Key Glock - Russian Cream Lyrics

I got big rocks jumpin' out my brand new Patek watch
Ice ice baby, uh-huh, I got a whole lot
Niggas you's a nobody, you ain't got no bodies
These niggas they know 'bout it, these niggas know 'bout me

Step up on the scene
Diamonds bling, these hoes scream
Checkerboard Louie V
I'm so fresh and so clean clean
Stuff them bands in my jeans
Slap them thirties in them things
Pull the trigger, let it sing
Then go smoke a Russian cream

I got money blue and green
Drop them racks on double G's
Yeah, I'm a Gucci fiend
Feel like Tarzan, all these trees
I get so high I can't breathe
Like LeBron, bitch I'm a king
But I never leave my heat
Yeah, what the fuck you mean
Hop in and hear the exhaust
Hit the gas, watch me get lost
Tell that bitch keep on her drawers, yeah
Yeah, 'cause you know I want them jaws, yeah
No you can't text or can't call, no
I got a bitch at the house, yeah
Give that ho straight to my dawg, yeah
Dunk that ho like basketball, uh
You know I'm all 'bout my figures
Young nigga gettin' them digits
Young niggas goin' gorilla
I heard you be talkin' that peeler
Boy you know you not no killer
My chopper eat niggas for dinner
My diamonds is ill, make you shiver
This codeine is eatin' my liver
Uh, duh, I drink mud, yuh, pourin' just because
On my rose I spent a dub, yuh, shinin' like a bug
Buy that shit, don't give a fuck
Yeah this hustlin' in my blood
My heart cold, can't show no love
Yeah my grandma raised a thug
Yeah I bought them racks out
Everything I cashed out
Left the lot, I smashed out
Come get your boss and cash out
Get high 'til I pass out
From the back, she pass out
Pull her tracks, she tap out
Big Glock make her spazz out

Step up on the scene
Diamonds bling, these hoes scream
Checkerboard Louie V
I'm so fresh and so clean clean
Stuff them bands in my jeans
Slap them thirties in them things
Pull the trigger, let it sing
Then go smoke a Russian cream

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Key Glock Russian Cream Comments
  1. Brandon G

    Is that his finger print in the chair ????

  2. Fabi Ben

    This the new age project pat this shit go hard 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥

  3. Quran Washington

    Russian cream my favorite💯

  4. Jasmine Walker

    2020 anybody?

  5. jpentertainment

    I’m a 19 year old rapper from TEXAS , what do y’all think of my craft ..!!?

    🟡 Instagram: MVPJOJO 🟡
    🟣SoundCloud: MVPJOJO🟣

  6. BTE Calvin

    I remembered this🧡🔥👁

  7. Allison Roath

    now i understand why i never heard ab them

  8. Mihail Aleshin


  9. Melveli

    Remind me of xxxtentacion beat on SIPPIN TEA IN YO HOOD

  10. Night Wing 17


  11. devon johnston

    Anyone who says key glock underrated is a retard💯💯

  12. Tactical Leprechaun

    who still slappin in 2020?

  13. SevenUP901

    2:13 I'm not a breast man but Damn

  14. FBI

    2020 bitches
    This shit fire baby'

  15. Omar Zuniga

    Came here after a Silverado video 😂😂

  16. moses thomas

    Key glock is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  17. Jackson


  18. Shay & Brayden


  19. Jacquelyn L Hayes

    Jackie chan

  20. Jacquelyn L Hayes

    💯 hell ya

  21. Mo Nikole

    Lmaoooo I love this shit

  22. ndr blz

    2020 still banging !

  23. Joey Chief420

    2k20 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Minimal 1

    2020 I smoking cream

  25. thouxanbanfauni x unotheactivist


  26. Candi Osama

    If he gained like 30 more pounds he would look really good

  27. T F

    Я что то не понял, хули та русские?

  28. Isis Gardner

    The bitch in the backseat a man 😂🤣

  29. Yvonne Gonzalez

    Beat sounds familiar, anyone know if this beat was used by ant other artist?

  30. Cerg kudrik

    У Артемиия Смирнова (Trap Maloy) более реалистичные слова и действия.

  31. nunyabiness

    how to get tits on youtube 101

  32. jesus gonzales

    2020 shit still 🔥🔥

  33. James Coburn

    What’s the ig @‘s?

  34. Panther14

    I got big rocks jumping on my brand new watch ice ice baby u hu I got a hoe lot nigga your nobody you don’t no body’s thes niggas no about it thes niggas no about me step up on the seen dimensions bling thes hoes scream check the boy Lois vim so fresh clean clean stuff them bands in jeans and them thirdlys. I’m done

  35. Cassie Xo

    2020 anybody?

  36. Victoria Great

    Отменное дерьмо!)

  37. lllRuSslll

    -"close the doore"
    "three minutes sounds- FAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAPFAP"

  38. Cameron

    Who is the blonde girl with long hair she fine af


    Cameron audream

  39. C. Patrick

    man who that big tiddy bih on the left w them nipples


    C. Patrick audream

  40. cozaa a

    Sick sick song o goddd

  41. Erick Martinez

    Glock and Dolph not underrated AF..

  42. Hunter Morano

    this shit goes hard with 3 15 inch subs and 6 8 inchers

  43. yokai

    this sounds different from the one on apple music

  44. Memo Calderon

    On gawd who's nipples??? 😍

  45. Adam Saunders

    Posted on my bd he a goat 🐐💯

  46. Alex Graves

    Still slaps 💯🤟🏾💨💨

  47. Fabian Hernandez


  48. Trucker Steve

    Who did it better Key Clock or Huie V?

  49. Reginald Perkins

    This beat still hard

  50. kamil skuba

    Bro..... this is lowkey one of his top 3. This slammmmms

  51. timelesssoldiers

    KD - "Shots Fired"

    Listen 2 this track on YouTube and all major music streaming services 🔥

  52. Someone Else

    Pancada seh loko

  53. Diego Rodríguez

    Glock is very hard in 2019 🔥🔥

  54. LIL Lean

    Video hard asf

  55. Cannabis Family

    who are those ladies damn

  56. No Limit

    Tay Keith fuck the brothas up!

  57. Maisam Khan

    Mans BloccBoi SP 😂😂

  58. Chris Pesta

    Literally just cracked the glass on my car 3 Rockford fosgate 12s 1200 watts a piece

  59. michael dixon

    Why though? This garbage should be played out by now, but it has done so much for black culture, I'm sure their communities have benefited greatly!

  60. WeALLLove HerGaming

    It's lit

  61. Kelvin Matthews


  62. Tykeyah Newman

    He so dam fine an ion like skinny dudes🥰🥰🥰

  63. Michael noble

    I just realized I was noting
    My head to this song while reading the comments 😮

  64. Juice park

    Good rappin not mumbling good shit nigga

  65. Esketit_242

    Ohh I'm just here from Facebook.

    Who else?

    668120s idk reborn

    No nigga

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    This song helps me take a shit on g

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    KeyGlock the most slept on

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    Tay Keith a monster on them instrumentals 🔥

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    Paper Route the hottest shit out there right now

    Tommy Wiley

    Who agree though, 4 real

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    Go ключ Глок

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    Кто после Олежки(КИЗАРУ)?

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