Kershaw, Sammy - She Don't Know She's Beautiful Lyrics

We go out to a party somewhere
The moment we walk in the door
People stop and everybody stares
She don't know what they're staring for

She don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don't know she's beautiful (no she's not that kind)
She don't know she's beautiful
Though time and time I've told her so

There she goes just walking down the street
And someone lets a whistle out
A girl like her she just can't see
What the fuss is all about

And she don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don't know she's beautiful (no she's not that kind)
She don't know she's beautiful
Though time and time I've told her so

Morning comes and her hair's all a mess
That's when she thinks she looks her worst
It's times like this she don't know why
I can't take my eyes off her

'Cause she don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don't know she's beautiful (no she's not that kind)
She don't know she's beautiful
Though time and time I've told her
She don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don't know she's beautiful (no she's not that kind)
She don't know she's beautiful
Though time and time I've told her
She don't know she's beautiful (never crossed her mind)
She don't know she's beautiful (no she's not that kind)
She don't know she's beautiful
Though time and time I've told her so

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Kershaw, Sammy She Don't Know She's Beautiful Comments
  1. Misty Dobbins

    I know I'm not beautiful I'm just me myself and I i don't need anyone telling me I'm beautiful. Beautiful don't make the person

  2. Lisa Anescavage

    It's a good if your husband tells you beautiful when someone tell you your beautiful the don't like if you have a wife tell her how much you love her

  3. Candice Machella

    I wore a dress today and I guy stopped me in sugar shack and told me. That he had to tell that I was beautiful lol. I told him he was full of crap.

  4. Ross Yeller

    You're the most beautiful girl in the world to me ❤💙💖

  5. Candice Machella

    I get told by guys all the time that I am beautiful. And I am cute I just laugh it off. Cause I am not beautiful. They full of crap lol.

  6. Dredo

    Nice song

  7. karl petersen


  8. Lisa Anescavage

    I love this song its beautiful and it makes you feel special

  9. Candice Machella

    I look a hot mess in the morning and I know it

  10. Candice Machella

    I don't know why guys try to talk to me or why they stare. I'm not beautiful.

  11. Ayla Ollie

    Love it

  12. new found life

    tell um trench coat guy

  13. Robbie Stewart

    Rebecca Quin Don't Think She's Beautiful Though Time And Time I Told Her So

  14. Daniel Martinez

    You are all Pansies!!! Lmao

  15. Maria Beatriz

    Excelente canción. Superb.

  16. Richard Glazebrook

    Beautiful love it 2020💜⚘🍦⚘💚💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💚💚💚💞💞💞💞💞💞

  17. John Krabbe

    My first wife , lost her life after prizson of ten years , Over a ssdi check , really never had her , but life did what it did . Love this song . !

  18. Shelly Deweese

    I don't believe I am beautiful. I am not convinced that I am. If I was then why do people exclude me so much. I am so down right now. I feel like if I fell off the face of the earth, it would not matter.

    Chad Houston

    You matter!!!!!!!

    Shelly Deweese

    Thank you!

  19. Ross Yeller

    She don't know she's beautiful, never crossed her mind, no she's not that kind. She don't know she's beautiful though time and time I told her so.

  20. Prototype 176708

    Nashville dec 21 2019 🥰

  21. Jude Reaux

    For my girlfriend cause she is beautiful

  22. Shit Bags

    Evey one knows this one

  23. Wanda Mccloud

    She dont know she,s BEAUTIFUL...

    Roy Cooper

    Smile 😋

  24. Brandon Candelario

    I have a friend who legitimately falls into this category. She would wear "cute: outfits and then couldn't understand why all the guys wouldn't leave her alone. Poor girl had no clue that she was absolutely stunning, one of the girls even thought it was funny that she didn't realize it

  25. Faya Horton

    Love it ❤️ ♥️❤️❤️❤️😍❤️

  26. Chris William


  27. Mark Ward

    My wife was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I could not look at her and not know how beautiful she was. I told my wife thousands of times how beautiful she was but I don't know if she believed me. She is gone now after 35 years but she is still the most beautiful woman I have even seen. This song hit home for me because it is the way I feel. I am blessed to have had her as my wife.

    bob dewart

    I am sure she loved you for telling her so and among other reasons Mark!! Bless you and yours who have lost her but please always remember that she is just in a different dimension that we can't see till it's our turn to do so but she is watching over you and yours!! Hang in there bro. :-)

    David Rosenow

    18yrs with my wife,...taken by cancer..God gave me the opportunity to love again...remind them,cause some times they forget!!!

  28. Katrina Segura

    Add a public comment you're dead to make me scroll drove thru Cincinnati and Ohio only two loose reins are allowed by voice clips no one knows the radio only the spirit of the violin and the band or the group of Ed extension to executive to producer pronounce them right something may go wrong some people think it's all a game to change one's life to commit a crime please don't think this wayé about the legislature and co executive producer Adrienne

    bob dewart

    ....say what?....

  29. libby Norment

    2019 almost 2020 and still love this song. My mom used to sing this 2 me because im told i am but i can't see it

  30. freethrice

    To Gena. You've come through soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. You work every day, and stay in high spirits. I commend your efforts. You keep me smiling, and bring me back from the fall. I Love You my Friend!

  31. Raptor God

    One of the best country song's ever!!

  32. Fillip Cleveland

    Keep up the good work Sammy I love your music

  33. Jimmy Mackster

    My girlfriend Claire doesn't think she's beautiful sometimes and I wish she could see how gorgeous she really is and why to me she's the most beautiful Claire in the world I love you my angel ❤️

  34. Bobby Scott

    She dont know she beautiful

  35. jannie Otiz

    Who else listens to this on the rez

  36. Trevor Radny

    This is my favorite song from Sammy Kershaw. I liked this one since I was a kid.

  37. I know

    To all the girls, who don't believe😍

  38. Cruz Camacho

    My bestfriend doesn't know she's beautiful she's actually gorgeous 💚💚👌 I love yah baby girl

  39. James Sawyer

    does anybody have a great country mix to hear with there beer

  40. Brett Unger

    Tongue in cheek......

  41. Michael G

    Being beautiful doesn't mean to put on make up. Being beautiful is just being you and having a heart of love.


    Someone please make my busband, soon to be ex this.

    Michael G

    @freethrice what do you mean dear?

    Roy Cooper


    Candice Machella

    Aw 😉


    One of the best songs ever written, and sung!!! A true Classic. American Gold.

  43. The Andrews Family

    I don’t think I’m beautiful but my dad and the rest of my family says I am

  44. elijah hartlove

    Please play that on the Rhea you please

  45. Mike Price

    Wow,what happened to these days,! Politics?



  47. Kelly Montez

    I wish my husband would think I’m beautiful he said he rates me a 4 and a 6 on a good day🙁

    Michael w ballard

    Kelly Montez maybe you need a new husband lol.

    Beverly Standridge

    Your husband is a the scraping off of a turd.

    Richard Gage

    He's a piece sorry but u know that's the differencebetween a spouse and your child u can divorce him lol

    Clark Blair

    Well he must really love you as my dad said about the same to my mom and they loved each other dearly until death 60 years.

  48. Ben Strubel

    The woman I fell hard for dosnt think she's beautiful whenever I see her smile I feel like the luckiest guy in the world

    James Welborn

    Fuck her face

  49. Rachel Erichson

    My husband always tells me that I am beautiful. I think he’s in need of some glasses Lol But that’s what makes it so precious. He should see you as beautiful. Thank you to my precious soldier Sgt1st Class Carl Jenkins. Currently deployed with the United States Army in Baghdad, Iraq. Thank you for your 29 years of selfless service. I pray the Army rememberers you soon. Please stay safe 🇺🇸👨‍🚀❤️

  50. Cristal Garcia

    I got this link sent to me, I guess i get the point after being a domestic violence survivor after all me scars on my face and body he still thinks and calls me Beautiful i get it now

    bob dewart

    I hope so as he is a repressive, insecure and hateful person that doesn't realize he's a narcissistic prick.

  51. Tiffany Sharp

    I just got this sent to me I think I know what they are trying to get across

    Braeden Kats


    Tiffany Sharp

    @Braeden Kats no thats my sister

  52. new found life

    this fucking guy walking down in the country in his trench coat lmfaooooooooo

  53. John Larson

    Sweet song. When women don't act like it. It makes them beautiful

  54. Jesse Jackson

    One of the best country songs there is and ever was! Like to agree !

  55. Rick Cavazos

    Taryn Cavazos!!! You're very beautiful!!! The fact that you don't think you are makes you even MORE beautiful!!! I love you babe!!

  56. Darrell May

    She's Beautiful!,,,

  57. Christian Howell

    awesome song

  58. Randy Yellowquill

    I wish I could tell her the same if she,'d give me the time of day!!!

    david mark

    Maybe shes the one that doesn't deserve to speak to you. Have some self confidence, man.

    Candice Machella

    I would give you the time of day but I'm not beautiful.

  59. Southern Girl

    I love this song!! Describes me for sure.

  60. Robert Cavalier

    This guy is talented! Good 'ol tune 'cuz it's the genuine deal. Way cool! P.S. My older Bro lives in North Texas ...... (if that helps!). * Cav *

  61. Andy Proctor

    I guess I really don't know that I know what others say but I only care about how one man sees me the look says it all but idk just need him to show emotions

  62. Rebekah Farrell

    All the comments are so sweet and wholesome

  63. Christine Greene

    Upon meeting someone unlike anyonelse,u just know!

  64. spider1075

    This song makes me think of my first wife...wish I still had her. Wish I could tell her too.


    that sounds so sweet!

  65. Joe Marley

    90s country is the best way better then what out there now adays

  66. Frank Esparza

    Reminds me of a fine bitch

  67. Barry Nease

    Today's country isnt country music at all. This generations music could never replace the music from the 90's..

  68. Ann Steffan

    Listening in 2019! :] <3

    Elias Vargas

    Me 😀🙂

  69. Tree LaBoyteaux

    She is so beautiful

  70. Elizabeth Newberry

    Bad hair days for me are in the mornings 😬😣

  71. Elizabeth Newberry

    Sammy Kershaw so hot even back then old country music girl here.

  72. Celine Russ

    I grew up with alot of insecuritys and my grampa use to sing this to me all the time and I use to get to embarrass but since my grandma died we dont have a relationship with him and hearing this song makes me cry again and again

  73. Juan Adame


  74. Peter Dessaix

    Guys, it's not a competition. We all have our beautiful girls 💕 in their own special way.

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    Except us guys who don't have a girl....

    White line Racing

    Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming It'll happen one day, it might take a little longer, but it's always worth the wait.

    Dragongaming-Kid friendly gaming

    @White line Racing
    That was kinda supposed to be a joke, but thanks.

    bob dewart

    Oh Hell Yeah, absolutely the truth!!!!

  75. Tommy Stearns

    90s country will never die thanks to youtube

    Noah Noah

    Yes sir!

    Jimmie kim Wright

    I no am beautiful

    Heather Travis

    80's not 90's 😉

    412 DRAKO

    Heather Travis 1993😉


    It doesn't take youtube to keep music alive you fucking twat. People like you are the reason the net attracts capitalism in droves.

  76. Lisa Chesser

    One of the greatest songs

  77. Ashley Justice

    I've heard this song at least a hundred times and I still blush every time I hear it! I surely miss this kind of music!!

    Barron Trump

    is that your pickaninny?

  78. Speed Razer

    Best version of this song !!! 😍



  80. John Keats

    Loud as i can get it

  81. dale Miller

    J/I'm/ thor/pe parents associated inception/reality

  82. Briskie BB

    BROSKIE ❤️🇺🇸
    Briskie 💕

  83. RELAX,Drink,Eat and laugh with Carrisha Williams


    bob dewart

    Yeah, I agree!! :-)

  84. Mike Karr

    When sammy Kershaw sings this song in a way reminds me of how in love I am with my grial friend Sara

  85. roman star

    that was a great era in country , and this was one of the most feel good songs during it

  86. Gerald Mitchell

    My wife thinks she ain't but I'm her husband and I know better. My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world

    Lucas Sali

    Jimmie kim Wright cxfzhg fa

    Lucas Sali


    Baretta Kennell

    Shes lucky to have u

    jesse henson

    I love this!!💙

  87. TheCharacter

    "Morning comes and her hairs all a mess, thats when she thinks she looks her worse. Its times like this she don't know why, I can't take my eyes off her."

    BigManChris TheTank

    Maybe because she is scary as shit or he really thinks she is beautiful. Idk...

  88. APRIL Wooten

    My boyfriend use to sing this to me . I told him no am not. He said yes you are don't tell me your not. I smile. We was 14

    Candace Casey

    Very sweet

    sexy man

    Nigga u gay?

  89. Darci Sanchez

    a classic song she don't she's beautiful


    Listening while getting my chemo treatment.👩🏻‍🦲

    Bo Stanley

    WONDER WOMAN man I praying 4 u I’m cancer patient my self


    You've already beat it Sweetheart, you chose to live. What Strength an Beauty.!

    Justin Garrison

    Get better soon.

    bob dewart

    Prayers to you my friend!!

    Rachel Hernandez

    Your a warrior just remember that your fight is beautiful🌹

  91. Michelle Bernardin

    She don't know when you park her at the store behind the store you're going in. Nor when you park her by the dumpster when you go to pay for gas. But when you parked facing the alley when you walked to front of CVS, well she knows shes not.

  92. Frank Cox

    my love sexy spicy beautiful Asian wife and my porn star wife forever and your porn star husband forever and tell August Taylor and she beautiful Asian women and but know that beautiful and she don't beautiful if everyday tell her beautiful

  93. PikaPresSMC1

    This song sums up my wife perfectly.

  94. Rose Kazmerski

    She doesn't know she's Beautiful

  95. Jami Bowman

    This song is to my little sister 100%, she(Jessica Lynn Bowman) really doesn't know she's beautiful and I'd give anything in the world for her to see just how beautiful she is even if she only got to see it for 1sec.

    Brad Silvers

    yall both beautiful

    Jami Bowman

    @Brad Silvers thank you sweetheart


    My Daughter also named Jessica Lynn, coincidentally... is a natural beauty and thankfully not vain about it. Everyone comments about her looks, and while she is by all accounts outwardly beautiful, it pales to what She is inside. A rare quality these days. Happy to hear that your 'Jessica' is modest about it too. So refreshing.

    Elizabeth Newberry

    Have a niece Jessica MarieLynn

  96. Travis 740

    Good music neighbor! (Sammy lives about 1.5 miles down the holler from me)

    Jami Bowman

    Can I come visit?

    Tiff G

    Wow awesome

  97. Di Bn

    All is Bright & Beautiful in Love if its true.....

    Janice Sands

    I wish i.was there

  98. rose Sykes

    I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!!!