Key Glock - Maybach Lyrics

Sosa 808 got this bitch knockin', nigga, ayy

I jump out of the Maybach, Gucci flops and a wave cap
I got all my chains on, but they like, "Where your shirt at?"
Bitch, why you worried? I'm flexin' on purpose (Yeah)
Killers in my circle (Yeah), two straps on me, Urkel (Fire)

Goon by the beam, bitch, we tote a lot of things (Yeah)
Young nigga eatin', watch me floss my flawless teeth, uh (Yeah)
Benz limousine, S600 killed the scene, uh
Summertime fine, she sip wine, I sip lean, yeah
I get dough, Krispy Kreame (Dough), bitch, this hustlin' in my genes
Grandma house with collard greens, yeah, you know your boy was eatin' (Glizzock)
I been pimpin' since a teen, can't you tell? Look at my rings (Bitch)
And I'm only 21, goddamn near milly worth of bling, yeah
I just pulled up McLaren, got these hoes starin' (Starin')
Doors up, eye candy (What?), can't park it so I land it
Bad bitch bandit, I want her so I smash it (Come here)
I make it look like magic, yeah, watch me Shaq Attack it (Yeah)

I jump out of the Maybach, Gucci flops and a wave cap (Glizzock)
I got all my chains on, but they like, "Where your shirt at?" (What?)
Bitch, why you worried? I'm flexin' on purpose (Yeah)
Killers in my circle, two straps on me, Urkel (Fire, fire)

Ooh, alley-oop, I pass that bitch right to the crew, yeah
Feel like Uncle Luke, I make these bitchess how they boobs, yeah
Creepin' with your boo around 2, and the coupe go two somethin'
Yeah, bitch I be drippy, I be killin' shit, I'm gruesome (Drip)
Just hopped out of the Maybach
High as fuck, where my shades at?
Eighty in my Louis bag, can't call this a purse, jack
TSA with big racks, they like, "Where you work at?"
And I don't want no verses, man, these niggas too wack (The fuck?)
Cappin' and they fraud, that's on God, yeah (On God), uh
Lil' nigga livin' extra large (Large), on God (On God)
And you know I keep that carbon in my car, yeah, on God (Fire)
In that big body, sometimes hard to park it, on God, yeah

I jump out of the Maybach, Gucci flops and a wave cap
I got all my chains on, but they like, "Where your shirt at?" (Yeah)
Bitch, why you worried? (Bitch), I'm flexin' on purpose (Flex)
Killers in my circle, two straps on me, Urkel (Fire)

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Key Glock Maybach Comments
  1. Edoardo Biasco

    2020 Stil Bumpin This Masterpiece Like Its No Tomorrow ❤ GliZzocK

  2. Gabe Paul

    Can't park it 🚫🚘 so I land it 🛬

  3. Eli Harnar

    I can listen to this over an over

  4. sydney dawson

    Will forever bump #2020


    Good product N good production from a Down South Boy.

  6. Arpit Narula

    Respect from INDIA 🙏

  7. Just2fli4u2 Just2wavy4urbaby

    Key flock the goat

  8. Staylowtino Staylowtino

    My shit still!!

  9. pacsoul Pavon

    80 in my loui bag , cant call this a purse jack

  10. Tanika Long


  11. Connor Mcswain

    Bro this is the best hit he shoudof made a vid

  12. Rcae RunninCirclesAroundEveryone

    If U don't like this UR an HATERRR

  13. Kendrick Ellis

    I Need More Views And Likes!!! Yeah Yeahh 😎💥...

  14. shaundreee kevvvron

    KeyGlock xxl NoCappp

  15. Mike sixhunna

    I like cuz but this one was a waist of a fyah beat.

  16. Lucas McNall

    Playback speed .75 for best

  17. Spent Brass

    80 in my lui back pack can't call this a purse jack-

  18. krisstiinnaaa

    collab w/ nle choppa

  19. dkwfreak1996

    “Oouuu Alley oop I pass that bitch right to the crew yeah !” Favorite line 🔥🔥

  20. James Jones

    ITS GLOCK BITCH.....!!!!!!!!

  21. kimmy kim

    Dudeeeee it would be really cool if he would give like to comments in the comment section 😏😏

  22. Eni ma

    i heared this in a porn video

    SwanYe Williams

    Lol facts

  23. John Vuitton

    This my Favorite Glock Song .... 2 straps on me Erkel 🤑🤑🤑🤑

  24. Colby Nuttall

    wasup nig

  25. Carlos Galarza

    🔥 🔥 🔥

  26. Kenton Brown


  27. Zack Mckenzie

    I heard the beat and was like he finna he kill this shit. I was right than a mf.

  28. john ellis

    This hoe go hard

  29. Cash Muney

    Gucci flockd and wave cap some I were

  30. Tyrone G


  31. Barkers Auto

    glockoma is a beast got plenty flow this man a beast when I get me a car this gonna be bumping first

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  33. Braden J.

    Got this from pornhub

    SwanYe Williams

    Lol facts



  35. Nathanael Pegues

    This song is so underrated like fr 🔥

    Ruben Sito

    He ain’t lying

  36. DFDigital

    this is his best song dont know why clowns has more views

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    Aye this mf smooth😎😎 oowwee alley oop i pass that bitch right to the crew✌✌❗🔥🔥

  38. Turbo MG5

    Bitch why you worried I’m flexing 💪🏽 on purpose 🤷🏽‍♂️

  39. TxhLuis

    Bandwagons will never find this

  40. otz vadus

    Stop saying key glock is young dolph son you sound dumb

  41. Tony Gonzales

    Super talented

  42. Breon Boone

    They sleeping on it glock

  43. Shannon Hawkins

    Yes Glock better than youngsta to me were is the video baby


    Where your shirt at

    Julian Ramirez

    Jaiden Deskins bitch why you worried I’m flexing on purpose


    Glock hard asf 😐

  46. Aberstog

    Hey nigga whys this video got 🙄 310,000 views and 50 comments


    He better than lil pump

    randy K15

    No shit that's not saying alot


    Cant park it so I land it

  49. Action Jackson

    "Soulja boy ain't got no money bih, hold up hold up bih! AYE!!!"
    Like if u know what I'm talkin bout💯😂

    *i doubt the kids know🤔😂

  50. Kimberly Rosatta



  51. Riaa Guzman

    Bitch why you worried!!!

  52. Vanilla Russian

    Grandma house with collard greens 🥬 yea you know ya boy was eating 🍽🤣🔥🔥

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    key glock never disappoints frfr

  54. Charisma Bell

    Like if Glock better than blac youngsta 🤷‍♂️


    Zi3mszy yes


    @7EVEN he said "like if" not "who is better".


    Zi3mszy I was asking a question


    @7EVEN but you said dumb question, so you said it to yourself?


    Zi3mszy let me’re single and never had I close? 🤣

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    Song beat sooo hard

  56. Almighty Walk

    21? 😂thought this nigga was bout 26

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    More collabs wit DOLPH!!

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    This and talk my shit too lit 🔥

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    Just hoped out of a maybach high af were my shades at 👀

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    Fr best song in album who agree

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    This my shit on god

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    Underrated track?? Lol glock hard tho fr

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    She sip 🍷I sip lean

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    Like I Said Kool Ass Nigga😂💯

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    2 straps on me like Erkel!!!!!

    Willi Burn

    Pleyo Juarez my dawg jusss said the same shi* asa I swiped up this comment lol

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