Kershaw, Nik - Nobody Knows Lyrics

I thought I heard a lover's sigh
It wasn't very loud
It came as I was passing by
Somebody else's cloud

The curtains were the finest lace
And when the night winds blew
I saw the dew upon her face
And other places too

Nobody knows what you do to me
And nobody's past is history
But the thing they should know seems to be
That it's nobody's business at all

I took a walk down lovers lane
A quick call to the boss
And yet again it seems my gain
Is somebody else's loss

Automobilia nowhere steer
My camera standing by
I wait for evening mists to clear
So I can find out why

Nobody knows what you do to me
And nobody's past is history
But the thing they should know seems to be
That it's nobody's business at all

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Kershaw, Nik Nobody Knows Comments
  1. Andrew Shanahan

    4 people who put thumbs down have no taste at all

  2. etan De Keijser

    I leave no comments to this paleto

  3. Gussy Rikh


  4. Anastasia Ozerova

    The only right way to watch this is to watch Queen - Scandal after 👀

  5. Massimo Arnaboldi


  6. justmadeit2

    Great catchy pop song from the 80s, talented guy is Nik

  7. kate hargreaves

    Part of his enormous sex appeal is his very idiosyncratic chord- progression writing. On top of which, he is a really talented lyricist.

  8. Roberto Sardi

    No doubt the best songwriter of the 80s, one of the top 5 in pop music !

  9. Trenton Iocca

    VH1 I Love The 80s Strikes Back 1986 and VH1 I Love The 80s 3D 1986.

  10. Trenton Iocca

    January to July 1986.

  11. Trenton Iocca

    August 1985 to July 1986.

  12. mbwk42

    Go Chris Barrie!!!!!


    Wait, what? Where?

  13. Alex Hedgehog Stan

    Nice. Deserves more views

  14. steve wilson

    Still love this song :)

  15. Kayleigh Natasha

    Definitely underrated

  16. Tony Jones

    One of my favourite tunes of Nik's :-)

  17. Denis Desmond

    what year was this track please?

  18. Tony Jones

    Just dawned on me....
    Is the sleazy journalist in this video, the same guy in Willy Wonka?
    The one who tries to get Charlie to steal the everlasting gobstopper details?
    Slugsworth or something?

  19. Ambienfinity Music

    Timeless tunes from Nik. A real star, then and now!

  20. Raihan Ahmed

    Iam a biggest fan of Nik Kershaw and lestening his songs since 1985 and still listening. No boubt Nik is great singer and a super guitarist. My favourite songs are 1. Know How. 2. Save the whales. 3. Wild horses. 4. Bogart. Elizabeth eyes. My best wishes for great Nik Kershaw

  21. lofthouse leo

    Nik- you have been a huge inspiration and influenced my music greatly! You're amazing! x

  22. Mari Rocha

    Best music ever

  23. Les Martin

    Fantastic pop from a very very underrated talent.Power to Nik !

  24. 303391301

    This is niks best for me

  25. Les Martin

    One of the best pop songs of the 80's .........power to Nik ! !

  26. John Mulligan

    The Brilliant Gary Wallis on percussion

  27. John Mulligan

    IS that David McCallum playing the Snoop?


    No, David McCallum still looked very young in the 80s.

  28. Mistysmudge1

    Saw him in Plymouth Icons of the 80's the other week, was fantastic, and was so lucky to have met him <3 He was aooo lovely, and signed my scarf (from 1985 The Riddle tour :P

  29. Garrett Johnson

    Man, this guy knows his way around a good pop song.

  30. jimroyal1972

    Great stuff this..!!

  31. Artemi Nikolife

    Wow, how can that be so good, i am from russia and i've never ever heard such singing talented person as he is.

    Mari Rocha

    He is really good!

    Mari Rocha

    Have a nice 2018

    Kayleigh Natasha

    Mari Rocha And multi-talented

  32. telsah1

    NIK KERSHAW always was the coolest looking guy who played the coolest music and STILL DOES & STILL IS. & I always loved the sound of his voice & still do. Even today his latest music is as awesome as it ever was.

    John Pisello

    Yes! Lyrically and musically he was one of the best in the 80s and 90s. His music still sounds fresh and relevant today.

  33. areasmith

    My new favorite song!

  34. Hakim Elhak

    very good song

  35. megaphoenix2001

    I was surprised this wasn't a top 40 hit in uk  I had the 7"  single   more should have bought it

    mikey p

    Yea when a Heart Beats, Was his last UK hit Single,  At least this was a hit in  Republic of Ireland, Japan + Sweden :-]


    I have both the 7" and 12" singles :-)

    steve wilson

    I heard it on the radio many years ago when it first came out and knew instantly it was Nik Kershaw. Surprised it didn't reach the top 40 as well :(

  36. otakurocklee

    What a great song!

  37. elhak melka

    belle chanson

  38. Vadim Ehrlich

    That is really Coooooool!

  39. akira hanatsuka

    Love this song since i was boy.

    Mari Rocha

    akira hanatsuka, really beautiful music

  40. Electricshrock

    Take heart, Nik fans. Although he didn't reach the heights of stardom he deserved to, his music is still widely treasured by those who really heard it. Thus it will be remembered for a lot longer than many other flash-in-the-pan 80s artists who might have sold more records.


    So obviously you are one of those any-excuse-for-a-putdown idiots. I am fully aware of the success he did have. But outside Britain, it wasn't enough that he is remembered by many people today. His talent warranted greater and broader recognition.

    John Pisello

    You're absolutely right. I live in the States, and was fortunate to grow up across Lake Ontario from Toronto, Canada. So I got to hear so much great music that never got played in the U.S. That's how I first heard Nik, and he's probably my single favorite artist of all time.

    mikey p

    @John Pisello Yea exactly he was well known in Canada


    Aussie here - he was relatively well known from 84 to 86 here but with the release of Radio Musicola he got ZERO airplay...both on Radio and on TV (video music clips). I'm not sure if it was his Australian distributor at fault, or if he somehow pissed off the Aussie media or not, but it was very disappointing, cos Radio Musicola is an excellent album. Perhaps not as commercial as his prior 2 releases, but nevertheless, an excellent album and in no way inferior to his first 2 albums imho.


    @John Pisello Even when "Wouldn't It Be Good" was huge on MTV, I couldn't find the album anywhere in the States. I finally found it on a family trip to British Columbia! Later on in about 1993, I found a huge stash of albums, picture discs, 12" singles, etc. from the UK in a record store in New York that I did not know existed. I bought them ALL! That is the only reason I ever discovered Radio Musicola & The Works! Really pathetic, USA! This is why he tours ever year and I've still never seen him live. :(

  41. Andrew Mc Conville

    Got more out of this in the last 3 minutes than most off the pish around at the moment. Songs with all this 80's energy really uplifts you!

  42. Oliver Harper

    One of my favourite Kershaw songs. Just love the EPIC synth melody that kicks in at 2.44 

    Timo Kuusisto

    @Oliver Harper Me too!

  43. Sericle

    At last, this is the first time I watch the videoclip... in a "good" quality, and in the entire version ! I'm so glad !!!

  44. Sericle

    Mine too ! Well, it's really sad that Nik's not so famous. And it's worse in France, I have the impression I'm the only one there to know him !

  45. Miguel de Carvalho

    I never really get upset over "why isn't this more famous?". That's like saying, "what kind of fans are we if don't play it loud all of the time?".
    I'd rather think of underrated songs like this one as 'our little secret'; something that separates those who like a song for what it is from those who like it because it is merely of the moment.

  46. elevepremierships

    Brilliant underrated musician. Great guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. Love his guitar tone. Saw the RM Tour in 1986 - at Liverpool Royal Court and remains my favourite live gig (of over 300) I have ever seen..............

  47. Angusismyhero

    My favourite of his songs! Why isn't it more popular than what it is? Even if he does look a little Cliff Richardy in the video...

  48. todd henry

    Nik is my favorite artist of all time. I also never understood why he wasn't more popular in the states.

  49. todd henry

    YES! I grew up on that station! That's where I first heard Nik :)

  50. WayneIzard

    how this wasn't a mammoth worldwide hit at the time still beats me....absolutely cracking song...

  51. Vadim Ganzha

    I am found of Nick

  52. jimjamjames91

    sensational song cheers 4upload!
    lool Chris Barrie @4.09 ftw


    jimjamjames91 that's not him, is it?

  53. sgtgrash

    Nik is such a great songwriter and he writes from the heart. This video is all about press intrusion which is extremely relevant just now what with the ongoing investigation into tabloid phone-hacking...

    One of my fave Nik Kershaw songs is Save The Whale which, despite its slightly cheesy title, has a very powerful lyric and a heartbreakingly beautiful melody.

  54. Matt Sf

    Did anyone listen to WLIR 92.7, the original and great new wave station in Long Island, New York where Nik's songs got lots of airplay?

  55. dccarles

    Just a gorgeous melody. Thank you so much for uploading this.

  56. RiddleRiddle1000

    Beautiful song, my faveourite from Radio Musicola. Nik is my hero, loved every single song of his ^.^

  57. mbwk42

    Fan for 26 years - first time I've seen this - brilliant - just brilliant!!!! thank you

  58. Amy

    Love this song...thanks for posting.