Keshia Chante - Set U Free Lyrics

Stimulated cause your body's so amazing
I can not believe your acting so abrasive
What you need, you can get from me
Dont you that I can set your body.. free
Taking time, tell me why your tryna tease me?
Got your body all over me than you leave me
What you need, you can get from me
Dont you know that I can set your body..

Set your body Free-ee
If you want it
Set your body Free-ee-ee-ee-ee
Set your body Free-ee
If you want it
All you gotta do, is call on me
And I can set you Free
If you want it
Set your body Free-ee-ee-ee-ee
Set your body Free-ee
If you want it

Baby dont you know your body's so persuasive
Threw my fingers, why you acting so invasive
What you need, you can get from me
Dont you know that I can set your body.. free
My position is I'm tripping going crazy
Boy your presence making everything go hazy
What you need, you can get from me
Dont you know that I can set your body..

Let me take you to a place that you aint never been
Where the night shines with gold and emerald green
Where the music never stops we can rock til light
Turn the bass and be right up and set this floor on fire
Let me take you to a place you that you aint never been

(Cause you got me going)
Ooo - Ooo - Ooo
(Cause you got me saying)
Set your body, set your body
Ooo - Ooo - Ooo
Set your body, set your body
Ooo - Ooo - Ooo
Set your body, set your body
Ooo - Ooo - Ooo
Set your body, set your body

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Keshia Chante Set U Free Comments
  1. Joshua Bom

    One of my favorite songs I love it so much it brings so many good memories ❤❤🇨🇦🇨🇦

  2. Ian Fisher

    This song and video is my favorite

  3. Mike Flindall

    This song came out at a very low point in my life and it helped give me the strength to keep going....

  4. kelz em

    2019 Anybody?

  5. Yamila Orellana

    At your age...sing better without all the help

  6. kai K

    2018 anyone?

  7. GorgeouslyReal T.V.

    She was too ahead of her time. If this was now it would of blown up. I like her music.

  8. marrues ham

    Lol that's what drake is lusting?

  9. Raph M

    Not even 200 000 views after 7 years wtf ?

  10. Sameer Love

    One word : Underrated

  11. Jay Jackson

    she is so motiving


    And Rihanna's video

  13. Michael Brown

    Throwback Thursday!!! I think this is my favorite song by you Keshia!!!! I can't believe how long it's been since I heard this

  14. Sameer Love

    It's like S.O.S. + We Ride & If Its Lovin That You Want

  15. Sameer Love

    I didn't know she had a video for this 😱😱 but she's so understated. :( this does look like Rihanna S.O.S.

  16. xVvix xnNix

    i want her and kreesha turner to do a collab

  17. Deidre Hendricks

    All Rihanna ... Video not original. She been trying for a long time too blow up, hopefully it happens soon. She is almost 30.


    Deidre Hendricks lol ur late. She’s not doing music anymore but she’s already blown up. She’s been on 106 and park for a whille now

  18. james hayes

    I love her.. this reminds me of Rihanna SOS...

  19. Gau Thier

    Why is she not putting more music out, love her voice

  20. John Hodge

    iwant it

  21. ZKT XO

    The Contiki and Nars product placement though haha

  22. FastCarsNoRules220

    Spring 2011 memories.

  23. judy trad

    I have a crush on her EX fiance

  24. Jessy Richard Rake

    J'aime trop cette chanson !!!

  25. Che Egbuna

    they give her some really dead songs.. sad as her voice is good

  26. Nique 08

    No ma'am.

  27. N Doe

    I hear music like this wen im shopping

  28. Kalo

    i would like to watch the video without the music please

    Jay Foolyard

    Dick Burns that’s called porn

  29. Hardy S

    This is the "Drunk in love video" minus the Jay z...the Queen bit off this...

  30. Steffen Schnoor

    Love the way she sings, looks, and moves <3

  31. Alyssa star

    love the way u judge on next star

  32. liviti

    She's so sexy. I love her mouth, I know that's weird to say, lol

  33. SevereFaith

    She way hotter then Beyoncé. Sexiest black pop star. More videos please.

  34. Johanna Pleteau

    keshia you are mini beyonce girl

  35. mangarda

    I actually like it...better than Test Drive and a couple of her other newer songs....

  36. aja shaw

    OMG I Knew she looked super familiar She was My FB friend Back in the Day (Like 2 years ago) lol omg Congrats Girl I knew you were a Star !!

  37. deedeeglitter77

    she's trying too hard here. I miss the old Keshia :)

  38. tashn lashn

    Not that impressed. Keisha Chante back in the day was the bomb! She still is, but I prefer them old school hits.

  39. acvsd David

    she shoulda stuck to awesome beats in her songs, this song is just not impressive, its to plain.

  40. kristina gjergji

    i meet ksha lol

  41. Peacemaker

    thats what i thought before i saw your comment lol

  42. Fredonia Johnson

    Aaliyah rock the boat

  43. Tyanna S

    Rock the Boat (Aaliyah) & SOS (Rihanna) = Set U Free

  44. TheAnimalLovingNerd

    This reminds me of Latin moon by Mia Martina cuz the videos look so similar, both girls are on a nice tropical beach. These girls, Mia Martina and Keshia Chante both need to write a song together. They would sound really good if they were to sing together that's if it ever will happen. I'm sure it will someday but in the future ,maybe. Like in 2013 for Mia Martina's sceond album.

  45. pachanga701


  46. Tash J-M

    she went to my old school :)

  47. Andrea Cruz


  48. Andrea Cruz


  49. Yamily Cristabel Constantino Maldonado

    OMG! es la Islaaaaa :O

  50. Jazz's Queendom

    yea I know, and she might be the new host of 106 and park too :)

  51. Jazz's Queendom

    Keshia Chante as the new host of 106 & Park!!! Lets make it happen!!! #106TheSearch

  52. Life As A Gypsy

    Go Contiki Go! HaveYOUdoneit?

  53. Rakin Khan

    to think she's a next star judge...

  54. ShakExcellence

    that sonofabitch...

  55. Garbage Hair

    youre unpredictible baby but i still...

  56. lazyredhartzzz

    my butts bigger than heerss!!!! LOVe the song <33

  57. kronosleblu888

    Ray Emery. Luckiest guy in the world.....

  58. NdiBendi

    Like the Video not the song

  59. Jaspriya

    shes needs more views! her songs are amazing :)

  60. UltimateEarthElement

    She's the judge for the next star

  61. This isn't the name you're looking for...

    wtf happened to her? She looks like a tranny now.

  62. Roney Kaith Palmaria

    hahahahah she looks scared....??

  63. Teknmas k

    this is the 2nd time ive heard her name 2day o3o

  64. Feory Mengistu

    reminds me of SOS by Rihanna

  65. Creole 337

    she's really pretty,didn't she use to date drake?She favors Aaliyah also

  66. Laura D

    what a beautiful video.. now i wanna be on a beach -_-

  67. ProvocativeWoman

    @WAVEZCLUB Ya for real!

  68. Wavez Club

    @ProvocativeWoman She doesn't get much publicity at all.

  69. ProvocativeWoman

    Wow, only 67,791 views??

  70. Princess OreoS

    i need to know where she got that leopard bikini! It will complete me! lol

  71. Remy Kersey

    Why isnt she big here n usa :( omh love ur since she was lil

  72. Cody Norris

    oh my god. she is gorgeous. and this song is awesome.

  73. RayRihanna22

    She would be big in america if she released these songs in the U.S!!!

  74. RayRihanna22

    This girl is sexy, sassy and a true talent!!!

  75. TheAnimalLovingNerd

    Whose song is this? There are like three people who sing this same exact song, taio cruz, danny saucedo and now keisha chante. Like which is the original? I want to know whose song this originallywas.

  76. Kyro Pierrot

    See you in Niagara Falls Tonight :p

  77. Dusty Isenor

    she's so fine

  78. Alice Axelsson

    she didn't just stole the first bit she stole the whole song from a Swedish artist Danny...don't believe me check it out!
    Danny Saucedo - Set Your Body Free (she only changed the name of the song)

  79. jhofay

    i can't help but notice keisha's career has almost exactly paralleled aaliyah's...albums in 94/04, 96/06, and now 01/11...she even made this video like rock the boat...glad to see she make it back home safe


    I said the same thing !!!

  80. pachanga701

    Isla mujeres= Womens Island. Perfect setting for her.

  81. Sasha Lopez

    shut up all of you and if you clicked on the video - enjoy it. if not don't watch it.

  82. 20GuitarZero07

    @mrstill88 100% agreed. unfortunatley skin has beaten talent in record sales for a long time now.

  83. To411 U

    @brunnocidade What about Brazilian women? mmmm <3

  84. CStyxx

    Everyone is getting way to caught up with this Rihanna SOS video mimic. Keshia is not copying or even seems similar to the video. She making a video from her own style mood and tone. If anything this is alot better then the SOS video. Congrats to Keshia & producing an amazing video, proud to say that she is Portuguese!<3

  85. La Kesha Hayes

    They say she looks like Aaliyah...I think she looks like Stacy Dash/Aaliyah.

  86. Mschamytotz

    This song was written by the sensational Taio Cruz, give credits to him! ^_^

  87. Brunno C

    she's so hot! and i kinda know what i'm talking about, brazilian here ;)

  88. cantforgetyou

    Everyone is using Lady GaGa' dance beats. Since Lady GaGa made 'dance' music cool again. Now everybody is doing dance. I like it.

  89. SP392

    Unfortunately she's going to have to show skin to make it in the US market, which I am sure is her and her managers goals at this point in the game. Then again, this could be done in Canadian fashion and NOT be American like...but its harder to do.


    Danny´s Saucedo version is waaaaaaay better

  91. TheRokky10

    Keshia, you're my home girl, but you are TRYING WAY TOO HARD.

  92. Liyah Shakur

    @intergalactic99spits NO, PLEASE no comparations! Keshia is more cute and have more voice than Rihanna

  93. Amber Smith

    3:01 She Has CLOTHES ON !!! :)

  94. Liyah Shakur

    yeah! set you free in Mexico

  95. oxIJMxo

    But these constant closeups of her rear... ma'am.

  96. Jasmine Brown

    @hihihihihihihihihi95 It's probably because she needs more promo. If more people knew about her all around the world, then it would get millions of views.

  97. kayla czuba

    Love her :P I served her at Mcdonalds :)

  98. The god like man


  99. Manuela haratonian

    I remember i used to hear this song all the time. I used to hear it at least once a day. To the point where i kinda got sick of hearing this song. And I find the clip doesnt go with the song.