Kershaw, Sammy - When You Love Someone Lyrics

When you love someone
Really love someone
You'd walk through fire to see her smile
To be the father of her child
What you wouldn't do
'Cause when you love someone
Your heart just comes undone
I'll never love again it's true
The way that I love you

Maybe it's just the sound of your voice
When you say hello
Or just the way you close your eyes
When I hold you close
There are so many reasons
You're all I taste, I touch, I breathe in

'Cause when you love someone
Really love someone
You'd walk through fire to see her smile
To be the father of her child
What you wouldn't do
When you love someone
Your heart and soul are one
I'll never love again it's true
The way that I love you

Sometimes I'm moved to tears
'Cause girl I just can't believe
I found the person I've searched for
Seems like eternity
When I look into your blue-green eyes
I see my future and I realize
That's it's paradise

'Cause when you love someone
Really love someone
You'd walk through fire to see her smile
To be the father of her child
What you wouldn't do
'Cause when you love someone
Your heart and soul are one
I'll never love again it's true
The way that I love you
I'll never love again it's true
The way that I love you

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Kershaw, Sammy When You Love Someone Comments
  1. Chase Postell

    Still love this in 2020

  2. Henry Skedel

    My luv went home 3+ years ago been uphill.battle to deal with it,miss you Mama rip luv u more than words can say

  3. Justin Mitchell

    Anyone still listing to this song other than me

  4. Sunshine State

    Beautiful loved the song and. Has amazing voice

  5. Tina Royal

    sending my love to my bestfriend and the love of my life Tina M Royal is the most caring and loving person I ever knew

  6. rain love

    love this song and this man's voice.

  7. Suzie Akers

    I love this guy and this song!😘

  8. Gregory Smith

    Sorry but Sammy Kershaw absolutely has the perfect story telling voice . Every ballad of his just draws you in to the story

  9. Michelle McDougall

    This is how I truly feel about you I love you with all my heart and soul.

  10. 1974Clementine

    Great song...

  11. julie brtek

    Ever since hear his music on radio stations, from beginning and though years. Enjoy all his classic hits songs. Thank You. Fans truly enjoy his music. Country music love songs.

  12. wise and humble!!

    Damn we had something special . It'll never be again. Killing me with this one Sammy. Bueatiful!!!

  13. Diane Hayse

    Sammy your song is good. Im just really pissed off.

  14. Diane Hayse

    Or you have a mild stroke because they are so hateful they want to kill me twice,instead of,kill me once. Got a crazy leg now that drags my toe at times. Causes it to stump. I just fell down hard at Walmart. Yeah take your love and shove it up your ass.

  15. Tina Beck

    Good song

  16. Tiffany Harris

    I love this song!!! Another artist sung this song in more of a r&b version... Does anyone know his name??

  17. Billy Maddison

    I love her so much I will be the best she ever had and if she dose have kids we will be one big family..

  18. It's a Alejandro Thing

    Wow great song

  19. LadyAnne

    Tears Welling up.. Thank you for ***Loving Me Like You Do***.....💕💖💕


    ****I am in your arms***

  20. Bobby Huffstetler

    True !! Women make us feel this way

  21. Brent Alan

    Two years together but I've never stopped Loving you 20years later and Even if i don't see you again I will Love you With all my heart

  22. Dan Conner

    Would love to sing this song to a lady by the name of Christine. She is beautiful and she has my ♥

  23. Genea Maines

    That sincere look of Love. ❤.. Towards the end he never blinks. Those eyes gets to me...Wow

  24. Rondell Schuyler

    How is this not played on local country radio even on Valentine's day. This is real country music. Not Nashville pop music like today.

  25. Jorge Valdez

    One of my favorite songs

  26. Emma Gattis

    I know someone that does that now.I just she fill the same way.

  27. Rondell Schuyler

    Sammy Kershaw. Great talent , balladier and singer. Loved him and his singing since the beginning. Class act.

  28. Mack Maddison

    When you love someone you will do anything to hold them I know I will I love her and miss her

  29. Mark Hollenbeck

    Thank You Sammy for all the wonderfully romantic songs ╬

    Erica Scott

    This is so true and I love it ❤️ hugs and kisses to you and Mike.

    Sonya Nicholas

    @Erica Scott x. That's my .x no one elss his not for sale thanks

  30. Donny Theriault

    i like every song i like cowboy song

  31. Patrick Head

    great song

  32. Official Sandy Sego YouTube Music Channel

    Wow, who wrote this???? What a beautiful song, being a songwriter myself, I can SO appreciate a song like this

    Beckyzzell Ezzell

    Yes it's one of his great what was the album name

  33. Omar Ali

    nice song sammy

  34. Johnny Doe8

    excellent hope is to find someone u can dance with to this song

  35. Jc Ray

    great voice great song just great sammy this is true country music man

  36. LoneRanger

    Feels like he's looking in my soul, it's freaky but in a good way.

  37. Melanie Dupre

    Sam,, you just remind me of my daddy and my parran my daddy's brother!! your lips ,, ya hair,, your hands ♡ Just about everything IT MAKES ME SEE AND FEEL MY DADDY ♡♡♡ That means a lot ta'me:-)Sam . Thank you ♡ cause that means so much to me . @}~';~;~`;~{ Here's a rose for you&:-8-o-<{☆}Mello~D♡\,,,/(-^▪^-)\,,,/ Rock-on

  38. Hugo Segura


  39. Pritchette Deaton

    I love his voice & can't wait to hear him in concert in a few days!!!!

  40. Heidi Banks


  41. Phil Dalton

    So do I....


    +Phil Dalton Lovin the avatar buddy, it had me cracking up. I miss the Three Stooges.

  42. Shelley Hollick

    I wanna love someone !!

  43. Amy Peterson

    A true love song

  44. Linda Cooper

    OH MY ..beautiful

  45. Music_Is_Life

    Where does the love go... when it goes?

    Dan Conner

    Music. Is Life. You asked a question that more than likely has been asked over and over again. If you ever get the answer, please, let everyone else know

    Jerry Thomas

    The mailman gets it.

    Michelle Diaco

    let me know when you find out

    Lucy Mae

    Music_Is_Life ...I wish I knew. I still have the love in my heart for someone since we split in 1983. I’ll never get over him...”I’ll never love someone the way I loved you “ 💕

  46. Calvert Sin

    Love songs doesn't rhyme the way it does right now in this century.

  47. sirhogan1

    Sammy is just a genuine light that I'm glad I noticed.



  49. QueenOfTheSea101

    one of the greatest artists of his time, love Sammy and especially love how he puts real feeling into his songs.

    Carolyn Workman

    Yes ...very...hearfelt

    Betty Brown

    Carolyn Workman exactly

  50. Felicia N Jerome Harer

    I love this song <3 it reminds of how much I loved my husband

  51. Samantha D'amore

    He's so heartfelt. Love his songs.

  52. hansonjesus

    HE IS ALL...............MINE

  53. hansonjesus

    i love ..........DAVE ANSTEE


    great singer

  55. Chris Dewey

    Sammy Kershaw puts his heart and soul into his music. Love his voice!

  56. nothadnotbad

    what a beautiful voice

  57. NorthChoctaw79

    I don't think he blinks at all in the final 2 minutes. Pretty weird.

  58. acoustiking1

    90's country is the best.
    This man spent a career moistening the eyes and thighs of women abroad.
    Well played Mr. Kershaw. Well played.

  59. ccryderx

    Country music when it was worth listening to!!!! Class act Sammy.

  60. Chris D

    This shot in downtown Nashville? I think I recognize the buildings

  61. Sandra Merritt

    Im 48 and in love for the 1st time. this is all i feel. Beautiful

    Janice James

    then you are the lucky one.  go with it.  wonderful.

  62. jam2music

    Thank you David..Have a great weekend.. :)

  63. David Bell

    I couldn't have said that better myself. I agree completely.

  64. jam2music

    Another song to bring tears to the eyes..Love country music..So much feeling in it..Country music is something all hearts can relate to..

  65. Rita Santo

    Linda música! E ainda tivemos 8 pessoas que não gostaram. Francamente!

  66. Victor Resto

    Love it!

  67. texn884HoldenG8GT

    He is such a great singer and Love this song

  68. MrMikeb1958

    7 people never loved someone....

  69. Leigh Davis

    forgot how special this song is to me! love it!

  70. blondebomshell42

    me 2 more than he knows

  71. Dante Melendez

    miss my bby :(

  72. clarkalhotmailcom

    But her Eyes are Brown

  73. clarkalhotmailcom

    Its been 9 years Fowlerville, Still miss U Girl

  74. missy taylor

    I really love you and i miss you so much

  75. Kathy Croft

    great song -- I love you, Chuck

  76. MRJACKSON19581

    hes just the good wow ...what a voice

  77. Pete Carter

    No one can give this song more justice then Sammy, i would give anything to have a voice like that, i just cant get enough of this song.. : o )

  78. cleoshasta

    @chuktuk yeah but he was already made public way before satelite and youtube were invented lol but i do agree i always loved his songs growing up :)

  79. Laura G Photos and Film

    Very beautiful...

  80. tamidiane100

    Love him!!!! He needs to be on the radio!!!!!

  81. Stephhutch

    He is so HOT!! One of the best!!

  82. Linda Loschiavo Makofski

    Absolutely love this one!

  83. chuck tucker

    thanks to sattelite radio and youtube for bringing a great artist like this to the public