Key Glock - Dope Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah
(Tay Keith, fuck these niggas up)

Got a whole hundred rounds on the front and back seat (Fire)
Got a whole hundred racks in my Louis V brief (Racks)
Bitch, I'm cocky, I don't speak (Uh-uh), let my money talk for me (Bitch)
Let her suck me 'til I'm sleep, damn, I need somewhere to skeet
On her face or her sheets, should I stay? Should I leave? (Yeah)
I'm a dog off the leash (Yeah), diamond chokers chokin' me
Buy the store every week (Gone), bitch, I'm dope, call me key
Can't forget GL or C, Mister Keep-that-K-on-Me (Yeah, Glock, yeah)

Bitch, I'm dope, call me key, bitch, I'm dope, call me key
Dope, dope (Dope), dope (Dope), dope (Dope)

Bitch I smoke a lot of dope (Dope), get a lot of dough, yeah
You know how it go, this bitch said I'm the GOAT (GOAT)
She like, "Glock, you lit" (Lit), duh bitch (Bitch), I know (I know)
Totin' sticks (Sticks), with the bros (My bros)
Send a hit (A hit), it's a go (For sure)
Gettin' rich (What?), that's for sure (Yeah)
I'm gettin' it (Yeah), and get some more (Yeah)
Trust a ho, hell no (Hell no)
Smash that bitch, yeah bro (Yeah bro)
Call me key 'cause I'm dope (Key, key)
They call me key 'cause I'm dope, bitch (Yeah)

Dope (Dope), dope (Dope), dope (Dope, bitch, I'm dope)
Call me key 'cause I'm dope, they call me key 'cause I'm dope, bitch (Bitch)
Dope (Dope), dope (Dope), dope (Dope)
Call me key 'cause I'm dope, they call me key 'cause I'm dope, bitch

Yeah, I want all the smoke (Smoke)
Yeah, bitch, I'm dope, uh (I'm dope)
I want all the smoke, uh (Smoke)
Yeah, bitch, I'm dope (I'm dope)

I got killers at your throat, uh (Fire)
Hitters at your door, yeah (Fire)
Pistols at my show (Hah)
Forty make your belly roll (Woo)
Get the backend, then I go, yup (Hmm)
I'm back on the road, uh (Hmm)
Damn this cash can't fold, what? (Uh-uh)
Too much, startin' to mold (What?)
I be playin' with them racks (Yeah)
I don't play with my nose (Yeah, yeah)
But, bitch, I'm so dope (Bitch, bitch)
Yeah, bitch, I'm so dope, uh (Dope)

Dope (Dope), dope (Dope), dope (Dope)
They call me key 'cause I'm dope, call me key 'cause I'm dope, bitch (Bitch)
Dope (Dope), dope (Dope), dope (Dope)
They call me key 'cause I'm dope, call me key 'cause I'm dope

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Key Glock Dope Comments
  1. Justwatch Carter

    Damn get to song I'm impatient

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  3. Rollup Tv

    Yea bro

  4. GT CAR

    Key Glock
    Nunes Bahia-Brazil.

  5. Honey Tube

    Why she was trying to shake that fake ass booty 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

  6. YungSaucy Entertainment

    Intro longer than the song💀

  7. Ramin Kadiri

    too much ass. bad for my health.

  8. Tanika Long

    Glock, Dope.💅🏾💋💋💋💋💋💋

  9. Tanika Long


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  11. Gaming With X

    Music starts at 2:45 don’t have to thank me

  12. karma Garza

    them keys ,ayeee grito

  13. NarleyBoi& Ceno

  14. Kris A

    everyone be commenting how they put the narcos song but yet they don't pay attention that they set up the narcos and steal their drugs cuz they rats

  15. Kris A

    try to cross a Mexican cartel member and expect to see ten trucks outside your house real shit

  16. Kris A

    nothing like the Mexican and Colombia cartels those the real ones that's started it all none of us will ever match up to the billions and billions they made, they deserve all the credit bruh, jist look up the chapitos how they live most people wouldn't even imagine, plus they ain't got no goons they got a fucking army well armed more than the actual Mexican government

  17. Ukhits

    This needs 20 million but he’s underrated

  18. King Murda


  19. Tyler Pires

    Song at beginning ?

  20. Jerrica Campbell

    This my song bruh

  21. Donkey Booty

    I like this track but I'm mad it's so short. I need this to be a little longer so my coworkers think I'm selling dope out my whip

  22. Angel Montanez

    Fila should sue fendi..

  23. Morey P

    What's the song in the beginning? I'm tryna have that playing with guns and bitches all around

  24. omar enriquez

    Dope 🔥🎵🎶💯
    Straight out 🇲🇽 rocking with key-glock

  25. Fray Jay

    Played this to my ex-wife

    Now shes a putah

  26. Donald Haynes

    Key Glizz over lil pump

  27. Laxus

    Weak intro glockk

  28. Rhamon Davi

    Filha da puuuuuta

  29. Jamie Palumbo

    Gonna have to kill like 8 people to stop them

  30. DaFranchise3947

    The skit longer than the song 😂😂

  31. payless paving

    Yea yea!!!

  32. partyman


  33. fox mulder

    WHOS THE GIRL AT 3:50 😵

  34. Bob Thebb-Illder

    1000th comment!

  35. Yooperest1997

    Jesus Christ 2 minutes into a music video and still hear no music

  36. ganksta nip

    call me key kuz I'm dope # key Glock

  37. Mickey Drake

    I love how they got the Spanish White bitches shaking day ass to the beat

  38. Britt Lea

    I would personally eat every girls ass in this video 🤨🤦‍♀️🤭🥰🤪😋🤪😛😜👅🍑👌👍🤲

  39. Sebastian Garcia

    anybody know the girls name whose standing on top of the table?? or her ig

  40. Gabe

    “She gon pour me this little glass of champagne...wat im gon do wit this?!”

    “Drink it NIGGA!!!” 😂😂😂😂

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    I c y PRE dnt put black women in they videos!! Queens dnt need attention nor get treated like hoes! !!

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    This nigga is fire 🔥🔥🤘🏽🤘🏽

  43. hardnockz forlife

    how he concentrate wit all those thotties wit bodys i wonder

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    That intro is way to long

  45. Mexico City

    If you're reading this, liking comments won't make you successful. Dropping fortnite and hustling will.

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    money heist intro music anyone?

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    Song starts at 2:37 ☠


    B*tch cuz I'm dope 🔥

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    That’s not even a question

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    Got this shit on reply Gltt Zz 🎶🎶🔥🔥🎶🎶

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    Hope he don’t try this in real life cause them narcos don’t play 😂

  53. Ja’lin Tashon

    Check My Music Out🚨🚀

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    Cochos Runnin it 🔥🔥

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    This shit dump so hard ina whip on god

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    Yu let dolph knoe

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    Glock had the migos in the vid, the real plugs 😎🔥

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    I saw his car it got the PRE

  61. Edward Lambertjr

    Lil Pump Better Then Glock??? WHOOOO MANNN IS THIS?? Im Reading These Comments. Glock Speak Facts & I Understand What He Say

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    In my choice

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    Man i may be white but im still down with the streets

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    Came from Zion Williamson 💪🏽

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    Tell me don’t sound kinda gay

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    He promised original content...and has delivered this isn’t fluff rap he spitting some meaningful stuff

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    The narcos intro dope

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    2Mth view💯🔥🔥💪🏽


    Калашников светанулся.

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    "un monton" means a ton lmao not "20"

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    Him next 🎶🎼🎵💪

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