Key Glock - Pride Lyrics

Let the band play
Ayo, Bandplay

Ay, fuck luck, got a stick on me
I'm a young thug and a rich homie
Bad bitch get dick only
No money? No, I don't condone it, uh
Yeah, I came in with the Rolly
Now I got an AP, baguette white gold, yeah, uh
Hell yeah I'm playin' with the shit
Young nigga like to flex and everybody know that, uh
Yeah, yeah, everybody know (Uh)
Everybody know I smoke dope (What)
Everybody know (Yup)
Everybody know how it go (What)
Yeah, I fuck everybody ho (Uh)
Everybody know (Duh)
Everybody know what I tote (Yeah)
Everybody know that my clips are 3-0 or more (Yeah)
Everybody say they want smoke (Tsk)
Everybody say they want smoke 'til they meet the goat

Everybody know (Yeah)
It's a green light, yeah, everything'll go (Yeah)
Eyes real low (Low)
Everybody know (Yup)
Everybody know I don't give a fuck about a ho (Ha)
I used to keep my whole bank account in the flo' (Yup)
Let the carpet hang out the back window (Fuck)
Fuck you, your best friend and your kinfolk (Fuck)
Police-ass nigga, call 'em Carl Winslow (Fuck)
Don't ask me why I be so fresh (Ayy)
Don't ask me why my ice so wet
Four hundred on my neck (Woo)
I ain't spend no rap money yet (Nah)
Is she your bitch? (What)
Then why she on my dick?
But I don't really like to have sex (Ha)
I just love cashin' these checks (Yeah)
That shit feel the best (Yeah)
Wait until y'all see what's next (Wait)
I just do more, say less (Yeah)
M's wit' a S (Millions)

Millions on me, I will not stop 'til I get to a billion
No, I can't stop, got my people dependin'
I ran it up, got my real niggas wit' me
But some niggas switched and turned into bitches
Now in some mansions start hittin' the trenches (Yuh)
Too many bands, I can't bend it (Ice)
Too many hoes, I can't get 'em off
Off of me (Of me)
Yeah, everybody know I'm a P
Everybody know me
Everybody know she a freak (Uh)
Everybody know she eat me (Uh)
Glock, you a beast (Glock)
Set a new trend every week (Yup)
I spend it like it grow on trees (Guop)
Ridin' through the streets (Yup)
With Dolph in here, double off the tree
Got everybody on Gelato and the Russian Cream, yeah
Ay, lemme see that lighter, Glock

Mansion on a hill but I come from the slum (Yeah)
Wearin' Balenciaga's like Air Force One
I'm not a pimp but got my holdin' bitches down one
Black ass nigga like Akon (Dolph)
Hustlin' ass nigga, I'm my mama's son (Yup)
Send it to your front door like Amazon (Ayy)
Leave it at the front door, ain't nobody home (Uh)
Everybody know that he a real one (Yeah)
Been a trap nigga since a lil' one (Yeah)
Eatin' like the pilgrims
Everybody know that she a bad one (Bad)
But yeah, I already had one (Ayy)
Now she in her feelings (Ayy)
Jackin' the rocks in my ears
Let's get it clear
It ain't money then I can't hear (What'd you say?)
Dolce Gabbana my drip
Gun on my hip
Don't get your shit peeled, ayy

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Key Glock Pride Comments
  1. Ty Gotti

    Need this official video. This song go so crazy dawg

  2. Keith Lovoya

    This a henny n sum weed sounds krazy

  3. Daniel

    Gave me the stank face real quick when I heard that beat god damn🤣😳🔥 slaps so hard

  4. G.I. JOE RO

    This right here is the United States national anthem. Y'all don't even know Imma Be Congressman with them six years and present within 20

  5. emmitt holiday

    Super underrated

  6. highway hero

    He slide this bih... Dark shades like im spyin

  7. Micheal Swink

    Nigga said ......dont try the gang nem turn yo block to a fish fry 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Micheal Swink

    Man this is sick

  9. highway hero

    Band play is diverse af.

  10. DeezyB88 _

    Pardison Fontaine and SimXxSantana collab plz

  11. DeezyB88 _

    Moneybag Yo shud feature this fr. And distort da beat slightly with 💰 verse. Bring the 3-6 sample during in and out also.

  12. Seddy juslin

    This guy has potential

  13. Cora Cano


  14. Cora Cano


  15. SoHo Don

    Why they didn’t do the video to one of the top songs on the album 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


    I need the this beat damnnnnn mayne and he talking that shit , don't think I'mma lick dawg , acting like PJ won't shut it down

  17. Tatenda Mujuru

    Geisha anthem


    Come getcho bitch dogg 💯

  19. It'sYoBoyCharlie 13

    people compare Glock and Dolph as if they're not related.... fyi they are

  20. Javaris Singleton

    Three 6 mafia - I'm So Hi....sampled

  21. Jeremiah Marshall

    I wonder if moneybagg yo and youngsta listening to this track?

    Tori Shaneace

    Jeremiah Marshall why???

    Jeremiah Marshall

    Tori Shaneace y? =z cuz this song is fire Memphis stand up

    Tori Shaneace

    Jeremiah Marshall yessss I’m definitely from Memphis, so I was just curious because they’re all doing good !!

    Jeremiah Marshall

    I’m from dc and we fuck with the whole Memphis period

  22. Ronzell Jones 23st. O.G.

    P.R.E. holding the streets (DOWN) in my Dolph voice 💪🏿

  23. neal Angelethy

    Man this beat feel like a 3 6 type beat

  24. theman2k7

    “45 on my hip so don’t think I’m a lick dawg” stupid 🤦🏾‍♂️ 🔥

  25. Otro Pedo

    This beat be bumping !! Shout feom California

  26. Kristy Ring

    Fasho this the hardest song out the album 🔥

  27. Justin Hamilton

    MEMPHIS-10 SHIT!$!$!$!$!!!!🔥👿🔥👿🔥👿🔥👿🔥👿

  28. Johnny DTW

    Glock da new improved dolph?

  29. PerryMIA TheYoungking

    163 people don't have pride 🤷

  30. Rcae RunninCirclesAroundEveryone

    Juicy JJ TYPE SHII

  31. KinGDarius IG

    Yeah Hoe! #Yeah

  32. Triqqa James

    Popeyes bought me here again 🔥🔥🔥

  33. Numerical 1988 Strength

    (T🤯🤯 Much Pride B*tch)
    (Fr🤯m The B🤯tt🤯m I Climbed)


    I hear juicy j or project all over dis

  35. El Gideon Baruch Yahawadah

    Then 8ball mjg

  36. El Gideon Baruch Yahawadah

    I fuck with em but three six mafia the legends hand down 💯

  37. Dior

    Smh can't wait for dem to put out the tracks that ain't make diz tape cuz that's gon b more 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  38. Madmax Max3

    Dude gifted bro hot shit

  39. ddp7028


  40. Jonathan Lyman

    this beat remind me of 3-6 mafia straight drop🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

    HBK T Breezo

    Dis dat Memphis shit lol

    Edward Moore

    Dat Dj paul drop yea i hear it too


    Now ha legs tied 🤪

  42. koby Tate

    Nothing but bangers

  43. johnnieb15

    Hardest beat on the mixtape #MEMPHISSHIT

  44. Collin Marshall

    Salute for getting this album out 🔥🚫🎓

  45. The Plug

    The beats on this whole album fire 🔥

  46. Teron Millen

    Glock and Dolph aint come to play.Shout out from the 513

  47. jodie stokes

    I chase dead guys 🔥😂

  48. lynchstrShun come get it

    Come get yo bitch dog 🐕!!!!! Why she all up in my dick dog 🔥🔥😂😂😂

  49. Braxton Edmonds

    If this ain't some triple six type shit I dont know what is! Repin that 90s flow 🔥

  50. I’m boutMyHog

    This shit right here so unmistakably Memphis i swear.....

  51. Doug Massie

    Like this if Bandplay is top 5 coldest in the game right now , 20-22 tracks on this project ....

  52. SmokeyStaySmokin

    Gettin three 6 mafia vibes from this beat.

  53. Diante Hernton

    My man's key Glock B kinda goin inn low-key

  54. Britt Palomino

    73 people don’t have no pride! 🤷🏻‍♂️😆

  55. Chambvrs

    Bitch what...yea...yea...yea 💯

  56. Ken Ball

    It's yo bed time lay yo ass down nigga I chase dead guys 🔥🤦🏿‍♂️💯

  57. magik7800

    I don't really like leaving comments but I have to say this whole album go hard all day! I'm slapping all day at work. Wish they would of put some 3 6 Mafia. Would be the perfect mix. Omg!

  58. lal2real ctw.

    36 mafia beat 🔥🔥🔥

  59. AJAXX92

    Every song on this mixtape has fire instrumentals. 💯💸🔥

  60. Sean Duncan

    This Jont is soo mf tough

  61. J Will

    This was breaking the mold with how the beat catches up wit the flow and I liked the idea and creativity put into the track. It’s good timing but I think it would have been a bit smoother with slower beats per minute (b.p.m.) and chop and screw it like you from Texas


    I’m from Fort Worth Texas and naw, they wouldn’t sound right chopped and screwed

    OweDee Gaming

    This a Memphis beat bruh‼️

  62. Guru Fpv

    Nigga. Rode. This beat so fucking smooth

  63. King Chris TV


  64. Jacob darcangelo

    This album make motherfuckers who broke flex

  65. Jacob darcangelo

    Shit slappp in the car

  66. Yetziel Robinsno


  67. Will Matthews

    It’s yo bedtime😴😴😴

  68. Nathan Gold

    Paper route biznezz

  69. K- Black

    Old School 3/6 Mafia Type Beat.....

  70. Byron Smith

    Can somebody do a instrumental for this 🔥🔥🔥

  71. Corey Robertson

    Can We Get Video For Dis Joint🔥🔥

  72. Bruce Davis

    Grew up on triple 6....takin me back juicy j inspired🔥💯

  73. coolestdoinit

    This muthafukka crazy right here whoooooooooo

  74. Phillip Brown

    Turn yo block 2 a FishFry🔊🔥🔥

  75. James Blunt

    Stuck on this track since i clicked😤🦍💯

  76. L’z Rivera

    Dolph & glock 🐐🔥🤟🏼

  77. Jay Nicholas412

    Three 6 vibes

  78. Mazeratii Young

    ON SUM 36 SHIT! OKAAAY! m town resprent! from the LOU!

  79. King Relo

    Glock lyrics are getting better though

  80. GoneGetit

    Key boutta take Over💪😂🔥

  81. Ej Grow


  82. dip drugz

    Gang'nem turn ya block into a fish fry 🗣️yeahhhhhh-glizock

    Micheal Swink

    Nigga ,glock ate this beat

  83. Steven Aliff

    In my opinion, best song on here. But the whole thing is still 🔥🔥🔥

    SoHo Don

    This or baby jokeer for sure

  84. Timothe Barr

    Track stupid

  85. Snacks Pack TV

    This beat is very very serious 👌🏾😩🔥

    Unknown Incognito

    Woooooooooow, u caught it. (Serious) 🔥 key glock 🔥


    I need it 😩

    Drec Avant

    Joshua Aldaco 🔫 Aye🤨

    Jonniel Martinez

    This shit is fire!!

  86. Алексей Алёхин

    Легче просветить самого глупого человека, чем человека гордого.

  87. Алексей Алёхин

    Если человек горд, то он выделяет себя от других людей и этим лишает себя лучшей радости жизни - свободного и радостного общения со всеми людьми.

    Y Genov

    thats fuckein' new age bullshits for depressed ppl...If you don't have pride and Ego you are a fucked sheep

    Onyx Lundy

    Y Genov tf is he sayin lmao

    Y Genov

    @Onyx Lundy When people got pride he stay away from other people and lose chances for fun and great plasures of life.Free talk with other people (new age no ego shytz)

    Jeremiah Gomez

    Onyx Lundy he said Nigga we ain’t worried about nothing 💯

  88. keyona knox

    Damn this junt hitting HARDER each song I click on !🤪💯. Beats on point .

  89. Shon Hardman

    I like this song...A Lot!! 🔥🔥

  90. IGS Mafia

    That Three 6 Mafia ! Project pat vibes

    Javaris Singleton

    IGS Mafia I'm So Hi.. Sample

    FockSit Records

    Real shit


    the snare is sampled from rodney o and joe cooley everlasting bass, dj paul used it all through the mid 90s, go listen to ridin n da chevy pt 2 by three 6 and youll hear the snare

  91. Carrie Mahoney

    Did they sample we get money dough boy fresh

  92. YaboySmooth


  93. D CP

    That 36 mix n sample!!! 🔥

    David Boi

    Imma be honest, this does NOT sound like that sample at all..

    D CP

    @David Boi ole school 36 not just a specific song... But its mixed in there listen a lil harder

    Javaris Singleton

    @D CP indeed.. definitely mixed with screaming dudes in the background

    David Boi

    Ooo, ok


    Javaris Singleton the guys in the back made it better in my opinion

  94. Bossy skool

    At this point dolph and glock only ones matter album of the summer

  95. Carrie Mahoney

    This shit slap so hard 👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 they better stop sleeping on my bot