Keshia Chante - Table Dancer Lyrics

Thank you DJ, for playing my song
Put that sh*t on replay, all night long
Hey Bartender, better move those bottles
Better clear those tables, cause they 'bout to be filled with models

(DJ, DJ)
Put that sh*t on
(Replay, Replay)
Spin it all night long

Cause I'll be Table Dancing
This is your chance
To be with me, and you will see
Up on the table dancing
That's where romance is
If your with me
And you will see

Whoa oah oah oah oah - oh
Whoa oah oh Woah oah - oh
Whoa oah oah oah oah - oh
Whoa oah oh Woah oah - oh

Come on closer into my world
Show you all the reasons why I'm your favorite girl
Be-be-beside me, don't let me fall
Just hold me close and don't let go until last call

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Keshia Chante Table Dancer Comments
  1. The More Awesome Man

    Awesome song.

  2. Sameer Love

    They should’ve let her use her real hair, the wigs look so bad.

  3. Patrick Christ

    This song was a hit in Japan somewhere in 2012, peaked at top 10 of the local billboard.

  4. macthemec

    Hey bartender, clear the bottles because more bottles are going to be on the table..... okaaaaay, this is why Canadian music sucks, just lyrics that rhyme and make no sense.

  5. Kevin Nwankwo

    Wow!! This was (AND IS STILL) my JAMMM!!! 🔥 I’m on the table dancing!!! That’s where romance is!!! AYEEE 🔥🔥 💃 anyone else listening in 2019? 😁

  6. Sheik Mohamed

    I'm viewing yours after this much time

  7. travis

    Talk about underrated

  8. xAwesome75

    2019 and im still here doing the dance hahahaha

  9. LolitaGaming

    Who is listening to this in 2018!?

  10. Queen Noochie

    ❤️this song ❤️this video


    Oh fuck I forgot this was a great song

  12. Basherah Osman

    love this song!

  13. Bri

    This song takes me back to high school. So nostalgic

  14. Braden Sampson

    Omg I never knew this a Keshia Chante song!!!! I remember it on the radio a lot

  15. SALEH !

    Drake Dedicate a song for you if don’t know

  16. Kahliya Warren


  17. Amelia H

    Here in 2018

  18. SFL Productions

    Kiki do you love me?😂😂😂

  19. faye

    2010 was not ready for her

  20. Yahiko

    The gringa to Keisha's right is even hotter than her.

  21. Keishafromdablock

    I used to dance to this song all the time when I was 10 lmao the good times

    Coca Pepsiclassic

    Keishafromdablock omg me too🥰

  22. bigballa19

    Homie in the fedora crushes it at 1:20


    That mothafucker can dance.

  23. patrik poirier

    2018 still listening to that song !!!

    Nick J

    patrik poirier ayy

  24. Jess SG

    I wish the 2010 mainstream dance/clubbing was in still ugh this is the shittt!!! IN LOVEE

  25. Liliane Ubaby

    Came out November 18 and I’m now listening November 18 ☝🏾☝🏾☝🏾😁😁

  26. FastCarsNoRules220

    Yeesh, I haven't heard Keshia Chante since "Set U Free" in 2011. I wonder what happened to her?

    Sameer Love

    FastCarsNoRules220 she just released a new album recently I think it's called Unbound 02

    Camaya Lucky

    She was on love and hip hop this past season and released new music

    Queen Noochie

    She didn't join the illuminati so koodos to KESHIA !!!!!

  27. Laurent B

    The bar dancing part 0:35 to 1:35 is just ICONIC

  28. Melanie Porter

    Wooowww this song ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Marie Hamlitom

    Yeah she is Canadian

  30. Dazan Holmz

    Anyone think she looks like Tammy hembrow?

  31. Mashups4days

    If Aaliyah and Rihanna had I baby

  32. Pineapplee horse

    why are the curtains in the background a bunch of chickens?

    Tina Moar

    Pineapplee horse chickens😂😂

    Doctor Death

    I was so busy looking at her gorgeousness. I never noticed that. I've watched for you quite a few times and if not for this comment I would have never noticed that's got to be by Design right?


    cause...another word for rooster is Cock. she is dancing on the table for cocks

  33. Joshua Bom

    love this song is she Canadian

    Joshua Bom

    +Gregory Doxtater wow that's awesome Canada represent :)

    Jay Foolyard

    yes she is

  34. Matteo Vitacco

    nice song

  35. Kerri McKay

    ahhh i love this song! <3 ;)

  36. Savannah Blackbird

    Throwback :) <3 I love herrr wtf she needs to make a comebackkkk

  37. Sunethra

    She needs to come back!

    Sameer Love

    Sunethra K she has a new song called Fuck It Tho :D

    Mike Brady

    she just dropped her new album

  38. Don’t Watch That



    Keshia is a Fox lol

  40. Jasmine M

    isn't that red head girl one of Beyoncé's dancers? she looks super familiar


    Carmit Bachar? The red headed Pussycat Doll. She's in Bey's "Crazy In Love" video. But in this video it's not Carmit Bachar.

    Jasmine M

    @poppy Lee no, I don't know her name but she's toured with Bey a lot. I don't think it's Carmit though

    Kathy Thomas

    +Jasmine M she was also in Megan Trainor's new music video for NO.

    Duke Pepper

    Her name is Kim Gingras. Yes, she's a Canadian dancer who tours with Beyonce now. She's also appeared as a dancer in music videos with Nicole Scherzinger and Sean Desman among others.

    Kathy Thomas

    @Duke Pepper thank you :)

  41. iLoooveFood Nsh*t

    First off I wanna say she is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l But why do black people hate them selves? Why do they wear these platinum blonde fake ass fuck wigs that don't look right? JS

    James Ervin

    LaURrEN DiAgLE
    Shit is ridiculous.

    Rogers Kenny

    cuz insecurities

  42. actually_jamie

    Lol I remember when this first came out I memorized the chorus dance number for a talent show

  43. N Y

    That was just awful.

  44. Florence Ngenzebuhoro

    A girl in my class is her cousin. Her name is Jayiden Harper

    Sarah Miller

    +Florence Ngenzebuhoro I'm friends with Keshia's second cousin!

  45. John Hodge

    I wan it

  46. HIGE JPN


  47. Waseem Khaliq

    Typed in "Table Dance" in the search bar...... Was looking for maestro...

  48. Javis Chiniquay

    this song had me Shuffling! lol XD

  49. MaNiAc B

    vid made me get on the table swing my burrito around 

    Nadia Mazza

    @MaNiAc B LOL


    I got on my table and started dancing too lol

  50. Ruk A

    I've been searching this video since I had listened this song on the radio. She's so hot!!

  51. StarLove00

    She just doesn't have that "IT" factor.

  52. Dara

    awesome song

  53. LRissa19

    nice song!

  54. Justcallmekayable

    I thought I heard Keshia from 106 and park sing before. She sounds good.

  55. Tanna Schrick

    I almost forgot about this song. It used to be my favourite song ever.

  56. Raquel Brown

    Nobody is Beyonce you sound retarded go keshia we luh you!!!!!

  57. mclean5947

    why so little views?! I like this song <3

  58. Jadine Payou

    Omg!! I'm gunna rape the replay button to get it past 1million views!! I love this song!! Ahah whose with me!!!

    C'est Taylor

    Replay button doesn't get more views, you should refresh the browser


    +Jadine Payou ikr didn't this song use to be a hit song?

  59. michelle larche

    keshia your hot . good song I wish she could table dance for me . <3

  60. Sugerbearxoxo

    Really 900,000 views??!!?? THATS IT ?! WTF?

    Kris Alex

    Sugerbearxoxo Canada that's why

    Rachel Miles

    It has 1.1 million now!


    Because the song was only played on Canadian radio stations back in the early 2010s, the rest of the world probably doesn't even know who Keshia Chante is.

  61. Clarice

    She is average & mediocre at best . They come a dime a dozen. She is NO Beyonce.

  62. Kevin M

    not many comment:(

  63. sadeladybug

    Lol, I appreciate the comments of wanting her to come to the US, but we've got plenty of "table-dancing" singers. Her voice is beautiful, but content wise, I'm sure she can do better.

    Sameer Love

    sadeladybug check her old stuff out like 2U, Fallen & Been Gone ❤️❤️

  64. Girl POWER Empire

    Turn UP! OVO

  65. Crystal Sirra

    choreoo <3

  66. andrewrocks10

    best everrrrrrrrrrrrr

  67. Luxtress

    Wow, and I was surprised to see her in this video but dancing for Beyonce is a huge thing. Happy for her.

  68. Siddharth Barpaga

    cause I will be table dancing lol

  69. Talika Acquaye

    i went to the next star!

  70. Chris Gordon

    does she want cock? why is there chickens in the background?

  71. Orane

    The red head at 1:02 from "So You Think You Can Dance Canada" is now one of Beyonce's dancers on her current tour!!!!

  72. Holly H

    Yeah, cause GOD FORBID she get by on being talented.

  73. Marisol Valentine

    She looks like Aaliyah the way she was in the queen of the damned

  74. Karley Marie

    now she is a judge on the next star!!

  75. Francesco Versace

    Need to show more boobs if she wanna be more popular :o

  76. Jeremy Cotterell


  77. Kiana Berthiaume

    love this song!!!

  78. Staying Up 'Til 3am

    Why isn't this song more popular?!?!

  79. MCLamb4ever92


  80. Brandon Caisse

    Who's RT! ?

  81. swedish house mafia

    Don't diss Canada. We don't diss you, we're just gonna play hockey and drink Tim hortons and allow all people into our multicultural land. Yeh Canada!

  82. StrawberriKissxX

    this song was popular in japan

  83. StuffJunkers

    Japan loves Canadian artists, Avril's last record went number one there even though it didn't catch on in North America much

  84. Aaryn Knapp

    I have literally put this sh** on replay, all night long!! #1 in Japan? Really? This should have been number one in the U.S. as well. I can't get enough - of the song, and the video. This IS the business!! No joke!!

  85. Noshin Chowdhury

    i love this song!

  86. Ugwu Dacosta

    She is sooooo sexy...

  87. Laura Gallego

    thumps up if your watching this in 2013

  88. abby smith

    Luv this song

  89. Christopher Brown

    This songs nice

  90. あゆみ

    このMUSIC VIDEOカッコイイo(^▽^)o

  91. Evo Records

    FREE TO MAKE MUSIC !!!!!! (only for several artists)

  92. Alli Newell

    Heey Guys gotta hate? Who cares Canada is the best! And making fun of how "Canadian singers suck and aren't popular" Ahaa LMAO. Heard of Justin Bieber? That's what I thought. (btw im Canadian) (y)

  93. Cc Decastro

    me and my friend love this song when we are at school we dance to it and sing to it

  94. missym877

    Yeah..when Rihanna was still trying to be like Beyonce---this would be her career if she didn't do Good Girl Gone Bad.

  95. Tajonyx

    I know no one is reading this, but maybe somebody will and thats why I'm willing to take the risk. I am a singer and It is my dream to be a recording artist. I know that God has blessed me with a gift and I want so badly to share that with the world, but its easier said than done. I'm just a young man with a dream. If you could, please check out my music video called "ask about me" on my channel, and like this comment. That would mean the world to me :) God bless yall.

  96. az0963818

    Half Canada? She's from here(Canada)!

  97. Tonesha Graham

    love this song

  98. raajue3

    good boy! now fist yourself