Keshia Chante - 2U Lyrics

Too many times im satisfied trying to find the right guy, that was too good to be true.
I had to resort to a lonely life, too many single nights, too busy even to choose.
The only thing that mattered to me was that I had to do me and getta where I had to get to.
Its funny 'cause I ain't even want you but you made me want you and 1 and 1 became,

2U you're the one I want to be around when and doing what im doing if you're doing it too.
I'm loving what you give me and I love it when you kiss me and I want nobody near me but U2.
You know the one your in love with feels the same way about you too. I'm giving up my love 2U

You are the best I have to give royalty to live you know I want you that much (much)
You and I are unbreakable no matter what the haters do, I'm 'tryna tell you I'm stuck.
For theres no one because you do the crazy things you do.
And im glad you're up when it gets lonely baby, Theres no me without you


The way you touch me (oh the way you touch me) makes me feel so nice.
The way I need ya (for the way I need ya) I like it by my side.
Still ready lets do it (you you you)
You love me baby (want you too)
I know where we got it (baby)
So im giving up my love 2U!


'Cause I ain't even want you but you made me want you and 1 and 1 became,
'Cause I ain't even want you but you made me want you and 1 and 1 became,
'Cause I aint even want you but you made me want you and,
'Cause I aint even want you but you made me want you and,
'Cause I aint even want you but you made me want you and,
So im giving up my love (giving up my love) 2U

You're the one I want to be around when I'm doing what I'm doing if you're doing it too.
I loving what you give me and I (kiss me!) love it when you kiss me and I want nobody near me but U2.
(yeah baby!) You know the one you're in love with
feels the same (the way you feel, the way I feel!) way about U2.
I'm giving up my love 2U! (I'm giving up my love 2U)

you you you you
You're the one for me
I'm the one for you.

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Keshia Chante 2U Comments
  1. Erike Nwogbo

    I remember this song. Good old days

  2. Paul Vee

    What ever happened to this girl?? She was straight fire !!

  3. Devon Jackson


  4. Mysstterious M

    Imagine a guy... *Imagine ME!* A guy who listen Mobb Deep, Xzibit, Dre, Snoop, well, I guess you see what I tryn' to say, these artist are hardcore. But *2U* by *the beautiful Keisha Chanté* came out in 2006, and *I FELL IN LOVE.* I like, I LIke, I LIKE! *How can I dislike a beautiful young woman who sing to gives her love, to us?!* My favorite song of Keisha! I remember 1 day in 2006, my radio start around 6am, and the melody was 2U. I guess I the radio was setting on "Virgin Radio, which was Mix96, back at the time, I live in Québec-Canada, I was 20 in 2006, Peace!

  5. J9nKidz TV

    Sickest beat used to love this song .... wheredya go girl

  6. chocolategal20

    I thought it would have more views :O

  7. Coleman Twigg

    I'm in love

  8. Lala Nunya

    Still loving Keisha! <3

  9. Jen S

    She is so pretty.

  10. fückin eh

    OMG!! haha. i used to love this song. i only heard it on family channel occasionally. i totally forgot who sang it until right now when i was reading about drake on wikipedia for some reason
    takes me back
    i wouldve completely forgot about this if i didnt recognize her name

  11. SilentBob731

    Hey - I see Keshia is double-jointed ....another step up in evolution :-)
    Also - I don't believe she's done yet, so chillllll....
    Great tune by an awesome lady.

    ""I never thought I'd be more afraid of police in America than in South Africa. It kind of makes me a little nostalgic for the old days back home."

  12. 21st Century Man

    Yup, takes me back to when I was 47! lol I love this song, why so fews views??

  13. Piritu

    Man she fell off harder than the "throw some D's on it" guy.  I think she made my Subway breakfast BMT this morning

    Mitchy Cash

    @Piritu she
    co hosts bet's 106 and park with bow wow

    Ivy X

    She's married to a hockey player 🙄

    Aliza canjura

    she also did another good song called table dancing

  14. amanda decarlo

    I wanna be a kid again what happened to her!!!! so good

  15. Jen S

    What ever happened to this girl?


    Jen S she is either still dating or married to a Canadian hockey player. she is on a show called hockey wives (not all are married on the show )

  16. Samantha Brown

    This was my song back in the day. How come this video only has 38,000 views? It should have 38, 000, 000!

  17. TrollinOnMyFace

    does she still sing ?

  18. purrrmeowww

    She snaps 29 times (at least) in this video. That's gotta be a record.

  19. Flamingo Briefs

    I can't believe I was 13 when this came out. I miss Keisha Chante

  20. grah55

    She had a song that sounded like this on her myspace many years ago. It was better. Aaaand I miss it. But this is good too.

  21. Ashawn Edwards


  22. yaneric lajoie

    nice move ,nice girl ,nice .... and nice porche !!!
    alls to be happy baby chante¸
    the doc

  23. yaneric lajoie

    chante baby !!! mmmmmmmmmmmm sexy chocolat !!!
    rrrrr the doc

  24. Kenny Powers Gaming

    this song needs a rap verse in it

  25. MikeSampsonFlow

    lol oh wow! :P I am now 19! :O My how time flies so quickly! :P

  26. Perrierin. xo

    she's the Canadian version of Aaliyah <3

    Luis Zelaya


    Jennifer Mesidor

    That's why drake became populurrr

  27. James Banchon

    believe me i know what you mean, exact same thing for me :(

  28. Natalia paris

    i love all her stuff, she is amazing, she is one of the best Canada has to offer for real.

  29. markus xavier


  30. Nicole Ciza

    I thought I wouldn't remeber the lyrics, but it came back to me so naturally :D

  31. Nicole Ciza

    Damn, I was 12 when this came out!

  32. 1997babyphat

    wtf.....i thought this song would have alot more likes....i Love this song :)

  33. lynlee23

    i dont know what needs to be done but has to be done to make this girl more known! the music needs to understand that right now they are totally skipping over our generation, we like some of these new artists but bring back a few old ones like keisha chante! it will be hit, cant they see how much we are complaining about the lack of good music nowadays?? no one complained back in the early 2000's so bring these people back!! we want them!

  34. Brianna jarrett

    i remember when they always use to play this on family

    Luis Zelaya

    Yooooo radio use 2 play this song all time

  35. browntreasure


    Luis Zelaya

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh wowww

  36. amal mohamud

    i just love her omg i miss her :)

  37. The Weekenders

    If only the music industry would stop promoting artists based on their looks and actually find real talent. Gone are the days of good music, when artists made music that had meaning.

  38. CAV3MAN9

    @MikeSampsonFlow i miss 2006 i dont listen to her but it reminds me of 2006 :) my ex :(

  39. Justine Manning

    thumbs up if u still are in love with this song in 2011 <3

  40. xolkan1

    Another amazing Canadian singer.

  41. zack holden

    shes sexy as fuck

  42. Liyah Shakur

    i never hear this, souds so good. FUCK U MTV!

  43. Liyah Shakur

    @hakeemc3 mm are you, because i don't see the resemblance

  44. hakeemc3

    is it me or does she look like Aaliyah @ 1:50 she resemblance me of Aaliyah in More Than A Woman in the second scene

  45. Nostalgia_xo

    She looks a lot like Aaliyah! Wow love this song <3

  46. Acєlуи

    back when music was really good.

  47. lifetruthjustice0000

    damn, this i s my new fave tune...I used to tag around ottawa b4 this lady was even born,
    in fact I had every bus in the entire system tagged,
    and as far as I know was only preceded by ZOD<
    anyways my tag looks a lot like her signature,
    must be the ottawa air and latino influence...
    here's hoping she has a long happy healthy super positive career,
    with loads of hits as beautiful as this one.

  48. Blue Miracle93

    @Dramaqueendiva333 You're so lucky ! ^^

  49. Blue Miracle93

    @Dramaqueendiva333 Then, how she is personally ?

  50. Kris C

    this song used to be the shit

  51. Luke C.B

    wow is she ever beautiful in a red dress

  52. Blue Miracle93

    @Dramaqueendiva333 You really know Keshia ?

  53. Ary mateo parra

    i i'm the white guy on make flybartender nice!!!!

  54. MikeSampsonFlow

    Man, This takes me back to when i was 14 years old hehe I miss 2006 :)

  55. geneweaveskdot

    it's old though, she just uploaded it resently, i had to watch it under other thing that wern't her vevo before :S

  56. Dan Ahmed

    350 views??? this is a good song...

  57. Stas


  58. Leve C

    And turn your goddamn ad's down. Your breaking my eardrums lol.

  59. Leve C

    I remember this. This was my favorite.