Key Glock - All I Kno Is Trap Lyrics

G-L-O-cock, ayy
The fuck?
Paper Route business, Taliban

I pledge allegiance to the streets, all I know is trap
I'm Emmitt Smith with the pack, watch me run it back
Two black straps, let em fly, Jill and Jack
All I do is stack, yeah, rack after rack
Okay, okay

South Memphis you know where I'm from
Got choppers just like Vietnam
I feel like I'm Rocko the Don
I'm ballin' just like no tomorrow
I might buy a gold Audemar
Your shit out the middle of the mall
Where the Visine that I bought?
Like Shaggy I'm ridin' with my dog
Kick in your trap like kung-fu
Finessin' you, check up the deuce
All this blue, I play for Duke
My pockets fat like Bruce Bruce
I'm ballin' hard, fourth quarter
I just fucked somebody's daughter
Call up the plug, make an order
If we don't agree, I extort him
I got them P's on the way
I brought out my racks today
Nigga this shit not a game
You play, you get shot with two K's
Ride with this shit like I'm Cain
Mask off and I got the flame
I'm a big dog Great Dane
Glock, I bet your bitch know the name

I'm just a young rich nigga, shit all I do is trap
I'm Emmitt Smith with the pack, watch me run it back
Two black straps, let em fly, Jill and Jack
All I do is stack, yeah, rack after rack

Put his brains on a pavement
I call the shots like Tom Brady
Choppers and Glocks like the navy
Dodgin' these hoes like The Matrix
Guttin' your bitch like I'm Jason
Slavin' your ho while you savin' her
Damn bro where your cape at, huh?
This gas so loud man I can't hear nothin'
Spent six figures on guns
Damn near a million on drugs
Forgis sit up like some dubs
Foreign clothes I'm still a thug
I feel like three-six, where the bud at?
Tommy gun act like a Rugrat
Ice on my neck, your bitch love that
Smokin' Backwoods 'til my lungs black
My chopper kickin' like FIFA
I'm ballin, I need an arena, ayy
Come get your bitch off my penis
She suck me clean, algae eater
I got more stripes than a bengal
I got more stripes than a zebra
Somebody please call Adidas
And tell 'em to sponsor Glock Season

I'm just a young rich nigga, shit all I do is trap
I'm Emmitt Smith with the pack, watch me run it back
Two black straps, let em fly, Jill and Jack
All I do is stack, yeah, rack after rack

The fuck?
Ayy, ayy

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Key Glock All I Kno Is Trap Comments
  1. Ashley Martin

    Trap key glockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Amazing Amy

    Good jobs and bank accounts

  3. Steve - O

    guns with no sights on em lmao

  4. Aj Johnson

    Forgot bout this song ... 2020 💯📶〽️

  5. cloudscholar22

    Stop playing with Glock 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  6. Bryan Williams

    Classic a fav

  7. YNM BOY

    Where this key glock go the new one ion know 😪


    WE THUGGN 🤑🙏💪

  9. kaine guerrier

    Word to visine, I(eye) ball .....🔥🔥

    Mans pressure

  10. Flawle Richiiz


  11. J.R. Gordon

    think I see a dpms panther carb 1/5th

  12. Rudy Rodriquez

    This production is magical... urban hip hop with some electric mixed in

  13. Lauren Mason

    Jail or ck

  14. gordjr


  15. raymond stack

    What kinda jacket Glock have

  16. Julian Heaver

    "Damn bro where yo cape at huh? This gas so loud man i cant here nun" everytime i light the exotic i sing this line

    Ashley Martin

    Bro stop 😏

  17. Ace Booncoon

    #TrapMotivation101 #Glock #ThaFuckkk

  18. Maurice Hancock

    Shit still fye 🚫🧢

  19. Anton Tonchev

    Fuck Tai Lopez

  20. Alondra Aguilar

    duufuuck ‼️

  21. Roosevelt Hargrays


  22. Doctor Pepper

    Im one ill ass lil nigga and I dont know no one illa


    Trash nat 🎲

  24. Amazing Amy

    Everyone of them has a past life even eve leveled up dramatically

  25. Amazing Amy

    Not after I contact sled and not the local authorities because they don't do their job

  26. nick suttorp

    Glock put me on buyin boxes of Russians.... bhah 🤷‍♂️

  27. Sergio Carrillo


  28. Sergio Carrillo


  29. Cora Cano


  30. Cora Cano


  31. gary thind

    my mans just goes too hard, who still bumpn

  32. Meru TM

    This shit got that PSP Xmas 2005 Need for speed most wanted vibe

  33. tips of the trade

    Rack after rack

  34. Angie’s Dandy

    the FUCK 🍴

  35. OG Kxllz

    Did dat Memphis flow 🔥

  36. Zaylee Santana

    U should do a song with lud foe🔥💯

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  39. Eric Muse

    Y'all niggas be eatn cup ah roman an yall probably smoken crack!

  40. Edgar Garcia


  41. Aaron Duncan

    come get your bitch off my penis

  42. Drea T

    Racks in one hand $1 noodles in the other. Real trap shit

  43. M W

    Dodging these hoes like the matrix🔥🔥🔥

  44. Just shut Up and ride

    Dat Meant stuff 901

  45. Qu33n B

    Beat hadn’t hit and knew this was live 🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥

  46. Chief Q

    Dirty souf !!!👹👹👹

  47. tips of the trade

    Key glock new fav rapper fosho


    All that smoke he wasted in the beginning

  49. Stacy Anderson

    Smoking backwood till my lungs black💯‼️🔥❤️😘

    Aaron Duncan

    to late

  50. Andrew Grace

    Glock need to find his own flow and stop tryna sound like Dolph

  51. Nick Mac

    Much respect to glock for shouting out the origional kings, 666 and Tommy

  52. Alex vidal

    Thumbs up if u listening 2019

  53. Trappers United

    T R A P P E R S U N I T E D

  54. dylan 4kt

    Glock kno how to make a banger 💯

  55. BlackSkully


  56. Made Pretty Atlanta

    South memphis bitchhh , where my first college was at...L O C!!!!!!

  57. Spent Brass

    Cock and balls drum on the glizzy street sweeper fr PRE

  58. Skatergy

    "I feel like 3 6 where the bud at" ayyyee

  59. ToneyRTurner

    Checkout my music

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  61. Andrew Richard

    Fag Cassie Gordon soundcloud

  62. A. Ripdae la Wise Escobar

    “Tommy gon act like a rugrat” 😂 jfc

  63. Perlage


  64. Nick Abel

    Make your mom proud and do what Glock does

  65. Visionary Beatz

    that bitch switchin to sprint cuz the iphone got a good camera...

  66. Cujo TheActivist

    Cutting money waffles

  67. Ross Goldstein-Perdue


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    Go listen to my new song on YouTube . Zoe Banks - On the road . You never know you might like it 🔥🎶

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    Dolph v2. Nigga smart

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    More key glovk songs like this?

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    Project pat would show him those north Memphis guns and cash stacks

  74. Taylor McLain

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    This shit lit as fuckkk

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    JR $_$ JR

  77. Roger Kingin

    this that shit omm

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    Ramen noodles in a cup
    Should be the P.R.E logo

  79. Mocheudi Mokgany a


  80. Conner Oliver

    Why couldn't I have found this sooner....🔥🔥🔥🔥🤟🤫

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    Breh.. he said where the visine at I ball... 👁👁

  82. Jonathan Pruett

    PRE gonna run tha world on god

  83. Nicolas Guerrero

    Kids Nice, cut throat rap shit! Gang!

  84. tripple d jay

    he know them noodles hot asf😂😂😂

  85. Tulsa X

    This shit is fuckin Bonkers! Lil Yung nigga hot and choose good beats. Dolph hit the jackpot with that one.He hot enough to make on his own. But connects ah MF I guess. Salute to both of them though.

  86. o Horse

    flight reacts ? 😂

  87. Cody Pokorny

    Y'all need an optic on the ARs it kills me Everytime I watch this lol

  88. Barrett Purvis

    What is the sample for this beat

  89. Eduardo Martinez

    I’m high asf soon as key started spitting bars I passed out😭


    Клево стелит. Горячая тема.😎😎😎

  91. Will FromDaM

    This shit is trash smh

    Jonah Greene

    Will FromDaM wrong

    Will FromDaM

    @Jonah Greene Its a fake Dolph with elementary bars. How is that wrong?

    Jonah Greene

    Will FromDaM wrestle me bitch

  92. Tray〽 901

    This beat sound like old young Dolph ..a time 2 kill 🔥🔥

  93. Treyon Harris

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  94. BlackSTaLkerMaN 228

    1:18 доширак