Kershaw, Nik - One Step Ahead Lyrics

I catch my breath and ready for the race to come
No prizes call, the contest is my opium
Since you can never be sure
When they're keeping the score
You must always be ready to run
I tense myself
Waiting for the starting gun
No time for fun

I work all day and I think all night
I break my body but that's alright
'Cos it'll take my mind and all my might
To keep one step ahead of you

I think to myself living is a winning school
Winning on your feet, winning on the street
Winning as a golden rule
It's seems there's always a test
And I'm doing my best
But there still seems a long way to go
I try myself
Trying everything I know
Pushing me so


Don't wanna know why
Don't wanna know how or when or who
One step ahead
One more step ahead just to get me through

I try my best
Here comes another test
So wicked, no rest

[Chorus 2x]

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Kershaw, Nik One Step Ahead Comments
  1. Ray Stroud

    I play a few of Nik's masterpieces at acoustic sessions, but this one really needs that killer bass line.

  2. Tania R

    My 80's god. I love his music and just found this one today. ❤ You Nik Kershaw!!

  3. old and new gamer

    So underrated

  4. Stefan Sigfinnsson

    Nik's best songs never really made it in the charts while song like I won't let the sun go down on me made it which has one of the worst chorus of any of his songs and is none typical Nik Kershaw song to me.

  5. Tommy K

    I feel some level 42 in this bass groove, that's just me though

  6. Eh B

    "I work all day and I think all night. I break my body but that's alright, 'cause it will take my mind and all my might to keep one step ahead over you" perfectly sums up my life from 2000 to 2017... I'm 25 😧
    Love that song ❤️

  7. Anastasia Ozerova

    It's funny that Paul Young also has a song with this title and theme basically. Who would win the race then?😆

  8. Polo

    Yeah how brilliant are Nik's song writing and musical arrangements. This entire album is fabulous. I tried to buy a copy but it is not available but I managed to compile all the songs from yt and make the complete album. I bought every other hard copy of his albums. The melodies and the changes are signature Nik. He juxtaposes all over the place and always pleasant and surprising on the ear. There are so many examples on his albums and this one is no exception. Kershaw is the best at what he does. I've been a fan since the start. Awaiting a new album soon I hope!

  9. Timo Kuusisto

    A ponytail and a machinery is a dangerous combination

  10. Nikita Chapman


  11. Kayleigh Natasha

    Nik in a suit OMG 😍😍😍😍

  12. Polo

    Pop genius

  13. WynMills1

    The 80's wide shoulders didnt do Nik any favours, but he writes some brilliant songs.

  14. Kenny Hendricks

    The reason i Love Nik's music is because hes briliant in changing his music key and sound damn good! Youre unique Mr Kershaw! Greetings from Malaysian Portuguese.

  15. Gerard Hughes

    Never makes a bad tune . Album 8 is great

  16. Wilde Minogue

    The only good song on the album The Works. It's a masterpiece with its music and lyrics. The guitar solo is an utter perfection. This song should be number one all around the UK and Europe! Very very underrated. Nik Kershaw is the best song writer of all times not only of his own generation!

    Marcus Burton

    I love Walkabout too!

    Wilde Minogue

    Marcus Burton I retract my statement. The more I listened to the album the more I loved it. Yet One Step Ahead is still the best song in the album.

    Marcus Burton

    @Wilde Minogue glad you've discovered it, it's a great album.

    Wilde Minogue

    It indeed is. Also very underrated. Much better than Radio Musicola.


    I love 'Don't Ask Me' from this album too.

  17. Wilde Minogue

    This is a brilliant song! Can't believe it didn't chart in the top 5. It's much better than the Like a Prayer crap!

  18. Karen Le Roux

    i am one step ahead not one step beyond :)

  19. Artemi Nikolife

    Oh, Nik, i deeply express my gratitude to you from KOLA PENINSULA. You're one of the most talented musicians in the universe. Your Songs help many people to live their lives more colorful. I hope you'll read this message. Thank you once again.

  20. The Underdog Hero

    2 people who disliked this must suck life

  21. Piew Piew

    Why you cut your hair???

    ❤Bless His Soul❤ Mjfangirlgal45

    its in a ponytail

  22. Thomao

    Nice flick header at 2:40. Cometh the man, cometh the hour! GOAL!

  23. Artemi Nikolife

    from russia with the deepest love ;))

  24. Antun Profeta

    I love vinnie colaiuta's playing on this album

    Jari Marikainen

    Agree on that. One of Vinnies best performances. Totally so tasteful!


    @Jari Marikainen Jeff's part was small but just as notable. Walkabout has his signature shuffle on it

  25. leeloo

    I would flipping like do anything to listen to listen to this song.

  26. Wilss

    As if this song only got to number 55. That chorus is amazing. How he changes key at the end of it, but then changes it for the last time (2.42) and maintains it for two bars.
    Great songwriter!


    Very good comment. The music, Guitar and synth arrangement to this song is second to none. That bassline keeps moving around. Sounds similar to a 'Go West' arrangement, no? Regardless, a highly underrated songwriter/ composer.

    Timo Kuusisto

    +Wilss The Statistics say The Works album was released in May 22nd. Anyway I bought mine in April 6th.

    Dodger Lane

    Great songwriter and genius, but unfortunately your hero’s like him and that of Howard Jones are compete Arsehole’s in real life.


    @Dodger Lane Why do you think so ?

  27. Emberlense Productions

    Great song and great video :)

  28. Relapse

    Definitely Nik's best song.I came across the single it in a bargain bin in the early 90s, I didn't even know it existed before then.  Loved it ever since.

    Tim Villa

    Ditto, after a few years of wondering what became of him, I found the 12" the same way you did. I had to get the record store to see if there was an album behind it and order it in for me :-)

  29. Matt Gerard

    Big Level 42 influence here..Great song.

    Garrett Johnson

    I always thought so as well. That is in no way an insult. Love them both.

    Gerard Hughes

    Another great band ol level

  30. orfeocookie

    Personally I think "The Works" was probably your weakest album overall, but this song is first class.

    Tim Villa

    Yeah, I struggled with that one too. I might have been a little young to appreciate it at the time perhaps. It would have been interesting to hear the Peter Wolf "version". His mix of One World is pretty good.

  31. ForeverAlone

    without a doubt the guitar solo between 2:26 and 2:34 was the best part in my opinion, like the rest of the song too very catchy

  32. ForeverAlone

    without a doubt the cool guitar solo between 2:26 and 2:34 was the best bit in my opinion the rest was also good, catchy song

  33. Jerome Lange

    My new fave song of The most brillant singer-songwritter of the 80s ! Total and absolute musical masterpiece that was, indeed, one step AHEAD of any music at the time !

    Andorras BOX

    Its amazing that such "mediocre" Pop songs of the 80ties can reach such deep through their lyrics.. Kershaw was a genius.. his songs get better by time like good red wine

  34. TheNouveauxdecadence

    My favourite Nik Kershaw single along with Dancing Girls xxx

  35. LuisPrada17

    Amo este temazo ! !

  36. mickfizz1

    A great song by Nik.
    Thanks for sharing.

  37. tobeortobe77

    fantastic...absolutely fantastic

  38. Anguille2


  39. Debs Brady

    2nd most viewed video on NikHQ ? That's it, add it to the set-list for September ;-)