be next to you everyday
    I'll make it so you won't be lonely for even just one minute
    I'll empty out my entire heart
    I'll make it so only you live in there

    My heart that faces you
    if you change it into a melody
    this song won't end today
    But you know
    even this isn't enough
    I'll probably be humming this song again

    Always next to you I wanna be
    Don't feel grateful, just take me for granted
    so that you can find me within ten steps
    Always next to you I wanna be

    Always inside your heart I wanna be
    think of me when you're feeling alone
    even before this song ends
    Always inside your heart I wanna be

    From the sea (wherever you go)
    To the sky (wherever you go)
    Wherever (wherever you go)
    We are together

    At dawn (whenever you want)
    At sunset (whenever you want)
    Whenever (whenever you want)
    With you

    Always inside your heart, I wanna be
    Think of me when you're feeling alone
    Even before this song ends
    Always inside your heart I wanna be

    I wanna be baby
    I wanna leave all
    to get to you girl

    Always inside your heart I wanna be

    credits @alittlefreakey

  54. Jade Ho

    this song will be the anthem for so many. I have never been so grateful to love some one in my entire life, a beautiful piece no one could have put it better. For him for us. no one could have had a better swan song

  55. Taneisha

    This song holds so much meaning ✨😭 Jonghyun key will live for you and him 💘 this song is precious i know he is proud !

  56. Jazz Bado

    I will fight for you for us

  57. Tictac Maybeau

    Choosing Vinxen to feature on this song is really interesting, I’m honestly glad the two collaborated, I love both their original styles so it’s interesting to see a combination

  58. N. RM

    I have no words to say this is the first time i’m listening to key voice and his voice is just wow I really love it he is amazing why I hadn’t listened to him before and the song is the best song ever wow i really love it soooooooooo much 💗💗💗💗💗💗they are amazing 😭💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. 900408 jh

    Cry,cry I can't stop...

  60. SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours

    I think This song if for *Joughyun* 💕💑👬💕💑👬💑💕💑💕💑👬💑💕💑💕💑👬💑💕💑👬💑💕💑👬💑💕 *JongKey Forever*

  61. SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours

    La lala la Love this song ❤️

  62. 달래진

    Vincent가 아니라 vinxen 아니에요??아님 말구요..

  63. larinha

    coisa mais linda

  64. ameera .m

    Omgg my heart hurts for Key honestly.

  65. ameera .m


  66. Paradise Lost


  67. 소이의캣휠바퀴

    처음보는 조합이라 당황해서 들어왔는데 노래 개좋아...미친ㄴ...약간 팝송 느낌도 난다

  68. JustSillvrr


  69. Zonunsangi Chhangte

    너를 위한 my life❣️

  70. 비공개

    ㅈㄴ우울한데 위로 받네요

  71. Duacha Yang

    This song hits hard. The passion, pain and longing in this song is everything. It's so real. I felt every single word that was sung.... SHINee is coping with their pain through something they love, music. LOVE IT, LOVE KEY, LOVE SHINEE!

  72. lil minxze

    That is so beautiful, that Jonghyun will not be forgotten and will live forever, not only in our hearts, but in Shinee's music, too. That's just so comforting

  73. Joyce Cheok

    The minute i heard this song n its English lyrics .tears just flowed. They still do. Keys love for Jonghyun is so beautiful. After Jjiong's passing..Key seems to hv become so much more charming n a more manly way. Same for all the Shinee members.Love them for their strength of character to fight on ..they didnt give up but shine brighter than ever.

  74. Diamond Sky

    It's hard not to cry.
    Uri Kibummie you're so strong thank you for making a music for him. We (Shawols) will live and fight for you, for SHINee for the rest of our lives.
    I'm so proud of you

  75. Kristine Lhene

    Key's voice 🤗😱😱😍 he is singing from his heart and soul... you could feel that..

  76. Asyifa Ifa

    Key ilove you... miss you jonghyun... 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💓💓💓❤❤❤❤❤❤

  77. Asyifa Ifa

    key i love you ❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓❤❤❤❤💜💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  78. Shinee's Shining Biss

    Key explained that this song is about a friend, his family, and fans. So quite possibly this is about Jonghyun but also it's for us. He knows we're hurt and he promises to fight for us and live for us. So for all of us out there. If you feel like you're alone... Key said it himself that he will fight and live for us. Thank you Key for everything. Thanks to Onew, Taemin, Key, and Minho for staying strong. Thank you Jonghyun for being there for us all when you were still here. SHINee is still five and they will keep on protecting us.

    Jong key

    He said that this song is a direct message to the world, to his friend and to his fans. And the message is "I will live for you, for us". This is for jonghyun. Everybody knows that already with the lyrics. He wants the world and his fans to understand that jongkey was real. When he says "I will live for you, for us" it means there was an "us". They were together.


    I literally cried, this is so amazing and personal ♥ bless this.

  80. Marisa Lopez

    All this time after the incident.. I tried to find the words that dicribed what was in my heart. This song was it. Jonghyun you don't need to hurt anymore. <3 Even if I want to turn my back on tomorrow… I will live for YOU for US. For the rest of my life. - YOU DID WELL BLING BLING -

  81. W.H.O

    my heart is so happy to witness VINXEN and Key collab

  82. Hanae Chan

    Key's voice makes me feel calm, secure, at's a little late but i'm officially a fan

  83. MoNBeBe LooRin

    3:00 😭

  84. 빛투비

    VINCENT가̆̎ 아니라̆̈ Vinxen 인데용

  85. Sabreena Syaharudin

    Honestly.. i cried a lot reading the comments 😭 it's been a year and the sadness still won't leave me 😭 oh Key.. I'm sure Jonghyun is proud of you from up there and wouldn't want you or the rest to be sad always ❤️

  86. oppa chingu

    I loveeee youu,Vinxennnnn

  87. 김보민

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    Joyce Cheok

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    Mrs Kim Namjoon

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    @Mrs Kim Namjoon No His name was Vinxentius, his Christian name. And then he changed to vinxen.